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Friday - April 30, 2010

Game 43: Texas at Baylor

I listened to the game on KVET (Craig Way and Keith Moreland with the call). This report is based on that broadcast.

The line...

Team 123 456 789 10 RHE
Texas 010 000 010 2 4 10 1
Baylor 000 002 000 0 2 10 1

Geez. That was nerve-wracking!

Taylor Jungmann started and ended up leaving the game with Baylor ahead by one. Hard luck Jungmann, again, I guess. Surprisingly, he's 4-1 in 11 appearances. Kinda hard to believe, eh? Jungmann went 6 innings and gave up 2 runs (1 unearned). By my count, he faced 27 batters. He gave up 8 hits (1 triple), walked 3, and struck out 2. I don't have a reliable pitch count since I was listening on the radio. Andrew McKirahan threw the 7th. He hit the first batter he faced and gave up an intentional walk later in the inning...otherwise no damage. Chance Ruffin threw the final 3 innings to get the win and improve his record to 5-1. He walked the first batter he faced and hit the second. Yikes. But, got out of trouble. He gave up a 1-out single in the 9th but got out of the inning again without giving up any runs. In the 10th, he gave up another 1-out single followed by a walk before striking out the last two batters of the game. Whew.

And, here's how it all played out...

Wow. The Horns did not manage to get the Bears out in order once today while they went down in order four times. Not pretty. But, a win's a win. And, starting this series out with a win on the road is great.

The teams now come to Austin for the final two games of the series. Tomorrow night's game starts at 8 pm and Sunday's game at 2:30. I was wondering about the unusual start times and then I noticed that they're both scheduled to be broadcast on cable TV...the Saturday game on ESPNU and the Sunday game on Fox College Sports.

And, they'll be retiring Keith Moreland's #3 before tomorrow night's game. I suspect Cameron Rupp will get to wear the number for the rest of the season but I dunno...

Hook 'em!

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17 wins

Not sure I'm really looking forward to going into Waco with the nation's longest win streak on the line. C'mon, Horns!

I may not be able to listen to the whole game tonight. I hope I can, though.

Hook 'em!

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Tuesday - April 27, 2010

Game 42: UT-San Antonio at Texas

Texas held off a late surge by the UT-San Antonio Road Runners to win tonight's game 6-4.

The line...

Team 123 456 789 RHE
UT-San Antonio 010 000 021 4 10 3
Texas 030 200 01- 6 8 2

The Horns seemed a little flat this evening. I don't think it was just me. As you can see from the box, there were a few errors committed in the game...by both teams. Not pretty.

Jonathan Walsh started at catcher today while Cameron Rupp started at dh. Late in the game, Chance Ruffin went to the mound and Texas sent Rupp in to catch. Which meant they lost the dh. Which meant, Ruffin was due up to bat as the 4th batter in the bottom of the 8th. I wondered if he'd get a shot at batting and he did. With Kevin Lusson at 2b, Ruffin watched a ball and then hit a deeeeeep fly ball to cf. Lusson tagged up and moved to 3b. Ruffin danced off the field into the dugout. Hysterical. Then, the wild bunch started chanting his name. Ruffin happily exited the dugout and tipped his batting helmet to the crowd. One of the funniest moments I can remember at a Texas baseball game.

UPDATED later to include a photo...taken with my iPhone so not really the best quality but, still...a photo of Chance Ruffin at the plate before he hit that deep fly ball to cf...

[Ruffin at the plate]

UPDATE #2 (Apr. 28). My mom just sent me the photo she took. She used a point and shoot and got the swing...

[Ruffin at the plate]

You can see the ball shooting off the bat. It's that streak below the first baseman's right foot. Cool!


Sam Stafford started and struck out the side in the first. He also gave up a walk and a single to make things a bit more interesting than they needed to be. He started the 2nd with a walk and a hit batter so was replaced by Kiefer Nuncio who ended up with the win, improving his record to 2-0. That first batter in the 2nd did score (earned run charged to Stafford). Nuncio also walked the first batter he faced but then got an out (sac fly) and a double play to end the 2nd. He gave up a single in the 3rd. Kendal Carrillo threw the middle three innings and had a great outing. He got 8 batters out in-a-row before giving up a double. He then struck out the last batter he faced. Hoby Milner threw a 1-2-3 7th.

