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Saturday - January 30, 2010

2010 Alumni Game Report

Ohmygosh! So cold! It was so cold at Disch-Falk today. Brrrrr... According to the scoreboard, it was 32 °F when I arrived a little before 11. It managed to get up to 41 by the end of the game at about 2 o'clock. It was cold. And, windy.

Alas, the old guys looked a little rusty. They committed a few errors and managed to lose to the current squad 0-3. The line:

[Final line score]

Joseph Krebs was pitching for the Alumni in the 4th so 'guess he took the loss. Rowe led things off with a double. Then, with 2 out (strikeout and pop fly by Tant Shepherd and Kevin Lusson), Kyle Lusson walked his way aboard. Tim Maitland and Brandon Loy then hit back-to-back singles to score Rowe and Lusson. In the 6th, Tant Shepherd led off with a double that skipped off J.D. Reininger's glove and toward the berm down the lf line. Shepherd moved to 3b on a fly out to cf by Kevin Lusson. Kyle Lusson popped out to 1b. With 2 out, Paul Montalbano reached on a fielding error by the pitcher (James Russell, sporting very long hair!) and Shepherd scored on the play.

My maiden attempt at using the iScore software on my iPhone to score the game did not go well. Not at all. They did not announce line-ups before the game started and I was trying to figure out how to set the lineup while scoring the game and it just turned into a big mess. I gave up very quickly. Shrug. I'm gonna have to watch the tutorials a couple more times and maybe practice with an old game or two that I've got on tape and I think things will be good to go once "official" games roll around. We'll see. The point of this story being: I don't really have any specifics other than what I wrote in the previous paragraph regarding who did what offensively. Such is life.

So who showed up to play for the old guys? In alphabetical order: Adrian Alaniz, Brandon Belt, Randy Boone, Jordan Danks, Matt Goodson, David Hernandez, Bryan Herrera (who is, oddly enough, playing for a team in the Netherlands!), Robby Hudson, Carson Kainer, Joseph Krebs, Kyle McCulloch, Omar Quintanilla, J.D. Reininger, James Russell, Kyle Russell, Huston Street, Juston Street, Drew Stubbs, Taylor Teagarden, Curtis Thigpen, Kyle Walker, and Austin Wood. Burt Hooton, Brooks Kieschnick, Greg Swindell, and Jose Tolentino coached the Alumni squad.

Here are the coaches before the game:

[Alumni Coaches]

And, from left to right, Hernandez, Goodson, Danks, Boone, Belt, and Alaniz:

[Alumni Players]

Again, from left to right, Reininger, Quintanilla, McCulloch, Krebs, Kainer, Hudson, Herrera:

[Alumni Players]

Again, left to right, Street, Street, Stubbs, Russell, and Russell:

[Alumni Players]

(Am I allowed to be amused at the fact that someone in the Baseball office seems to think Stubbs comes before Street in an Alphabetical listing? They were listed "Russell, Stubbs, Street" in the roster and announced in that order as they were introduced. Ah well...)

And, finally, Wood, Walker, Thigpen, and Teagarden:

[Alumni Players]

Defensively, Teagarden started at c and was replaced about half-way through by Thigpen. Thigpen started at 1b and was replaced by Belt when he moved to c. Hudson played 2b the whole game, I think. Quintanilla started at ss and was replaced by Hernandez at some point. Reininger played 3b for the whole game. Kyle Russell, Stubbs, Danks, and Kainer played in the outfield...moving around as the day went on. Russell played both lf and rf. Danks played in cf and rf. Stubbs played in cf and Kainer in lf. I didn't notice anyone else in the outfield but that doesn't mean someone else didn't go out there. On the pitching side of things, 8 guys pitched an inning apiece for the Alumni. In order: Boone, Wood, McCulloch, Krebs, Alaniz, James Russell, Walker, and Herrera. Hmmmm...now that I write Herrera's name, I'm thinking he might've played a little bit of rf, too. Hmmmm. 'Really wish I'd payed more attention. Oh well. He did bat some, I'm sure of that! So, I guess that means Matt Goodson and the Street boys were the only Alumni that did not see any action.

As for the young 'uns...I really did not keep track of anything but the pitching order. Cole Green, Brandon Workman, and Stayton Thomas pitched two innings each. Andrew McKirahan threw the 7th. And, Chance Ruffin closed out the final two innings. The pitching is looking good, folks.

The cold was actually affecting the auto-focus on my camera so I didn't really get many photos I'm happy with. But I did manage some decent shots. I'll close out this post with a few of 'em...

Brandon Loy:


Nick DeSantiago, happy to have led off with a double in the 5th:


The Eyes of Texas are Upon You...

[Alumni Eyes]

I really do hope Opening Day proves warmer than today. That was just ridiculous.

Hook 'em!

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Friday - January 29, 2010

Ready for 2010?

Hey, folks! A cold snap is upon us. 'Must mean it's time for the Alumni game. How often does that happen? We have a week or two of beautiful weather and then the cold and rain arrive...just in time to bring the Alumni back to town? Too often! That's how often. I do expect it to happen every year, though...so, at least it's not a big surprise. Ah well. On to the news at hand...

I've been away for a couple of months. 'Took a bit of a break from my web projects. It wasn't entirely deliberate but, once it became obvious to me that I was on a break, I went with it. Hopefully, it's allowed me a chance to re-charge. I've made a couple of changes. For one, I got an iPhone and set up a Twitter account (username jojolemon, which has nothing to do with UT baseball but has sentimental significance for me from my old Usenet days) so I'll be able to do some "live" stuff during the games this year. Yay! I'm not sure how much I'll be doing. We'll see. I've always shied away from being too interactive with regard to this project...email's been it. We shall see. Feedback, of course, is (and always has been) appreciated. I'm also going to give a baseball scoring app (iScore Baseball from Faster Than Monkeys) a shot. It looks like a pretty cool program. I've been madly entering rosters over the last few evenings. You don't have to have the rosters entered before you get to a game but I'm sure it'll help.

On to this year's squad. I keep getting asked if the team's gonna be any good this year. Uh. Yeah. Starting rotation back and intact? Yep. 'Lost Austin Wood. His cleats will be hard to fill. But, I'm sure someone (Chance Ruffin, maybe) will step up and give us what we need. As I was typing up my roster, I noticed 3 new faces had been added since the Fall World Series...three Freshmen from Arlington Heights in Ft. Worth. Things that make you go hmmm... Did they all just decide they were gonna come to UT and make the team as walk-ons? Pretty cool. The team's been getting pre-season #1 rankings. I never like that sort of thing. But, that's gonna happen when you end the season the way the Horns did last year. And, then bring back almost everyone. I'm just hoping they can avoid the whole Sophomore Slump thing. And, that they ignore the polls and just play ball.

The schedule. I've posted my version. As I was putting it together, I noticed that it seems to be even more "home-centric" than usual. We've got the Astros Classic the first weekend in March. Then, the team goes to Rice in the middle of March. And, that's it for away games...as far as non-Big 12 games go. The end of the season pretty much sucks. Away for Kansas State, a double-header against Louisiana Tech in the middle of May will be the final home series, and then another away series at Mizzou to close the season out. We play 3 games against Rice...all in March. Neither team will be in "fighting form" that early. Is that good or bad? Dunno.

I'm looking forward to 2010 and getting out to Disch-Falk.

Hook 'em! Go, Horns!

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