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Tuesday - March 30, 2010

Game 25: Oral Roberts at Texas

Well, that was just painful. The Horns fell to Oral Roberts this evening 2-3. And, it seemed to take forever. The game started about 6:05 and didn't end 'til almost 9:20.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Oral Roberts 001 001 010 3 6 1
Texas 000 001 100 2 8 0

Brandon Loy was the standout player offensively for the Horns. He went 3-for-4 with a walk. He also scored a run. The Horns went with a different line-up today...trying to get something going against a left-handed pitcher, I guess. Alas, the experiment didn't really work. Here's how everyone did (going down the line)...

So, lets see...

As I watched the game, I felt like the Horns actually stranded more than they did. But, no. They just couldn't get any hitting rallies going. Let's see how that went...

Interesting. The only time they actually managed to get back-to-back hits, they didn't score! I dunno. The team just looked flat.

Pitching wise, they did just fine. Here's how the pitching went...

Geesh...the Texas pitchers combined for 16 strikeouts. And, yes...8 walks (3 of them back-to-back...ouch). But, still...16 strikeouts. The lead-off batter for ORU (center fielder Joey Winecki) who reached base the first 4 times he got up to bat (walk, walk, single, walk) was called out on strikes in the 8th. He said something to the home plate ump as he walked back to the dugout and was promptly ejected from the game. I was amused that it was a guy who'd actually walked 3 times that got tossed for arguing pitches...and not one of the 3 guys who struck out 3 times. [Edit: forgot to mention one other interesting note regarding the ORU batters...the homer in the 8th? Pinch hitter batting .167 going into the game on an 0-2 pitch. What??? Yep, that's the way it went.] Ah well...

Texas really should be winning games in which they give up 3 runs. They should be scoring at least 5 or 6 runs a game. So sad to see all that offense from the last two games at Tech just disappear in a puff of smoke, eh? Ah well...tomorrow's another day.

The Horns now head up to Norman to face the Sooners on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Sooners seem to be doing pretty well this year. But, I just looked at their schedule and am a little surprised at they way they've got things set up this week. The had an away series in Nebraska (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and are hosting Arkansas-Pine Bluff today and tomorrow. The stomped all over A-PB this evening (winning 26-3) but they will be going into the Texas series having played 5 games in 6 days. I certainly do hope that ends up benefitting the Horns. Bob (who sits near me) commented that the Horns seemed to have left their hitting shoes in Lubbock. Here's hoping those shoes find their way to Norman!

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - March 28, 2010

Game 24: Texas at Texas Tech

I'm gonna watch the game on TV...this post will be based on that broadcast. I sure do hope the Horns win the series.

By the way, my folks are driving through West Texas today...on their way to New Mexico. They called and asked me to look up the radio station in Lubbock that carries baseball so they could listen to the game. 'Looks like Tech doesn't cover baseball on the radio. That seems odd to me. Shrug.

So, here's the play-by-play for today's game:

Brandon Workman gets the win to move his record to 4-1. 'Not sure why he stayed in past the 5th with his sore hand or why Chance Ruffin went in at all with such a big lead. I have to say that the pitching decisions made by Texas this year confuse me. But, it's been working for the most part so...shrug. I am disappointed that the Horns didn't put things away when they had the chance in the 7th and again in the 8th. Frustrating. But, if they'd won in the 7th, Kyle Lusson wouldn't have had a chance to homer in the 8th. And, we would've missed the back-to-back homers by Etier and Walla in the 9th. Silver lining, eh?

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 011 308 013 17 16 3
Texas Tech 000 111 110 5 14 2

The Horns come home to face Oral Roberts on Tuesday before they head out to Oklahoma to face a red-hot Sooner team on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday later in the week.

Hook 'em!

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Saturday - March 27, 2010

Game 23: Texas at Texas Tech

Here's hoping tonight's game is an improvement over last night's! Like yesterday, I'll be listening to the KVET radio broadcast and recapping things as the game goes along. This report is based on said broadcast...Keith Moreland and Craig Way on the air again. The wind is blowing again...but from a different direction tonight. 'Sounds like it's blowing out to center and right-center. Coach Garrido said the equipment manager bought some clear glasses that'll help protect the players' eyes from the dust if it kicks up again.

The play-by-play:

Cole Green gets the win, moving his record to 5-0. And, Chance Ruffin gets his 6th save of the year. All the extra-base hits made for a very happy listener at this end. 'Wish I could've seen a few of those hits. Here's hoping the bats stay lively tomorrow!

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 002 301 011 8 12 1
Texas Tech 200 010 000 3 9 1

Oh, my! That bottom of the 9th was a little more interesting than I like. It makes you wonder if Chance Ruffin doesn't have a bit of an evil streak, doesn't it? Or is he just trying to get our blood pumping a bit? Heh.

