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Friday - August 29, 2008


[Morning balloons]

'Took this on the fourth day of my vacation...a Sunday...in Albuquerque. I'd gotten up pretty early and was on my way to Grandma's to take her to mass when I spotted three balloons floating very near Ginger's house. I couldn't pass up that opportunity. So, I pulled over in a parking lot and took a couple of shots.

I really need to get back to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta. Maybe next year.

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Thursday - August 28, 2008

Watch flower

[Sunflower at Ginger's house]

This GI-normous sunflower towered over the back fence at Ginger's house. It seemed to add a friendly watchful eye and an extra bit of sunshine to the yard.

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Wednesday - August 27, 2008

Highway wild flowers

[Flower on Highway 285]

[Flower on Highway 285]

[Flower on Highway 285]

[Flower on Highway 285]

All taken at the same spot where I took yesterday's cactus photo.

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Tuesday - August 26, 2008

Highway 285

[Cactus on Highway 285]

I shot this photo somewhere between Encino and Cline's Corners on Highway 285.

By the way, the last several photos (from the Pecos River to this point, excluding the guy at the bar) were taken on the second day of my trip as I drove from Lubbock to Albuquerque.

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Happy birthday, Dad!

[Bar guy in Pinos Altos]

'Took this photo of "the guy at the end of the bar" in a bar in Pinos Altos a couple of weeks ago. Dad wanted the photo so I took it. The guy was not holding Dead Man's Hand, by the way. Nope. He had 4 aces.

My dad's already off on his annual bike ride. His goal, for the last few years, has been to ride his age on his birthday. That means 67 miles today. He tries to ride some extra miles each year so he can have some in the bank for when he can't reach his goal in years to come. He was just shy of his goal last year (cramps got to him, I think) but he rode 100 miles on his birthday a few years ago. Wow. I think he's got 70 miles planned for today. Go, Dad!

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Monday - August 25, 2008

Movin' on down the road

[Highway 60]

Highway 60 going west as far as the eye can see...

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Sunday - August 24, 2008


I took this photo about 50 yards from where I took the photo of the Pecos River.

[Ft. Sumner historic marker]

The sign reads:

Fort Sumner
Population 1,250 - Elevation 4,028 ft.
Named for the fort built in 1862 to guard the Bosque Redondo Indian Reservation, the town of Fort Sumner grew out of settlements clustering around the Maxwell family properties. It moved to its present site with the construction of the Belén Cutoff of the Santa Fe Railroad around 1907.

Nothing particularly noteworthy, really. And, I just took the photo so I'd have a marker for my other photos. And, then I noticed something. See the post at the left? Here's a close-up:

[Ft. Sumner historic marker pods]

What do you suppose that's all about?

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Saturday - August 23, 2008

Pecos River

[Pecos River]

The Pecos River...west of Ft. Sumner. Everything was just so very very green!

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Friday - August 22, 2008

The old and the new

[Windmill and pump jack]

Here's the promised windmill. I was taking photos of a huge windmill farm when I noticed the pump jack at the bottom of the hill. I loved the juxtaposition of old energy versus new energy.

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Thursday - August 21, 2008

Hawk on a line


'Saw this hawk perched on a power line along US 84 somewhere north of Dermott. I'd stopped to take photos of a windmill farm and then spotted this hawk. So, I forgot about all the renewable energy. Bird? Windmills? 'Guess I'll go for the bird! Windmill photo coming tomorrow...

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Wednesday - August 20, 2008

Squeaky Wheel

[Squeaky windmill]

This is, quite possibly, the squeakiest windmill in the history of windmills. Heh. I took this photo on the first day of my vacation a few miles northeast of Bronte on FM 384. Squeak. Squeak. SQUEAK!!

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Tuesday - August 19, 2008

City of Rocks

[City of Rocks]

Here's another photo I took last Friday. Mom, Dad, and I almost went to the City of Rocks State Park southeast of Silver City on Thursday. But, after walking the Catwalk trail earlier in the day, we all just kind of pooped out. So, I decided to stop by the City of Rocks on my way home. Wow. I wandered around for way too long...about 90 minutes. Which, really, wasn't nearly long enough. But, since I was driving all the way to Fort Stockton, I shouldn't have stayed so long. Did I mention the "wow" factor? I could've easily wandered that place for a full day. As it was, I did lose my car once. Heh. I parked in a spot, walked up into the city, explored a bit, and then went back out toward where I thought the car should be. Ummmm...no car. Oops. I had a feeling I should turn right when I found my way back to the road that loops around the city. But, then, I got a bit of a nagging feeling that maybe I should check back to the left a bit first. And, just around the first bend, I spotted the tree I'd parked near. And, sure enough, there was my car. Whew. 'Glad I didn't go the other way.

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Friday - August 15, 2008

Beep! Beep!

I'm back on the road and headed home. I had such a good time avoiding the Interstate highway system on my way out that I decided to avoid it on the way back as well. It takes longer to get where I'm going but I can stop and enjoy the scenery and take photos. Lots and lots of photos.

On my way out, I drove up to Lubbock and then over to Albuquerque...using state and US highways as much as possible. I did take I-25 to drive down to Socorro (after spending a few days in Albuquerque) but then went west and looped around to Silver City. After spending a couple of days there, I headed back to Austin via a more southern route. To avoid I-10 as much as possible, I scooted down to Highway 9 which runs mostly parallel to the New Mexico/Mexico border almost all the way to El Paso. One of the cool things you see along Highway 9 are small (3-to-6 feet high, for the most part as far as I noticed) man-made towers (piles?) of lava rocks. They were used in days of yore as markers of some sort. Today, they just look cool. Entertainingly, along the way, I saw several places where people have placed rocks on top of old fence posts. On top of one such "rocks on top of a fence-post" pile, I spotted this:

[Road runner]

How cool is that?

