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Tuesday - September 18, 2007

December 2, 1926 - September 18, 2007

[CEM, Oct. 2006]

I took this photo last October.
Rest in peace, you dear sweet sweet man.

Note: I originally posted this to my main page but wanted to archive it here in my Photobox.

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Wednesday - September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's my mama's birthday. These flowers are growing in the flower bed at the Mear house and I've been wanting to snap a photo. Since it was Mom's birthday, today seemed like a good day to do it. So...

[Wacky red flower]

There really wasn't enough light. I thought there was but wasn't sure and now that I've seen the photos at 100%, 'turns out there really wasn't. Just in case, I also snapped some with the flash. Which made for shadow problems. But, you can see the that the flowers just show up at the top of long stalks...no leaves. Odd, eh? But cool.

[Wacky red flower]

See what I mean? Wacky. Regardless: happy birthday, Mom!

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Saturday - September 8, 2007

Sunset Number 11

I think this is Sunset #11 for JoJo's Photobox. I think.

[Contrail sunset]

I was driving toward the sunset admiring the "horizontal" contrail when I spotted the jet flying west over me leaving its own contrail. I could see it was gonna be cool. But, could I find a spot to stop? One where I could take the photo without it being "ruined" by all the power lines everywhere? I didn't think it would happen. But, then...I saw my chance. And, I jumped at it.

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