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Saturday - December 8, 2007

The Little One

At last, the little one:

[Little Longhorn at the FM969 Church]

Can you stand the cuteness? Look at those little tiny stubs of horns and big brown eyes. He is way too cute.

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Wednesday - December 5, 2007

Young Longhorns

I had dinner with Mom and Dad this evening and was talking about the cattle that were grazing in the field next to the church the other day. There were 5 head of cattle. And, in "people" years, I'd guess the oldest one (the one closest to the church in my last post) would be about 30. Or maybe 35. The other one in that post is probably about 21 or so in "people" years. Don't you think? His horns haven't really started to curve outward again. So, he's all grown up. But, not quite there. Right?

The next two strike me as teenagers (again, in "people" years). The older one of the teens is about 15. And, the younger one is just on the cusp. He's probably about 12. Here they are:

[Longhorns at the FM969 Church]

See? The 15-year-old is looking at me...trying to figure out if I've got a treat for them. The younger one? Not terribly interested just yet. About 15 minutes after I took this photo, they started "horsing" around...as teenage boys are wont to do. Butting heads and all. I got a couple of shots. Alas, they were standing too close to the fence and the photos aren't very interesting. But, I did enjoy the whole "boys will be boys" feeling of it all. Heh.

By the by: a shot of the mischievous 3-year-old to come. Very soon.

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