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Friday - November 6, 2009

Texas State scrimmage, part 3

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this little project. For your patience, you get rewarded with the last of the photos from Saturday's scrimmage...

Austin Dicharry (#28) in the 10th:

[Austin Dicharry]

Kevin Keyes (#29) watching the pitcher in the 8th:

[Kevin Keyes]

Chance Ruffin (#31) in the 5th:

[Chance Ruffin]

Jonathan Walsh (#33) in the 8th:

[Jonathan Walsh]

Stayton Thomas (#34) in the 12th:

[Stayton Thomas]

Paul Montalbano (#36) in the 12th:

[Paul Montalbano]

Jordan Weymouth (#38) in the 8th:

[Jordan Weymouth]

Andrew McKirahan (#57) in the 3rd:

[Andrew McKirahan]

I'm really looking forward to February. Hook 'em!

Posted by Joanna at 11:52 PM