The hitters did a great job tonight. 'Hope they continue their winning ways on TV (FSN) tomorrow at noon. Hook 'em!

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Friday - March 26, 2010

Game 22: Texas at Texas Tech

I listened to the game on the radio. This report is based on the description provided by Criag Way and Keith Moreland this evening and a few things from GameTracker. I jotted notes for the first couple of innings as I was driving home so the details at the top of the game are a bit hazy.

Here's how things played out:

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 000 100 103 5 11 2
Texas Tech 230 021 04- 12 12 1

Note, this line shows the hit in the 7th by Tech that was not scored by the official scorer.

In the post-game interview, Coach Garrido commented that the Red Raiders used the weather conditions better than the Horns did. He also said he felt like if the Horns had sustained their rally in the 8th inning, they would've handled the pitching differently in the bottom of the inning and would've still been in the game with a chance to win in the 9th.

I suppose anything's possible. But, this year's Horns don't seem to have that little bit of magic that last year's team had. 'Course last year's team lost the magic during the final 3-game series of the year in Omaha, eh? I do hope they got it all out of their system this evening and come back to win the series.

A couple more note about the series. The start time for tomorrow night's game has been moved to 6:30 (originally scheduled for 5 o'clock) in the hope that they'll be able to avoid even stronger winds than they saw this evening and Sunday's game will be broadcast on FSN.

Hook 'em, Horns!

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Tuesday - March 23, 2010

Game 21: Rice at Texas

Texas beat Rice 5-1 tonight to take the series. In some ways, it was a very sloppy game. In others, it was a very well-played game. The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Rice 000 010 000 1 2 2
Texas 001 004 00- 5 3 1

Sam Stafford got his first career start and threw three perfect innings. Very, very nice. He got two strikeouts (one looking), 5 ground outs, 2 fly outs, and threw 41 pitches by my count (26 strikes). Subsequent Texas pitching went like so:

Rice scored their sole run in the 5th:

The Texas runs came in the 3rd (Jordan Etier hit his 5th homerun of the year) and 6th innings. The four runs in the 6th came without benefit of a hit:

It was not pretty. Not by a long shot. But, it was more than enough to put another mark in the win column. The pitching and defense (except for that one slip in the 5th) looked good all night. Stayton Thomas, by the way, was drilled by a line drive...in the leg it appeared to me, in the 6th, shortly before he was lifted in favor of Ruffin. I do hope all's well with him and he's not suffering from anything more than a nasty bruise.

The Horns now head out to Lubbock for a Big 12 series against the Red Raiders. 'Hope it all goes well. Next home action will be a week from tonight when the Horns host the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles.

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - March 21, 2010

Game 20: Nebraska at Texas

Texas run-ruled Nebraska in 8 innings this afternoon, winning 13-3. Horns scored 4 in the 2nd, 6 in the 3rd, and 3 in the 8th. The 10-run rule is only in effect on getaway day for Big 12 games, by the way.

Another quick post from the field. Full report to come this evening. Watch for an update here.

UPDATE #1. Sorry to say, the day got away from me and I did not have time to write up the full game report. I'll do my best to get it online before Tuesday's game against Rice. A few quick notes, though:

Today's game was very nicely played all the way around.

UPDATE #2. Okay...I'm back. Here's the line from Sunday's game:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Nebraska 102 000 03- 3 7 1
Texas 046 000 00- 13 13 0

Yep, UT let another first-inning run across. Sigh. I really have to give two Nebraska batters a lot of credit for their performances this weekend, though: Adam Bailey and Cody Asche hit the heck out of the ball this weekend. They combined for 13 of Nebraska's 24 hits and accounted for 11 of 13 runs batted in. I dreaded seeing either of them walking up to the plate...especially if someone else was already aboard.

Ah well...on to the specifics of Sunday's game. It was cold out there but it wasn't as bad as it was on Saturday. I think it got up to 53 or so but the wind was blowing very strongly across from the lf corner to the rf corner throughout the game. And, how did things go? Like so...

Whew. The Horns now face the Rice Owls at home on Tuesday in the rubber match of their 3-game series. Hook 'em, Horns!

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Saturday - March 20, 2010

Game 19: Nebraska at Texas

The Horns lost 3-5 on a miserably cold day. Ugh.

Another quick post from the field. Full report to come this evening. Watch for an update here.

UPDATE. It was terribly miserably cold today at Disch-Falk. Terribly. And, miserably. It was 41 °F with a very strong wind from the northwest blowing throughout the entire game. I knew it would be cold so I bundled up to the max. And, still froze out there. Brrrr...

The game seemed a bit like a replay (albeit a very cold one) of the first game of the series...only, without the final-inning heroics.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Nebraska 000 210 200 5 10 2
Texas 020 100 000 3 8 1

Note that Nebraska did not score in the first inning. That seemed, at the time, like an improvement. Alas...