The 8th did not go very well, defensively, for the Horns. Stayton Thomas went to the mound and got a quick ground out. He then gave up a single and another ground out. The Road Runners also managed to steal 2b. Then? RBI-double. With 2 out, 1 across, and a runner at 2b, the Road Runners bunted down the 3b line. Thomas fielded and tried to throw the batter out. The ball got to Shepherd about the same time the batter did. The batter ran through the bag, jarring Shepherd's glove hand and making it impossible to catch the ball. The ball careened down the line to the retaining wall down the rf line. The runner from 2b who was safe at 3b on the bunt, scored on the throwing error by the pitcher. Geesh. Lots of confusion. Shepherd seemed to have hurt his wrist but he shook it off and stayed in the game. At that point, Texas sent Ruffin to the mound and Rupp in behind the plate. Ruffin gave up a single before striking out the final batter of the inning. His first warm-up pitch in the 9th after his offensive heroics in the 8th, sailed over Rupp all the way to the backstop. Yikes! I do believe his adrenaline was pumping! But, he buckled down and got two quick outs before getting into another bit of trouble. He gave up a double (0-2 pitch, tsk tsk) and then a bunt single. With runners at the corners he gave up a single up the middle, scoring the runner from 3b. Connor Rowe made a very uncharacteristic bobble as he went down to scoop the ball up which allowed the runner from 1b time to get to 3b. On the throw to 3b, the batter moved up to 2b. Tying run in scoring position. Yikes! The next batter, thankfully, went down swinging to end the game.

Offensive highlights...

The Horns now travel to Waco for an evening game against Baylor on Friday. Then, it's back to Austin to complete the Baylor series...with an evening game on Saturday and an afternoon game on Sunday.

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - April 25, 2010

Game 41: Oklahoma State at Texas

The Horns swept the Cowboys...winning today's game 9-3. That's four Big 12 conference sweeps and sixteen wins in-a-row. Hard to believe...especially if you think about how the team started out offensively. Leading up to conference play, the Horns were 13-4. Of those 13 wins, 8 came with a run differential of 3 or fewer. Over the last 16 games, only 5 were won with that low a run differential. The bats really do seem to have come around. I just hope it's not too soon. Yes, always the worry wart. And...no, I can't ever be satisfied! Such is life, I suppose.

So...the line for today's win:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Oklahoma State 000 001 200 3 8 1
Texas 112 110 12- 9 14 0

Brandon Workman started and got the win, moving his record to 8-1. He pitched into the 7th. He gave up the 3 runs (all earned) on 8 hits (including 3 doubles and a triple). By my count, he threw 96 pitches (72 strikes) while facing 28 batters. He struck out 9 and didn't walk any. Andrew McKirahan faced the final batter of the 7th and struck him out. Chance Ruffin threw the final 2 innings and went 1-2-3 in both innings with 3 strikeouts.

One other note of interest regarding Workman's outing: he struck out the side in the 5th on 9 pitches. That does not happen often. Very sweet.

Cameron Rupp was about 2 or 3 feet shy of hitting his 3rd 1st-inning homerun in as many games. So close. If the wind hadn't been blowing in hard from lf, he would've done it. Amazing. Kevin Lusson hit the only homerun of the day...a 2-out shot over the Wendy's sign onto Comal Street in the 7th. Purty.

Here's how things played out...

And, that's it for the Cowboys. The Horns will host UT-San Antonio on Tuesday before playing a split series with Baylor (Friday in Waco, Saturday and Sunday in Austin).

Hook 'em!

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Saturday - April 24, 2010

Game 40: Oklahoma State at Texas

Texas played yet another really nice game this afternoon, beating Oklahoma State 5-0. The second complete-game shutout in-a-row for Cole Green. Very cool. The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Oklahoma State 000 000 000 0 4 0
Texas 301 100 00- 5 7 1

Green gave up 4 singles. He had a no-hitter through the 5th...very nice! By my count, he threw 103 pitches (67 strikes) as he faced 34 batters. He hit one batter, walked 2, and struck out 5. His counterpart (Tyler Lyons, lhp) also pitched a complete game but...for the loss.

Cameron Rupp, just like yesterday, hit a 3-run homer in the first to give Texas the lead. Purty. And, the Horns scraped a couple of single runs across in the 3rd and 4th to put the game away.

Here's how things played out...

Yet another nice game played by the Horns. Andrew McKirahan got up in the bullpen 'round about the 6th inning for awhile. Hoby Milner and Chance Ruffin were both up in the 9th but...none of them made it into the game. Texas starters have thrown four complete games in the last four Big 12 games. Pretty cool. Can/will Brandon Workman keep it up tomorrow?

Today's win proved to be the 600th for Coach Garrido. He's the first Division I coach to reach 600 wins at two different schools. Congrats to him! Though he, of course, gives all credit to his players and assistant coaches. 'Funny to think he's been here so long. I was pretty convinced he was a bad hire when Texas picked him. I just knew he was only gonna hang around for a year or two. Heh. Never happier to be wrong about something!

