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Friday - November 20, 2009

Off-topic: Pat Murphy resigns

I was just surprised to read that Pat Murphy, head coach at Arizona State, resigned today. Wow.

Some links:

This is just weird. 'Wonder what's up?

UPDATE (Jan. 29, 2010): During my "hiatus" I kinda dropped the ball on following this story. 'Got caught up a bit today. 'Found a couple of interesting stories from the Arizona Republic: NCAA accuses ASU baseball program of rules violations and NCAA's charges vs. ASU baseball coaches, staff detailed.

UPDATE (Feb. 10, 2010): 'Just noticed that Murphy was hired by the Padres. Fox Sports Arizona reports: Ex-ASU coach hired as special assistant. The story includes an interesting quote I hadn't seen before: "Without warning or explanation I was terminated as Arizona State head baseball coach. This was a decision -- unprecedented in its timing -- that was not dictated by me and isn't something I agree with." It's a little unclear to me when this quote was released...apparently a day after the Arizona Republic came out with its story in mid-December.

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Sunday - November 15, 2009

Cameron Rupp profile

'Meant to point to this yesterday but got side-tracked. Brian, over at the College Baseball Blog is intent on showcasing 100 players before the beginning of the season. And yesterday, he put up a profile of Cameron Rupp. Check it out.

UPDATE (Jan. 29, 2010): Brian profiled 3 more Texas players in his countdown: Chance Ruffin, Taylor Jungmann, and Brandon Workman.

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Friday - November 6, 2009

Texas State scrimmage, part 3

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this little project. For your patience, you get rewarded with the last of the photos from Saturday's scrimmage...

Austin Dicharry (#28) in the 10th:

[Austin Dicharry]

Kevin Keyes (#29) watching the pitcher in the 8th:

[Kevin Keyes]

Chance Ruffin (#31) in the 5th:

[Chance Ruffin]

Jonathan Walsh (#33) in the 8th:

[Jonathan Walsh]

Stayton Thomas (#34) in the 12th:

[Stayton Thomas]

Paul Montalbano (#36) in the 12th:

[Paul Montalbano]

Jordan Weymouth (#38) in the 8th:

[Jordan Weymouth]

Andrew McKirahan (#57) in the 3rd:

[Andrew McKirahan]

I'm really looking forward to February. Hook 'em!

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Monday - November 2, 2009

Texas State scrimmage, part 2

More photos from yesterday's scrimmage...

Brandon Workman (#12) doing the high-kick thing in the 8th:

[Brandon Workman]

Kevin Lusson (#14) at the ready in the 1st:

[Kevin Lusson]

Russell Moldenhauer (#15) during his homerun trot in the 1st:

[Russell Moldenhauer]

Josh Urban (#17) in the 4th:

[Josh Urban]

Sam Stafford (#19) at the end of his delivery in the 5th:

[Sam Stafford]

Look at how high his left foot is. Wow. Sam also batted a couple of times and got at least one hit.

Cole Green (#24) in the 13th:

[Cole Green]

Taylor Jungmann (#26) in the 1st:

[Taylor Jungmann]

That's about two-thirds of the photos. I'll try to post the rest of 'em tomorrow.

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Sunday - November 1, 2009

Texas State scrimmage

I made it out to Disch-Falk today to watch the Texas State scrimmage. 'Had a great time. The weather was gorgeous. And, the Horns managed to win the scrimmage 9-7, despite trailing for most of the game. I learned quite some time ago that there's no point in trying to keep score at these affairs (they play fast and loose with substitutions and number of batters...both teams started with 10 listed batters) so I didn't even take my score book with me. But, I did take my camera so you know what that means, eh?

Anyway, there's a report (of sorts) on the TexasSports.com page. If I'd known they were going to post such a meager thing, I would've tried to keep score for y'all. Not even the hint of a line? And, no photos? It just gets worse, eh? Sigh...

Even though I didn't keep score, I did take a few notes so can share a bit more info than you will find on the linked report. Texas State scored 3 in the 1st on a 2-out 3-run homer. Texas answered with 2 in the bottom of the frame (rbi single by Jordan Etier and a solo homerun by Russell Moldenhauer). The Bobcats put another 3 on the board in the 4th. Texas answered with single runs in the 4th (rbi single by Tant Shepherd) and 5th (rbi single by Kevin Keyes). Texas State scored their last run in the 6th. Texas then scored a solo run in the 8th (another rbi by Moldenhauer), 2 in the 12th to tie things up (2-run homerun by Shepherd), and 2 in the 14th (2-run single by, who else?, Shepherd). Texas scored 2 in the 14th, by the way, because they played out the complete inning, rather than end the game after the go-ahead run scored. I'm guessing that was an agreed-upon rule for the scrimmage. Sorry to say, I have no hit/error totals. I don't recall any errors by either team, though. That doesn't mean there weren't any...just that I don't remember any! The scoreboard was not functioning, by the way, so no help there either. Texas State did put a bunch of hits on the board. They probably averaged at least one per inning. Texas did not fare as well in the hitting department but did more with their hits. 'Works for me!

Oh, well. I took pictures. I got at least one of everyone that entered the game. Going by the roster that was handed out, the following players did not see playing time (and I did not get their photos...sorry): Nick DeSantiago, Keifer Nuncio, Kendal Carrillo, Riley Boening, Hoby Milner, Ben Kaplan, and Hunter Wilcox. I did see one player (bullpen catcher) suited up not listed on the roster: #42. Maybe that was Wilcox...listed as #46 on the roster? Dunno.

Anyway, on with the photos!

Here's Cohl Walla (#1) out at 2b in the 12th:

[Cohl Walla]

Cameron Rupp (#3) at the plate in the 1st:

[Cameron Rupp]

Kyle Lusson (#6) at 2b in the 4th:

[Kyle Lusson]

Jordan Etier (#7) in the bottom of the 1st:

[Jordan Etier]

Tim Maitland (#8) watches the pitcher in the bottom of the 5th:

[Tim Maitland]

Tant Shepherd (#9) as he's about to hit the game-winning single in the 14th:

[Tant Shepherd]

Connor Rowe (#10) at 1b in the 14th:

[Connor Rowe]

Brandon Loy (#11) at 2b in the 1st:

[Brandon Loy]

I'll be back with more photos soon. Hopefully, tomorrow night.

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