Cole Green started for the Horns. He was not sporting the high-socks look today. Due to the cold? Dunno. The score was tied 3-3 when he left so he got a no-decision. His numbers (by my count): 5.2 innings, 3 runs given up (all earned), 100 pitches thrown (59 strikes), 25 batters faced, 1 hit batter, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts, and 6 hits (2 homeruns, 4 singles). He left the game in the 6th with runners at the corners and 2 out. Andrew McKirahan (lefty) went in to face a left-handed batter. Nebraska promptly sent a right-handed batter to the plate. He, kindly hit into a 6-4 fielder's choice. In the 7th, McKirahan got a quick ground out and then gave up back-to-back singles. The runners advanced on the first pitch to the next batter (a wild pitch). The batter at the plate was Adam Bailey who'd already hit two homeruns against the Horns (one yesterday and one in the 4th inning of today's game) so they went ahead and intentionally walked him. The next batter hit a sac fly to rf, scoring the runner from 3b and moving the runner from 2b to 3b. The next batter singled, scoring the second run of the inning and putting runners at 1b and 2b. At that point, Stayton Thomas went into the game and he got the next batter to fly out to cf. McKirahan's final numbers: 1 inning, 2 runs given up (both earned), 19 pitches thrown (10 strikes), 7 batters faced, 1 wild pitch, 1 walk, and 3 hits (all singles). He was also saddled with the loss, moving his record to 1-1.

Stayton Thomas, Hoby Milner, and Chance Ruffin closed out the game without giving up any further runs. Their numbers...

On the offensive side of things, the Horns hit a couple of homeruns for all of their scores. They didn't get very many chances beyond those to score but did squander a couple of good ones. Sadly.

Here's how things went down offensively...

Not pretty. And, miserably cold. Did I mention that?

Rubber match tomorrow at noon. The weather should be about 20 degrees warmer. A vast improvement. And, if you have access to Fox College Sports, you can watch the game on TV.

Go Horns!

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Friday - March 19, 2010

Game 18: Nebraska at Texas

Texas wins 6-5 on a 2-out walk-off homer by Cameron Rupp. Wow.

Another quick post from the field. Full report to come this evening. Watch for an update here.

UPDATE. I failed to mention that the walk-off homer was a 3-run homerun. First pitch. Just barely fair down the rf line. Again, I say: wow.

First, the line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Nebraska 100 003 010 5 7 1
Texas 010 002 003 6 10 0

Yep...they gave up another 1st-inning run. 'Twas a solo shot to lf just inside the Nebraska bullpen by Adam Bailey who went 3-for-4 on the day with the homerun, a strikeout, a double, and a single. Good day for him, eh?

Dunno why but I feel like doing a full-game rundown this evening. So...here you go:

Chance Ruffin earned his 3rd win of the year. His numbers (by my count): 1.2 innings, 15 pitches (13 strikes), 5 batters faced, and 2 strikeouts. Very nicely done.

'Twas a fun evening for me as my favorite nephew was in town visiting from Kentucky and went to the game with us. Was he the good luck charm? Heh. Actually, it was a rather frustrating evening for me but it ended very, very well. So, let's just gloss over the frustrating part, shall we? Yes, we shall.

The Horns face Nebraska again tomorrow. Game time has been pushed back to 3 o'clock. They're expecting rain through at least noon and are hoping conditions will be good enough to play at 3. Sadly, the current forecast predicts a temperature of 44 °F at 3 pm. With wind. And, it'll be wet. Brrrrr. Bring your blankets!

Hook 'em!

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Wednesday - March 17, 2010

Game 17: Texas at Rice

I was not able to listen to most of the game last night. After a long and very frustrating day at work, I hung out with friends and just watched for game updates on Twitter. All-in-all, it did not seem like a good day. The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 021 101 010 6 12 1
Rice 203 012 11x 10 13 1

So, on the one hand...12 hits. Nice. Jordan Etier hit his 4th homerun in...I dunno...something like 9 days. Pretty cool. But, on the other hand, the Horns gave up 13 hits...and, more importantly, 10 runs. Sigh...

A couple of links:

Hopefully, they'll get back on track this weekend as they host Nebraska. Sunday's game, by the way, will be on TV...on something called Fox College Sports. Enjoy it if you've got it!

And, hook 'em, Horns!

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Tuesday - March 16, 2010

Admin note

I skipped game 12 or 13 (can't remember which now) when I was going along and then messed up some of the underlying URLs when I went back to fix things. 'Just noticed the problem and fixed it. If you use a newsreader, things may look a bit off. Sorry 'bout that.

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Sunday - March 14, 2010

Game 16 photos

It was a beautiful day at the park today...sunny and high 70s. Great picture-taking weather. Good thing I had my camera with me.