The Horns go for the sweep tomorrow at 1. Hook 'em!

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Friday - April 23, 2010

Game 39: Oklahoma State at Texas

Texas played a great game tonight as they beat Oklahoma State 14-1. Yep...fourteen to one. 'Twas really something special. The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Oklahoma State 000 100 000 1 4 0
Texas 310 143 02- 14 14 0

Taylor Jungmann pitched the third complete game in-a-row for Texas in Big 12 play. Third. In. A. Row. Suh-weet! By my count, he threw 107 pitches (71 strikes) and gave up 1 earned run on 4 hits (2 singles, 2 doubles). He threw 1 wild pitch, walked 2, and struck out 8. At one point, he (and his teammates) sat down 14 batters in-a-row. He then gave up a walk before getting the final 4 batters of the game out. The Cowboys went down in order 5 times. The Horns only went down in order once this evening.

The offensive heros of the day were Cameron Rupp who hit a 3-run homer that hit the top of the scoreboard near the UFCU ad and Tant Shepherd who hit a 2 run homer that cleared the fence in front of the scoreboard. The 2, 3, and 4 batters for Texas had a great game; they combined for 11 of the runs scored, 6 of the hits, and 4 of the team's 5 walks. Very nicely done.

And, so...here's how things played out...

Jungmann just seemed to get better and better as the game went on. And, everyone in the field looked sharp and ready to play. And, the bats...the bats! Jungmann actually got some run support this evening. Truly, this game was a thing of beauty. Sigh...

Same teams, same place, tomorrow at 2. Be there! Hook 'em!

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Tuesday - April 20, 2010

Game 38: UT-Arlington at Texas

Texas beat UT-Arlington 21-2 tonight. The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
UT-Arlington 000 101 000 2 6 1
Texas 004 144 08- 21 21 1

That 8th inning was just painful. We were on the verge of rooting for the Horns to hit into a double play to end the agony. 'Never thought I'd see the day. And, I was really wishing the teams had agreed to run-rule the game. But, that was not the case. The Horns basically quit running the bases in the 8th. My question: what's worse?...being run-ruled or having the other team stop trying? Oh well...on with the game report.

Sam Stafford started again. He threw 3+ innings and gave up 1 unearned run. By my count: he threw 63 pitches (39 strikes), faced 13 batters, hit one, walked 2, struck out 4, and gave up a single. Andrew McKirahan threw the next 2.1 innings for the win, improving his record to 2-1. He threw 18 pitches (11 strikes), faced 7 batters, and gave up a single. Stayton Thomas threw 0.2 innings and gave up 1 earned run. He threw 19 pitches (9 strikes), faced 4 batters, walked 1, struck out 2, threw 1 wild pitch, and gave up 1 hit (a triple). Keifer Nuncio threw the 7th and went 3-up/3-down with a strikeout. He threw 8 pitches (5 strikes). Hoby Milner threw the 8th. He struck out the side...but also gave up a double and threw a wild pitch, while throwing 14 pitches (10 strikes). Chance Ruffin went in for the 9th to get some work in (not having pitched on Saturday or Sunday) and faced 5 batters. He threw 12 pitches (9 strikes), struck out 1, and gave up two singles. More about those last two singles in a bit.

Here's how UT-Arlington scored their runs...

So. About that error by Lusson in the 4th. He's been struggling a bit at 3b. He's been fielding just fine but seems to have something going on in his head when it comes to making the throw. And, it's been going on for a couple of weeks. But, it really came to a head over the weekend. I just looked through my score sheets for the 3 games against the Aggies and tonight's game. Lusson had 5 throwing opportunities and committed 3 errors in that time frame (1 error in 2 chances on the 16th, 1 error in 1 chance on the 17th, no errors in 1 chance on the 18th, and 1 error in 1 chance tonight). The throw tonight looked like it was 5 feet or so off-line. It looks to me like he's let it get into his head. Which really sucks. Coach Garrido went ahead and took him out of the game as the 5th inning started. He moved Jordan Weymouth (who's had a couple of brief appearances at 2b this season) in at 3b...and into the 6th spot in the line-up. The Mavericks decided to test Weymouth early on. The final batter in the 5th tried to bunt his way aboard but no go. Weymouth made a great charge on a ball bunted down the 3b line, scooped the ball up, and fired to 1b for the out. Nice. In the 9th, pinch-hitter Shane Hopkins hit a hard grounder down the 3b line. Weymouth made a really nice play to field the ball about 8 feet behind 3b and fired across the diamond to 1b. The ball looked like it was in time to me and most of the crowd at DFF but the 1b ump ruled the batter safe. The next batter lined into cf. (So, 2 hits charged to Ruffin that probably shouldn't have been but...that's the way the cookie crumbles.) And, the final batter of the game hit another grounder to 3b. Another nice long throw from Weymouth...this time in plenty of time.

