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Friday - November 20, 2009

Off-topic: Pat Murphy resigns

I was just surprised to read that Pat Murphy, head coach at Arizona State, resigned today. Wow.

Some links:

This is just weird. 'Wonder what's up?

UPDATE (Jan. 29, 2010): During my "hiatus" I kinda dropped the ball on following this story. 'Got caught up a bit today. 'Found a couple of interesting stories from the Arizona Republic: NCAA accuses ASU baseball program of rules violations and NCAA's charges vs. ASU baseball coaches, staff detailed.

UPDATE (Feb. 10, 2010): 'Just noticed that Murphy was hired by the Padres. Fox Sports Arizona reports: Ex-ASU coach hired as special assistant. The story includes an interesting quote I hadn't seen before: "Without warning or explanation I was terminated as Arizona State head baseball coach. This was a decision -- unprecedented in its timing -- that was not dictated by me and isn't something I agree with." It's a little unclear to me when this quote was released...apparently a day after the Arizona Republic came out with its story in mid-December.

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