First, the pitchers...

Hoby Milner:

[Hoby Milner]

Stayton Thomas:

[Stayton Thomas]

Sam Stafford:

[Sam Stafford]

Kendal Carrillo:

[Kendal Carrillo]

Very sadly, it appears that I did not take any photos of Josh Urban. Kicking myself as I type. Sigh...so sorry. 'Hope I get another chance soon.

And, the rest of the guys...in batting order...

Tant Shepherd, taking a swing at a pitch early in the game:

[Tant Shepherd]

Jordan Etier, rounding 3rd after his homer in the 1st:

[Jordan Etier]

Kevin Keyes, stealing 2b in the 7th (before all hell broke loose; he hit a homer when he came around to bat again later in the inning):

[Kevin Keyes]

Cameron Rupp, at 2b in the 7th:

[Cameron Rupp]

Brandon Loy, in the 5th:

[Brandon Loy]

Kevin Lusson, curtain call after his homer in the 7th:

[Kevin Lusson]

Cohl Walla, curtain call after his homer in the 8th:

[Cohl Walla]

And, then something a little unusual. I actually got a shot of the field as Walla hit his homer. You can just see the ball about three-fourth's of the way across the photo from the left side. It looks kinda like a spec of lint at this small size but it's there. I almost never take wide-angle photos during a game. Cool that I snapped the shutter at just the right time on this one, eh? Here you go:

[Cohl Walla homerun swing]

Connor Rowe, rounding 3b after his homerun in the 4th:

[Connor Rowe]

Jonathan Walsh, taking a swing early in the game:

[Jonathan Walsh]

And, with that I'm off for the night. Hook 'em!

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Game 16: Iowa at Texas

Texas beat Iowa 18-0 today. Wow. I think Stayton Thomas got the win. Several players hit homeruns. Does this mean the hitters have turned the corner or did the Iowa pitching just collapse? I don't think it matters. I think having a good day at the plate will be a good thing, regardless of the circumstances. 16 hits on the day. Yay!

Another quick post from the field. Full report to come this evening. Watch for an update here.

UPDATE: Much to my pleasure, Iowa did not score a run in the first inning of today's game. In fact, Hoby Milner (getting his 2nd start of the season) sat the Hawkeyes down in order in the 1st. Nice.

Today's game was just crazy. It ended over 6 hours ago as I type and I still can't get over all the hitting. The Horns hit five (5!) homeruns today. That apparently ties a single-game record for Disch-Falk Field. Wow. Jordan Etier hit the first dinger of the day in the bottom of the first...a solo shot that gave the Horns the lead. Connor Rowe hit the second...a 2-run shot in the 4th. Kevin Lusson and Kevin Keyes hit 2-run homers in the 7th. And, Cohl Walla hit a 3-run homer in the 8th. Amazing.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Iowa 000 000 000 0 4 4
Texas 111 210 84- 18 16 0

As I mentioned Hoby Milner got his second start of the year and did a good job. Three other pitchers (Sam Stafford, Kendal Carrillo, and Josh Urban) saw their first action of the year. The pitching numbers (by my count, of course):

Double-plays in the 7th and 9th meant that the relievers combined to face the minimum number of batters once they took over. And, they didn't allow a single hit. Very cool.

Offensively, the numbers went like so:

Whew. That was a lot of offense. There were 3 errors and 2 homeruns hit in the 7th. It was chaos out there. Texas sent 11 batters to the plate in that inning. And, 8 in the 8th. It was ugly and I was wishing for a 10-run rule. But, apparently, no such luck. It did give a couple of Texas pitchers a chance to show us their stuff, though, so I was glad of that.

I took my camera today so photos to come. I know some of you only come here for the photos and I haven't taken many this year. 'Been concentrating on learning my new scoring app and didn't want the distraction. Check back for a photo post soon.

And, the Horns now travel back to Houston to face Rice on their home field on Tuesday. Austin Dicharry is due to take the mound for Texas. Hook 'em!

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Saturday - March 13, 2010

Game 15: Iowa at Texas

The Horns won the "nightcap" 5-2. Nice game all around. Workman gets the win.

Another quick post from the field. Full report to come this evening. Watch for an update here.

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Iowa 200 000 000 2 10 3
Texas 130 001 00- 5 7 1

As you can see, the Horns gave up runs in the first inning again. But, as in the first two games of the series, they blanked the Hawkeyes for the rest of the game. Thankfully. They also matched their combined number of runs from the first two games. The hitting still looks shaky, though. I know not what to say about that. Shrug.

Like the first game, the Horns played with the lineup again. The lineup for the Horns: Tant Shepherd (1b), Jordan Etier (2b), Cameron Rupp (c), Kevin Keyes (rf), Nick DeSantiago (dh), Brandon Loy (ss), Cohl Walla (cf), Tim Maitland (lf), Jordan Weymouth (3b). DeSantiago and Weymouth got their first starts of the year; Montalbano and Maitland got their 2nd.