About all that scoring by the Horns. It was raining hits and runs at DFF this evening. And, it's gotten awfully late. I just don't seem to have it in me to document all of 'em in my usual detail. So, you get an offensive summary instead. Sorry 'bout that. Here's how everyone did...

Yep...two more Texas runners picked off at 1b. Other than that, a very nice offensive game for the Horns. I know not what's going on with all the picked-off runners this year. It's weird. We're up to 9, folks. Nine.

Oklahoma State comes to town this weekend. The Cowboys are 22-13 (5-7 Big 12) and are playing a game tomorrow night before traveling to Austin. Here's hoping the Horns improve their win-streak to 16 games!

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - April 18, 2010

Game 37: Texas at Texas A&M

I listened to the game on KVET (Craig Way and Bill Little on the air). This report is based on that broadcast.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 000 310 121 8 10 0
Texas A&M 000 000 000 0 4 3

Here's how things played out...

Workman gets his 3rd complete-game win of the year to move his record to 7-1. What a game! And, what a series! Throwing two shut-outs is fantastic. Especially when they're supported by so many runs. 'Love it.

The Horns now host UT-Arlington on Tuesday and then the Okie State Cowboys over the coming weekend.

Hook 'em!

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Saturday - April 17, 2010

Game 36: Texas at Texas A&M

I watched the game on FSN. This report is based on that broadcast.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 103 011 152 14 18 1
Texas A&M 000 000 000 0 1 3

And, here's how things played out...

Complete 1-hit game by Cole Green. What a great performance! At one point, he retired 17 batters in-a-row. Surprisingly, on the offensive side of things, three Longhorns failed to score a run, despite the team scoring 18. The batters went like so...

Eighteen hits. And, Sunday...their hitting day...due up. 'Hope they keep the hitting shoes on tomorrow! Hook 'em!

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Friday - April 16, 2010

Game 35: Texas A&M at Texas

Texas won 4-3 in 11. The Aggie third baseman made a 2-out bases-loaded fielding error to let the game-winning run score. And, I'm exhausted. So, I'll be back sometime tomorrow with a complete game report.

UPDATE (Saturday afternoon). Sorry for taking so long to get back to this.

The game conditions were very wet. It was drizzling for most of the game and rained rather hard a couple of times. We actually saw a bit of sun in the 4th inning or so and a pretty rainbow broke out...but that only lasted for about 10 minutes or so. The umps called a rain delay as the top of the 6th ended and play stopped for about 20 minutes. Both starters had been doing quite well and we wondered if either would be back. They both stayed in the game. The rain/drizzle continued for the rest of the game. Taylor Jungmann started for the Horns and Barret Loux started for the Aggies. Both went 7 innings. Neither was involved in the final decision. Both teams sent their closers into the game in the 8th and, again, neither figured into the decision. Hoby Milner faced one batter, in relief of Chance Ruffin, and then Stayton Thomas threw the final 1.2 innings to get the win for Texas, moving his record to 3-0.

There seemed to be a lot of foul balls hit into the crowd. More than I can ever remember seeing in one game. I guess the wet conditions must've come into play on that front. Shout out, by the way, to Rhonda...who I met last night. I think one of the first balls that went into the crowd was claimed by someone sitting very close to her. The first batter of the day started things off by fouling off 4 pitches before striking out. And, Kevin Lusson fouled off 6 pitches before hitting a homerun in the 7th. I really wonder how many extra balls they ended up using in the game. Extra innings and a bazillion foul balls into the crowd. There must've been a lot of extra baseballs used.

And, so...the line:

Team 123 456 789 1011 RHE
Texas A&M 000 012 000 00 3 8 1
Texas 100 000 200 01 4 8 2

And, here's how things played out...

That was a long and unnecessarily tense game. And, it only seemed fair that the Horns win on an error after the Aggies managed to tie things up due to two errors (one official and one not). Both teams meet again...in College Station this time. I think the weather's gonna hold up and we should get the game in on time. Hook 'em!

