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Monday - November 2, 2009

Texas State scrimmage, part 2

More photos from yesterday's scrimmage...

Brandon Workman (#12) doing the high-kick thing in the 8th:

[Brandon Workman]

Kevin Lusson (#14) at the ready in the 1st:

[Kevin Lusson]

Russell Moldenhauer (#15) during his homerun trot in the 1st:

[Russell Moldenhauer]

Josh Urban (#17) in the 4th:

[Josh Urban]

Sam Stafford (#19) at the end of his delivery in the 5th:

[Sam Stafford]

Look at how high his left foot is. Wow. Sam also batted a couple of times and got at least one hit.

Cole Green (#24) in the 13th:

[Cole Green]

Taylor Jungmann (#26) in the 1st:

[Taylor Jungmann]

That's about two-thirds of the photos. I'll try to post the rest of 'em tomorrow.

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