A summary of the Texas scoring:

And, that's about all she wrote. Brandon Workman got the win, improving his record to 2-1 and Chance Ruffin earned his 5th save of the season. The numbers for the pitchers (all by my count, of course):

All-in-all, a nice game. I'm still looking for more hitting, though. The Horns go for the sweep tomorrow at 1. Be there or be square!

Hook 'em!

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Game 14: Iowa at Texas

Texas beat Iowa 3-1 in the opener of today's double-header. Cole Green got the complete-game victory and even managed to hit a single! So much fun. Kevin Lusson homered in the 2nd and the Horns put single runs across in the 4th and 5th. Nice game.

Quick post from the field. Full report to come this evening. Watch for an update here.

UPDATE. The first game of today's double-header went 7 innings. The Horns played with the lineup in both games today. Jonathan Walsh got his first start of the year behind the plate in the first game. It looked like he might've been a wee bit excited at the beginning (he had a couple of bad throws to 2b) but settled down nicely (caught a batter stealing on his 3rd throw to 2b).

As I mentioned in my brief update from the field, Cole Green pitched a complete game. By my count, he threw 106 pitches (67 strikes), faced 27 batters, hit 2 (yikes!), walked 1, struck out 9, gave up 4 hits, and the one run (unearned). He also ended up getting a plate appearance in which he hit a single through the right side. He almost hit a double down the lf line on the previous pitch but he was about a foot foul. Pretty cool. He's now had 3 plate appearances in his Texas career and is batting 1.000 with two singles and a sac bunt. Ha! Gotta love it.

Texas made me a bit unhappy, though, when they...once again...gave up a run in the first inning. Green struck out the side. But. It went like so...

The Hawkeyes got a runner to 3b in the 2nd (single, sac bunt, groundout advance) but stranded him there. The got 2 aboard in the 3rd via hit batsmen but the first was caught stealing (!) and the second was forced out at 2nd on a double play. They went down in order in the 4th and 5th. With 2 out (via strikeouts) in the 6th, they threatened again...this time, hitting back-to-back singles, but the next batter struck out. The second batter of the 7th drew the only walk of the day but the next two batters went down swinging. Sweet.

Offensively, the Horns continued to struggle at the plate but got timely hitting when they needed it. They stranded the lead-off batter at 3b in the 1st (tsk tsk). Kevin Lusson hit a solo homerun into the street over the rf fence in the 2nd to tie the game. They went down in order in the 3rd. And, scored the go-ahead run in the 4th:

Texas scored a second run in the 5th:

Rupp, who started at dh, moved to c for the top of the 6th. Since he'd been the dh, that necessitated the move of Cole Green into the lineup (taking Walsh's #8 spot). Green came up to bat in the bottom of the 6th with Kevin Lusson at 1b (who'd reached on an error when the ss dropped a sky-high pop-up that, I guess, he lost in the sun) and one out. He watched a strike and a then ripped a ball just barely foul down the lf line, almost got hit by the 3rd pitch, and then hit a beauty of a single through the right side, moving Lusson to 2b. That single chased the starter out of the game. Heh. Etier then flew out and Shepherd hit into a fielder's choice to end the inning.

The line...

Team 123 456 7 RHE
Iowa 100 000 0 1 4 2
Texas 010 110 - 3 5 2

I didn't time the break between games but think it was about 30 minutes. The report on the second game coming up shortly...

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Friday - March 12, 2010

Game 13: Iowa at Texas

Yet another nail biter! The Horns really need to get those bats going. I don't think our pitchers (not to mention those of us in the stands) can take much more of this. Taylor Jungmann pitched a whale of a game. He went 7.1 innings, threw 122 pitches by my count (89 strikes), faced 29 batters, gave up 5 hits, and 1 run (earned). He threw 3 wild pitches, walked 1, and struck out 17 batters. Seventeen! And, for all that? No decision. That's practically criminal.

Iowa scored 1 in the 1st. With 2 out, Ryan Durant singled (1-2 pitch) through the right side...and then stole 2b. Dallas Burke then doubled (1-2 pitch, again) down the lf line. Ouch. Sean Flanagan then struck out...first strikeout of the game for Jungmann. Jungmann struck out the side in the 2nd. He got another strikeout to start the 3rd, then a groundout, then gave up another 1-2 hit...this time a single, before striking out his 6th batter of the game. In the fourth: groundout, strikeout, groundout. In the 5th: 3 Ks. In the 6th: strikeout, single (1-1 count this time), fly out, strikeout. In the 7th: a leadoff single (1-0 count) followed by 3 Ks.