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Tuesday - April 13, 2010

Game 34: Texas State at Texas

The Horns scored 3 runs in the 8th to beat the Texas State Bobcats 6-5 this evening. 'Round about the 4th inning, trailing 0-4, I looked back through my iScore history to see how things went the last time Texas State came to town. I knew the Horns had won but couldn't remember the details. And, lo, the Horns scored 3 in the 8th to win by one run! I dared not breathe a word of that story aloud, though. But, I hoped. And, hoped. And, when the 8th came around and the Horns were down 5-3, I really started to hope. I also wondered a wee bit if the Bobcats might be a little worried about the 8th. And...heh...'seems that maybe they were. Whew.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas State 040 001 000 5 10 2
Texas 000 200 13- 6 10 1

Sam Stafford started for Texas and had a quick 1-2-3 first inning...he even struck out the 3rd batter on 3 pitches. Alas, the 2nd did not go nearly as well:

Carrillo's 3rd: ground out to ss, hit batter, walk, double play. Stayton Thomas went to the mound for the Horns at the start of the 4th. He threw 2.2 innings and gave up one earned run. Andrew McKirahan got the final out of the 6th, went 3-up/3-down in the 7th, and struck out the first batter of the 8th. Texas then sent Keifer Nuncio to the mound. He gave up a single but the runner was then caught stealing (the ball got away from Rupp a bit and the runner tried to take advantage...no go). The next batter reached on an error by the ss (a hard-hit ball went off Loy's glove and he could not catch up to the ball and get the throw off in time to catch the batter at 1b...the play could've been ruled an infield single...but anyway...). The final batter of the inning flew out to cf. Chance Ruffin threw the 9th. He gave up a 2-out single but then induced a 6-4 fielder's choice to end the game. Nuncio earned his first collegiate win and Ruffin got his 9th save of the season.

And how did Texas score their runs, you ask? Why...like so:

And, I'm not gonna say anything about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings wherein the Horns went 1-2-3. Nope, not a word.

Horns win, Horns win, Horns win! Yes! Next up? Aggies here on Friday at 6:05, then off to College Station for a 5:30 game on Saturday and a 1 o'clock game on Sunday. The weekend games are both scheduled to be on TV...FSN on Saturday and Fox College Sports on Sunday.

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - April 11, 2010

Game 33: Kansas at Texas

Texas completed the sweep over Kansas this afternoon, winning 10-4. The highlight of the day was Kevin Lusson's grand slam in the 3rd. That was closely followed by a 2-run homer by Kevin Keyes in the 7th.

There was a very scary moment in the 1st inning when Tant Shepherd hit a line drive foul ball into the Kansas dugout. It sounded like it hit one of the Kansas players on his head. I sit over the Kansas dugout so couldn't see anything going on inside the dugout. Play did stop for a few minutes while they tended to the injured player (trainer, coach, ?, the person who was hit...we never did get an update and there's no mention of it on either school's official site). When Shepherd came up to bat again in the third we were very amused to see that most of the players at the dugout rail were wearing batting helmets and catcher's masks. Entertainingly, Shepherd actually did hit another foul ball into the dugout during his second plate appearance! Thankfully, this one did not hit anyone. Next time up, most of the players were down and away from the rail. Heh.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Kansas 001 011 100 4 8 1
Texas 016 100 20- 10 11 0

And, here's how things played out this afternoon...

Brandon Workman got the win this afternoon, moving his record to 6-1. Nicely done.

It's great for the Horns to get another sweep under their belts. The Horns are sitting at the top of the Big 12 race with a winning percentage of .833. KSU is in 2nd place with .667, and the Aggies are in 3rd with .542. Everyone else is at .500 or below. Texas State comes to town on Tuesday and then the Horns host the Aggies on Friday before going to College Station for the Saturday and Sunday games. The weekend games will be on TV so check your cable/satellite listings.

Hook 'em!

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Saturday - April 10, 2010

Game 32: Kansas at Texas

Texas beat Kansas 3-1 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Cole Green pitched a great game for the win. Stayton Thomas and Hoby Milner threw the 8th and Chance Ruffin pitched the 9th to earn his 8th save of the year. Sad to say this is gonna be a shorter report than usual. I think being out in all that oak pollen is really getting to me. I came home and promptly fell asleep. And, now I've got an emergency at work so I've got to head into the office and have no idea when I'll get home. 'Decided it was better to get something online than to wait 'til I had time to do a full report.

Kansas got another good game out of their starter. Cameron Selik pitched a complete game for the Jayhawks and took the tough-luck loss. He held the Horns to 4 hits. Texas took advantage of their opportunities this afternoon to take the win. The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Kansas 001 000 000 1 5 0
Texas 000 011 01- 3 4 1

Here's how the Horns scored their three runs:

The Horns looked pretty good today but came up against another Kansas pitcher who threw a very good game. On the defensive side of things, the Horns turned three really nice double plays (in the 5th, 7th, and 8th) which helped make up for the lack of offense. It'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Will the run machine step back up? Over the last four Sundays, the Horns have scored 18, 13, 17, and 9 runs.

