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Thursday - November 29, 2007

The Church That Was, 16 Months Later

I was driving to Bastrop last Friday at the crack of dawn. Okay...it was later than that, but not much. It was a very overcast day. And, the sun was struggling to break its way through the clouds. The sun rays that did manage to break though were very pretty. 'Made me think I might be able to get a nice shot of that church I like to photograph on FM 969. Of course, by the time I turned off 71 onto 969 and made my way to the church (only a couple of miles up the road, truth be told), the sun rays had stopped their little dance routine. So, no sun rays breaking over the church shots for me.


I found something else really cool. Longhorn cattle grazing in the field next door:

[Longhorns at the FM969 Church]

Too bad about the overcast sky, eh? Just imagine how gorgeous that shot would be with a crystal clear blue sky. Ah well.

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Wednesday - November 28, 2007

November Moon

I was driving home this evening and was struck by the beauty of the moon.

[November Moon]

Which occasionally tried to hide behind some wispy clouds...

[November Moon]

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