And, then the interesting 8th. First batter struck out swinging at a wild pitch and made it safely to 1b as the ball went all the way to the backstop. He was caught stealing on the first pitch to the second batter. Second batter reached base exactly the same way...wild-pitch strikeout that went all the way to the backstop! Bizarro. Jungmann then gave up a 5-pitch walk to the next batter (aside: his only walk of the game; he only went to 3 balls against 2 other batters...both of whom went on to strikeout) and, after throwing 122 pitches and striking out 17 batters, he was lifted for Stayton Thomas...who threw 2 pitches. Durant (he of the lone run scored in the first) grounded the 2nd pitch he saw from Thomas into a lovely 6-4-3 double play...the tail end of which, Tant Shepherd did a great job of scooping off the turf and just barely hanging onto. Whew. Chance Ruffin went in for the 9th: strikeout, fly out, strikeout. In the 10th: pop out (foul), line out to cf, strikeout. By my count, he threw 26 pitches (21 strikes...his first 9 pitches were all strikes), faced 6 batters, and struck out 3. And, got his 2nd win of the year.

On the offensive side, I have very little to report. In the 1st, Brandon Loy hit a 1-out single to lf and tried to stretch it into a double but was, sadly, thrown out 7-4 on a very nice play by the Iowa left fielder. Cohl Walla reached on an error in the 2nd...debatable play. A high throw from the ss pulled the first baseman off the bag but it looked like he might've tagged Walla as he was coming down. But, the first base ump was screened from the play and, really, Walla might have been stepping on the bag at the same time and the tie goes to the runner, right? Shrug. Kevin Lusson then hit into a 6-4-3 double play so...no matter. Paul Montalbano led off the bottom of the 3rd with a 5-pitch walk. After Connor Rowe and Jordan Etier struck out, Tant Shepherd was hit by a pitch. Brandon Loy then hit into a 6-4 fielder's choice. Kevin Keyes reached on a 1-out full-count walk in the 4th. He stole 2b and moved up to 3b on an error (the catcher's throw on the sb went into cf) but he was stranded at 3b. The horns went 3-up/3-down in the 5th and 6th. Kevin Lusson reached on a 2-out full-count walk in the 7th but was stranded at 1b. With 1 out in the 8th, Texas finally got their second hit of the game when Jordan Etier hit a homerun that just cleared the rf fence and fell into the Texas bullpen. Yes! Tant Shepherd then grounded out and Brandon Loy singled over the ss but was then forced out on a fielder's choice.

In the bottom of the 9th, things got rather interesting. Kevin Keyes singled on a little blooper over the shortstop. The Horns sent Tim Maitland in to pinch run for Keyes. Cohl Walla then hit a couple of bunt attempts foul before hitting a single through the right side. Maitland held up at 2b. Iowa had a visit to the mound but stayed with their starter. Kevin Lusson up. He squared to bunt and watched a strike go by. On the next pitch (a ball), the catcher almost threw Maitland out at 2b. Whew. Lusson advanced the batters on the next pitch, though, with a beautiful sac bunt (5-4) down the 3b line. Iowa finally replaced their starter. Jarred Hippen went 8.1 innings and gave up an earned run. He faced 33 batters, threw 105 pitches (71 strikes), gave up 5 hits, walked 3, and struck out 8. Great game. Wow. Nick Brown replaced him on the mound. Kyle Lusson (pinch-hitting for Montalbano) went down swinging. Russell Moldenhauer (pinch-hitting for Connor Rowe) also went down swinging. Damn. Two runners in scoring (ahem...winning) position with 1 out...and the Horns fail to score. Not pretty. Sigh...

The 10th started out the same way as Jordan Etier struck out, looking this time. But, then...magic. Tant Shepherd hit a towering homerun (first pitch) over the Texas bullpen to win the game. Wow!

The line...

Team 123 456 789 10 RHE
Iowa 100 000 000 0 1 5 2
Texas 000 000 010 1 2 6 1

Geesh. This is too much stress. Sigh...

The Horns are now up for a double-header against Iowa tomorrow. The first game is scheduled for 7 innings and the second for 9. If the first game goes long, they'll switch and the second game will be a 7-inning affair. 'Hope the bats have more life tomorrow.

Hook 'em!

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Tuesday - March 9, 2010

Game 12: Texas State at Texas

That was a bit of a nail biter! Wow. First, the line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas State 000 200 010 3 5 1
Texas 000 000 13x 4 8 0

See what I mean? Whew. The Texas State starter went 7 innings. In the first 6 innings, he struck out 7 batters and only 4 batters even reached base (one each in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th). Yowza.