Hook 'em!

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Friday - April 9, 2010

Game 31: Kansas at Texas

Texas beat Kansas 3-2 in 11 innings this evening. Whew. Kansas scored single runs in the 3rd and 4th. Texas scored single runs in the 7th, 9th, and 11th.

The Kansas starter, T.J. Walz, threw a hell of a game and kept the Texas hitters off-balance all night long. He went 8.2 innings and gave up 2 runs (1 unearned). By my count, he threw 113 pitches (79 strikes!...that's 70% of his pitches), faced 34 batters, walked 1, struck out 7, and gave up 7 hits (3 doubles and 4 singles). He only gave up 2 singles through the first 6.2 innings. Wow. Luckily, he did not take the loss...that would've been so sad. Taylor Jungmann started for the Horns and also had a really good night...giving up both of the Kansas runs in 7.1 innings. By my count, he threw 109 pitches (69 strikes), faced 32 batters, hit 1, walked 2, struck out 6, and gave up 7 hits (1 homerun, 1 double, and 5 singles). Chance Ruffin went in with runners at the corners and 1 out in the 8th. He threw 3.1 innings, faced 15 batters, threw 53 pitches (38 strikes...that's 72%!), faced 15 batters, hit 1, struck out 5, and gave up 4 hits (all singles). With 2 out in the 11th and runners at 1b and 2b, Texas sent Hoby Milner to the mound to face lefty Brian Heere who was 3-for-4 with a double and a sac bunt on the evening. Pitch sequence: ball, called strike, swinging strike, ball, ground out to the pitcher. That's five pitches. For the out. And, the win. Milner got his first career win this evening. Sweet, eh?

The line:

Team 123 456 789 1011 RHE
Kansas 001 100 000 00 2 11 1
Texas 000 000 101 01 3 8 0

Offensively, Russell Moldenhauer drove Kevin Keyes in twice on a couple of doubles (added on Saturday: Kyle Lusson actually scored the second run, pinch-running for Keyes; one thing I don't like about iScore is that it does not note on the scorecard where pinch-running substitutions take place and I have to add that info after-the-fact...missed this one in my excitement last night). Then, in the 11th, Jordan Weymouth, pinch-hitting in the DH spot (Texas had Sam Stafford pinch-run for Moldenhauer in the 9th) ripped a 1-out triple to the alley in right center. Relatively close play at 3b. But beautiful. Kevin Lusson was hit by a pitch and then Tim Maitland (who'd gone in defensively after Connor Rowe was lifted for a pinch-hitter in the 9th) hit a sac fly to right. Tim Maitland who was (and still is) 0-for-7 on the season. Tonight he got the game-winning rbi. I was lamenting the fact that the Horns didn't put the game away in the 9th. But, what fun would that have been? To deprive Weymouth and Maitland of all their fun in the bottom of the 11th? No fun at all! Heh.

Same teams tomorrow at 2. 'Hope the Horns just take care of business and avoid all the drama. Although, there really is no beating the feeling when the drama goes the right way. Hook 'em, Horns!

UPDATE. I can't believe I forgot to mention the fact that Taylor Jungmann got drilled by a line drive in the 4th inning. He was hit hard on the upper chest on his left side and the ball ricocheted off toward the 1b line. He ran after it and threw to 1b in time to throw the batter out! Great play. And, then he stayed in the game. Wow. That is bound to be hurting him a lot. So, last week, Brandon Workman gets drilled on his throwing hand and this week it's Jungmann. Who's next? Yikes.

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Wednesday - April 7, 2010

Game 30: Texas A&M-Corpus Christi at Texas

The Horns beat the Islanders 6-2 tonight. The game was just skipping along 'til the 7th inning stretch. It slowed down a bit after that but it still finished up in about 2 hours, 30 minutes. It was a beautiful evening. The wind was blowing in from the north but didn't seem to be quite a swirly as yesterday, when the wind was blowing out to the north.

Austin Dicharry started for Texas and pitched 4 innings. By my count, he threw 55 pitches (22 strikes), faced 15 batters, walked 1, struck out 3, and gave up 3 hits (1 double, 2 singles). Kendal Carrillo pitched the 5th and 6th for his 2nd win in as many days. By my count, he threw 24 pitches, faced 7 batters, struck out two, and gave up a single. Hoby Milner pitched the 7th. He gave up a lead-off single, then gave up a 1-6 fielder's choice, and then got out of the inning on a 6-4-3 double play. By my count, he threw 8 pitches (6 strikes), faced 3 batters, and gave up 1 hit. Stayton Thomas threw the 8th and 9th. By my count, he allowed 2 runs (both earned), threw 47 pitches (30 strikes), faced 11 batters, walked 1, struck out 3, and gave up 4 hits (1 double and 3 singles). He gave up a 2-out double in the 8th but then struck out the final batter of the inning. The 9th was kind of odd...

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 000 000 002 2 9 2
Texas 011 010 21- 6 10 0

Offensively, this was the kind of game I keep hoping the Horns will have every time they get out on the field. The bright shining stat of the evening? No strike outs. None. A thing of beauty. For the most part, they did everything just right. Here's how things played out for Texas...

Really, very nicely done on the offensive side of things. Go, Horns!

Kansas comes to town this weekend. First pitch on Friday at 6:05. The Jayhawks are currently in 4th place in the Big 12 race with a conference record of 3-2-1. The Horns are in 1st place with their 7-2 conference record.

Hook 'em, Horns!

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Tuesday - April 6, 2010

Game 29: Texas A&M-Corpus Christi at Texas

The Horns beat the Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Islanders 16-3 this evening. Early on, it looked like it might be a pretty competitive game but then the Horns took advantage of a couple of wild pitches and iffy fielding and their bats went to work and it was all Texas for the rest of the evening.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 101 000 100 3 7 1
Texas 023 115 40- 16 17 2

Those two Texas errors? Back-to-back bad throws by Kevin Lusson (playing 3b, as usual) in the first inning. Amazing. Poor guy. With two out, Lusson fielded a ground ball and threw toward the outfield side of 1b. Tant Shepherd dove for the ball and caught it but was pulled off the bag. He lunged his foot back or the bag but the ump ruled that he didn't beat the batter. It was a close play. The next batter hit another grounder to 3b and Lusson threw to 2b, hoping to get the lead runner. Alas, his throw went wide on the 1b side of the bag and into rf...allowing the runner to make it all the way to 3b. A single then scored the runner from 3b. Ouch. Lusson had another throw-out chance in the 4th and did make a bit of an interesting throw...one more time. I think he might've been a little timid at that point...maybe...but got the throw to 1b for the out. Whew. He made up for it in a big way on the offensive side of things, though. He hit a fly ball to cf in the 2nd, allowing Kevin Keyes to tag up and move to 3b. Keyes then scored on a wild pitch (ruled a passed ball by the official scorer but the ball was in the dirt...looked like a wild pitch to me). He flew out again in the 3rd. In the 5th, he advanced Russell Moldenhauer to 2b with a sac bunt. Moldenhauer went on to score. In the 6th, he singled and scored. And, in the 8th? Two-out three-run dinger. Nice.

Everyone in the starting lineup got at least one hit and everyone but Jordan Etier scored at least one run. Tant Shepherd and Cameron Rupp also homered, making three homeruns on the night for Texas. Shepherd's homer hit the HEB sign on the left side of the scoreboard. Cool. After Rupp hit his homer, Jonathan Walsh went in behind the plate. He ended up being the only batter who failed to reach base this evening...but he only got one shot. So, I don't think it can be held against him. And, so, here's how everyone did...

On the pitching side of things, Sam Stafford got his 3rd start of the year and pitched into the 5th. He couldn't get out of the 5th, though, so did not get the win. Stafford threw 4.1 innings, gave up 2 runs (1 unearned), faced 21 batters, walked 2, struck out 4, and gave up 3 hits (1 homerun). Kendal Carrillo entered the game in the 5th with 1 out and batters at 1b and 2b. The Islanders tried a double steal on the first pitch by Carrillo but the runner from 1b was thrown out. The batter went on to ground out to the pitcher to get the Horns out of the inning without any runs scored. Carrillo pitched 1.2 innings for his first win. He faced 4 batters and struck one out (the others all grounded out). Josh Urban pitched the 7th and struggled a bit. He faced 7 batters and the inning went: ground out, single, single, single (rbi), walk, strikeout, strikeout. Things were a little iffy there for a bit but he buckled down and got out of the inning with minimal damage. And, he sported high socks (!) so I was a happy camper. Heh. Keifer Nuncio threw the last two innings of the game. He face 7 batters, walked one, and gave up a single. He threw 4 pitches in the 9th to go 1-2-3. Purty.

The same teams meet again tomorrow night. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Hook 'em!

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Saturday - April 3, 2010

Game 28: Texas at Oklahoma

I don't have ESPNU at home so wasn't sure I'd be able to watch today's game. I also had brunch plans and didn't know how long that would go. As it turns out, I finished with brunch at about 1:30. I ended up driving out to my folks' house while listening to the first couple of innings on the radio...jotting down notes as I drove. 'Got to my folks' house in time to watch the rest of the game. Well worth the drive out as the Horns beat the Sooners 9-3!