Austin Dicharry got the start for the Horns and went 7+ innings. By my count, he faced 26 batters and threw 87 pitches (58 strikes), had 1 wild pitch, 4 strikeouts, gave up 5 hits, and all 3 runs (1 unearned). Stayton Thomas relieved Dicharry in the 8th after he gave up a lead-off double to the cf/rf gap. Thomas went .2 innings. He faced 2 batters and threw 9 pitches (6 strikes). Both batters grounded out. Andrew McKirahan faced the final batter of the 8th (a lefty) and got him to ground out back to the mound. McKirahan threw 6 pitches (only 1 ball)...but that was enough to earn his first victory of the year. Sweet. Chance Ruffin threw the 9th for his 4th save of the year. He faced 4 batters and threw 19 pitches (10 strikes), walked 1 batter, and threw 1 strikeout. The first two batters he faced managed to work the count full. Nice job of getting out of the inning.

Offensively, the Horns did struggle early in the game. Kevin Keyes reached on an 1-out infield-single to 3b in the 2nd. He really did a great job to beat the throw from 3b. Alas, he was stranded at 2b. In the 3rd, Tant Shepherd reached on a 2-out single through the right side but, again, stranded. In the 4th, Russell Moldenhauer worked his way aboard on a 1-out full-count walk. Alas, the next two batters went down swinging. In the 5th, Jordan Etier reached on a 2-out error by the ss. I would've ruled it an infield single since I really do think he beat the throw to the bag but the throw was high and the official scorer ruled it an error...even though Etier did not advance to 2b. Ah well. He stole 2b on the first pitch to Shepherd and then moved to 3b on a wild pitch. Alas, he was stranded there when Shepherd struck out swinging.

They finally scored a run in the 7th:

Montalbano stayed in the game in lf and Kyle Lusson moved to cf for the top of the 8th. Texas State scored in the 8th: lead-off double, ground out to 3b (runner stayed at 2b), ground out to 2b (runner moved to 3b), passed ball scored run. Ouch.

The bottom of the 8th was quite the exciting inning:

Oh. My. Such stress! But, Horns win! Horns win! And, that's what matters most. Yes!

By the way, defensively in the 9th, Texas moved Jordan Etier over to ss and sent Jordan Weymouth in at 2b. Weymouth seemed very excited to be out there...another Longhorn player seeing his first action of the year. Kyle Lusson moved over to rf, and Cohl Walla stayed in the game in cf.

The Horns play host to Iowa this weekend in a 4-game series, including a double-header on Saturday. I suspect the double header will be a scheduled 7-inning game followed by a 9-inning game but I'm not sure about that.

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - March 7, 2010

Game 11: Missouri at Texas (Houston College Classic)

I was messing around this morning and forgot about the game until almost 11:30. Oh my! I turned in just in time for the start of the 3rd inning to find Texas behind 0-2. The Missouri runs were scored on a 2-run homer in the 2nd. GameTracker wasn't working today so it took me awhile to catch up on the action.

The details, from that point on...

The line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Missouri 021 000 020 5 10 0
Texas 001 060 01x 8 12 1

Very nicely done. It was great to see the Horns hitting the ball today. Texas shuffled their line-up a bit, expecting left-handed pitching from Missouri. Walla got his first start of the year in lf. Kyle Lusson moved to rf. And, Keyes went to work at dh...taking Russell Moldenhauer's customary spot. It seemed to work out rather well. I'm curious to see how things continue to develop as the season progresses.

Green earned his 3rd win of the year to improve his record to 3-0. And, I think Ruffin earned his 3rd save of the year.

The Horns come back to town and play Texas State on Tuesday evening. Hook 'em!

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Saturday - March 6, 2010

Game 10: Texas at Houston (Houston College Classic)

I wasn't able to watch most of today's game. I had to pick a friend up at the airport so the detailed game report only goes through the top of the 3rd. The game started 30 minutes late due to the previous game going into extra innings so I got to see even less of the game than I was hoping to see. 'Course it turned out that the game was over by the second pitch of the bottom of the first inning. I couldn't know that as I left for the airport, though!

The Astros were, once again, streaming the game so I did get to watch 'til I had to leave my folks' house for the airport. It turned out to be a heck of a pitching duel with Houston getting the better end of the deal as Texas lost 0-1.

The details, through the top of the third...

I was actually able to listen to most of the rest of the game on the radio. And, not a whole lot happened. Here's the line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
Texas 000 000 000 0 3 0
Houston 100 000 00x 1 4 0

Look at that. The teams combined for 7 hits. Amazing. Brandon Workman pitched a complete game, taking the loss for Texas. According to the Texas boxscore, he faced 27 batters, threw 93 pitches, gave up the 4 hits and 1 run (earned), walked 1, and struck out 7. There's no way Workman should be saddled with that loss. What he accomplished today really should be a lot more than a team needs out of their pitcher to win a game, doncha think? I hope the hitting comes around soon for the Horns. As a team, they're only batting .237. Opponents are batting .220, though, which is why they've got a 7-3 record. Scary stuff.