Brandon Workman pitched a great game. He threw 8 innings and gave up the 3 runs (all earned). He gave up 4 hits (a single, 2 doubles, and a homerun). He also struck out 8 and only gave up one walk. Chance Ruffin went in for the 9th and threw a 1-2-3 inning.

Offensively, the Horns looked better today. The stars were Kevin Keyes and Cameron Rupp. Keyes went 3-for-5 with 2 homeruns, a double, 2 rbi, and 3 runs scored. Rupp went 4-for-5 with a double, 3 rbi, and a run scored. Tant Shepherd also hit a homerun, making 3 for the Horns today. And, Connor Rowe hit a couple of doubles (and scored both times).

And, here's how things played out...

Here's the line...from GameTracker:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 212 100 201 9 11 0
Oklahoma 000 200 010 3 4 1

Hmmm...the Sooners had an error? I went back through the GameTracker play-by-play and found that the catcher was charged with an error on the play where Rowe scored in the 2nd inning. I did not see that play...I was still on the road at that point so I'm not sure what happened. I remember Moreland or Way saying the throw from the catcher to 2b on the sb attempt was high...did it actually get away from the fielder, making it too hard to throw back home? Not sure. Shrug.

The Horns now come home and will host Texas A&M-Corpus Christi on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hook 'em!

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Friday - April 2, 2010

Game 27: Texas at Oklahoma

I managed to listen to the whole game this evening. And, I kept score with a pencil as I listened to the radio broadcast with Keith Moreland and Craig Way. First time this season I didn't use my new iPod toy (iScore) to score a game. It was fun. Wonder if I should switch back? Hmmm...probably not just yet.

After all the talk about looming bad weather, conditions turned out to be really nice.

And, here's how things played out...

Green gets his 6th win of the year and Ruffin gets his 7th save. Fantastic.

It's amazing the Texas has shut OU out in the last 2 games. Interestingly, the Sooners were also shut out by Nebraska on Sunday and then beat Arkansas-Pine Bluff 26-3 and 16-1 on Tuesday and Wednesday. 'So glad Jungmann and Green have been able to shut those bats down!

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 020 000 000 2 3 1
Oklahoma 000 000 000 0 3 0

Not the most exciting line, eh? Texas bats back in action tomorrow? Sure hope so. The Horns will go for their first 3-game sweep of the Sooners in Norman (at least, that's how the record looks to me...the Horns have swept a couple of 2-game series in Norman but no 3-game series) tomorrow at 2. If you've got ESPNU, you can watch the game on TV.

Hook 'em!

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Thursday - April 1, 2010

Game 26: Texas at Oklahoma

Back on track! Texas beat Oklahoma 5-0 tonight. Taylor Jungmann pitched 7 innings for the win. He gave up 4 hits (including 1 double), struck out 6, and walked 2. Chance Ruffin threw the final 2 innings. He hit the first batter he faced then struck out the next 6! What a turnaround from Tuesday night. So glad to see it.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 010 020 101 5 11 0
Oklahoma 000 000 000 0 4 1

Sadly, I only got to hear about half of the game. I worked late so missed the first inning, then got a couple of phone calls, and I made the mistake of sitting down in my recliner after I ate dinner instead of going to my computer and...shameful admission...I actually dozed off during the 7th inning or so. I got another phone call during the 9th and heard a bit of the tail end of things but spent most of the end of the game talking to one of my aunts. Sigh...

The Horns clearly did string some hits together this evening. But, they also struck out a lot. Eleven (11!) strikeouts on the day...2 each for Rupp (who also hit 2 sac flies), Moldenhauer (who also hit a solo shot in the 2nd), and Walsh, and 1 each for Loy, Keyes, Kyle Lusson, Kevin Lusson, and Etier. Not pretty. But, I'll take 11 hits and 5 runs any day! Texas, interestingly, made one of their usual defensive substitutions early in the game...sending Rowe into cf and moving Walla to lf in the bottom of the 5th. Kyle Lusson went in defensively in the 7th. They usually don't make those changes 'til the 8th or 9th. Hmmm...

Here's a link to the recap on the TexasSports site. From there, you can easily get to the box score and play-by-play.

In the post-game show they seemed worried about the weather wrecking havoc with the rest of the schedule. They speculated that if tomorrow's game (scheduled for a 6:30 start) gets rained out, they'll play the 2nd game at 10 am on Saturday so they'll be able to be ready for the 2 pm start time for Game 3 which is scheduled to air on ESPNU. How ever things play out, I sure am glad the Horns started this series off with a win. And, a shut-out is always particularly sweet, eh? Hook 'em!

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