Ah well. The Horns play Missouri tomorrow at 11. The game will not count toward Big 12 totals. Hook 'em!

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Friday - March 5, 2010

Game 9: Rice at Texas (Houston College Classic)

'Was driving home during the first inning and listened to the game on the radio. Then, when I got into the house, I couldn't find a radio that would work! Ack. I finally found the radio I use at the games and tuned back in. Then, sometime during the top of the 3rd inning, I saw a post on the TexasSports.com page noting that the game was being streamed online courtesy of the Astros. So, I pulled that right up. Yes! Nice video with the Craig Way/Bill Little audio from KVET. Excellent!

Nothing much had happened to that point. Connor Rowe apparently made a nice catch at the wall in the lf/cf gap to keep one of the Rice batters from hitting a double (or possibly a triple) in the 2nd. He made another nice catch to deep cf in the 3rd. Each team had a hit under its belt at this point. Scoreless game going into the bottom of the 3rd...

Chance Ruffin gets the win and Taylor Wall gets the tough-luck loss.

Beautiful. That's pretty much all. Thanks so much to the Astros for streaming the game. 'Much prefer watching the game to just listening. Texas faces Houston tomorrow afternoon at about 3:30.

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Tuesday - March 2, 2010

Game 8: UT-Pan American at Texas

Texas beat UT-Pan American 3-2 this evening to improve their record to 6-2. 'Twas a bit of a scary game as the offense barely showed up. Kyle Kotchie pitched a great game for UTPA. It was his first appearance of the year and he went 7 innings, faced 30 Texas batters, and threw (by my count) 131 pitches. He walked 4, struck out 11 (ouch!), and gave up 3 hits (2 singles and 1 homerun). He allowed all 3 runs (1 unearned). What killed his outing, surprisingly, were 2 bases-loaded balks. Poor guy. Ah well...we're all about the Longhorns here so, on to that story!

Texas scored single runs in the 2nd, 4th, and 5th...which proved just enough to win the game. After going 1-2-3 in the 1st, the 2nd went like so:

The Horns went down in order again in the 3rd. And, then they finally got a hit in the 4th:

And, the 5th:

Note how all three runs were scored with 2 outs. Those Longhorns were making me nervous today!

They got two more hits on the day. Kyle Lusson reached on on a 2-out single in the 6th and stole 2b but was stranded there. Kevin Keyes hit a 1-out ground-rule double in the 8th. I think that was the first ground-rule double hit on the new turf at Disch-Falk. It was a hiiiiiiiiiigh flying ball that went all the way to the warning track by the Texas bullpen. I could not believe it when it dropped in a couple of feet shy of the wall and then bounced over...and into the corner of the bullpen. We used to see ground-rule doubles hit on the old turf all the time. But, the new field turf just isn't as bouncy. Anyway, Cohl Walla went in to pinch-run for Keyes...but turned into the 3rd out on a fielder's choice a few batters later.

Hoby Milner saw his first action as a Longhorn today, getting the start. He went 4.1 innings, threw 74 pitches (45 strikes), faced 21 batters, gave up 2 walks, threw 2 strikeouts, gave up 6 hits, and one run (by my reckoning...more on that in a moment). Stayton Thomas relieved Milner with 1 on (via walk) and one out in the 5th. The first batter Thomas faced (Mejia) reached on a 5-4 fielder's choice, advanced to 2b on a wild pitch, and scored on a single. Weirdly, both iScore and the official boxscore charged the run scored by Mejia to Milner. I'm completely puzzled by this. Anyone with some insight on this? Regardless...by my count, Thomas pitched 1 inning, threw 16 pitches (6 strikes), faced 6 batters, threw 1 wild pitch, hit one batter, walked one, gave up 1 hit, and one run (or so I think). He also managed to get his first win of the year. Andrew McKirahan replaced Thomas in the 6th. He went into the game with 1 out and runners at 1b and 2b. He gave up a 7-pitch full-count single up the middle. The runner from 2b tried to score but a perfect throw from Connor Rowe in cf caught him easily at the plate. Excellent play! The next batter grounded into a fielder's choice to end the inning. McKirahan threw a 1-2-3 seventh. His totals: 1.2 innings, 24 pitches (15 strikes), 5 batters, 2 strikeouts, and 1 hit. Chance Ruffin threw the final 2 innings and faced the minimum to earn his 2nd save of the year. His totals: 2 innings, 25 pitches (18 strikes), 6 batters, and 2 strikeouts. Purty.

Here's the line:

Team 123 456 789 RHE
UT-Pan American 000 110 000 2 8 1
Texas 010 110 00x 3 4 2

Kind of a weird game. I'm not complaining, though, 'cause the Horns came away with a win! They head off to Houston this weekend. 'Hope the winning ways continue. Hook 'em!

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