I'd spotted a road runner sitting on a fence post yesterday when Mom and Dad and I were driving to the Catwalk. But, there was someone driving right behind us and Dad couldn't pull over. So, I got no photo. Today on Highway 9? Nary a soul. I pulled over quick as can be. Heh!

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Thursday - August 14, 2008

Catwalk sky

Mom, Dad, and I walked the Catwalk National Recreation Trail today. It's a great trail through a canyon with beautiful rock formations. On the way up, the sky was pretty cloudy. But, on the way back, blue skies prevailed:

[Catwalk sky]

Beautiful, eh?

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Wednesday - August 13, 2008

Gila Cliff Dwellings Rock Art

We went to the Gila Cliff Dwellings today. Wow. There were a few bits of rock art visible in the 5th cave. These were the "best" two.

[Gila rock art]

[Gila rock art]

Very very cool.

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Sand Flat Road Hummer

[NM Hummer]

I took this photo yesterday on my trip from Albuquerque to Silver City...via Magdalena and Aragon. I stopped near the Sand Flat Road turn-off just before you get to Aragon to take pictures of the lovely flowers. And then there was the hummer. I only had time to take one shot before he flitted away. 'Got lucky. Cool.

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Tuesday - August 12, 2008

Horse Springs Rocks

[Horse Springs Rocks]

I took this photo on the road today between Magdalena and Silver City...near Horse Springs. Very cool rocks, eh?

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Monday - August 11, 2008

For Jennie


Ginger's dog Pia. 'Took this photo yesterday. She sure is a cutie.

Just an fyi for the folks back home in Austin: she has not barked at me once. Nor has she attempted to jump onto my lap. I'm just sayin'.

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Sunday - August 10, 2008

Yes! More lightning!


One of the things I love about going to Albuquerque is the view of the city at night. All those twinkling lights in the valley are beautiful. I was determined to get a night shot while I was here. Tonight, I got an extra special treat. Doncha think?

I almost stopped to take the night shot last night but I didn't have my camera ready. So, I decided it could wait. I was driving from Grandma's to Ginger's at about 8:30 this evening when I turned the curve that gives me this view. And, I noticed that there was a thunderstorm taking place in the mountains across the valley. So, I decided tonight was definitely the night. I went to Ginger's and told her my plan. 'Got my camera ready and headed to the spot I'd vaguely picked out as a good spot. 'Turns out, there were a lot of power lines in the way. So, I went a bit further and pulled off the road next to a very large vacant lot. I got out my tripod and folding canvas chair. It was a bit breezy and cool so I grabbed a cap and jacket as well. Then, since I was gonna be hiking into a vacant field, I decided to switch from my slip-ons to the boots I'd thrown in the back of the car before leaving Austin. Then, I hiked about 80 yards into the lot...putting plenty of distance between me and those pesky power lines. I got set up right at 9 o'clock. And, started shooting. And, shooting. And, shooting. And, I kept seeing lightning strikes just off to one side or the other. Always out of frame...or mostly out of frame. Or striking just after the 4- or 6-second exposure would end. Arghhh. I almost gave up after about 15 minutes. And, then again, after 25. But, then I noticed that one part of the sky actually seemed to be getting a bit more consistent lightning action. So, I focussed on it. And, I almost got a couple of good shots. But kept missing. And, then it was 9:30 and I decided I'd have to give up. But, being the stubborn sort that I am, I decided to give it a few more shots. And, I got it! 'Got my shot. So, I immediately packed up shop and headed back to Ginger's. No need to keep on keepin' on once I got this shot, eh?

By the by, I took nearly 300 shots in all. And, only got 10 or 15 that are even a little bit interesting. And, only one "it" shot. Perseverance, boys and girls. Perseverance. That's the lesson of the day.

By the by #2: here's the lightning shot I snapped back in May in Austin. While that was a fine shot, I don't think it can really rival this one.

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Saturday - August 9, 2008

Look at those eyes!


'Took this photo yesterday about 10 miles west of Ft. Sumner. Three antelope (they are antelope, right?...or should that be "antelopes"?) were grazing very close to the road. There was nobody else on the road so I screeched to a halt. They started to take off but once they saw I wasn't getting out of my car, they just stared at me. So, I rolled down the passenger window and took a couple of shots. Way cool.

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Friday - August 8, 2008

Storm clouds

I drove from Lubbock to Albuquerque today. For the most part, I managed to stay off the Interstate. It was a great day. I watched several different sets of storm clouds develop and then disappear as I headed west. I ended up with quite a few photos of clouds. So, since that was today's theme, here you go:

[Storm clouds]

'Took this photo just east of Moriarity. Lovely, eh?

By the way, I'm not very happy with the color on my laptop display. I may end up re-doing my trip photos again when I get home. We shall see.

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Thursday - August 7, 2008

On the road

I'm on vacation! And, am driving to NM. 'Took this photo on my way out of Goldthwaite. Football season is drawing nigh and this just drives that point home, eh?

[Turk's Cap]

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Wednesday - August 6, 2008

Turk's Cap

'Took another stab at getting a photo of those damned Turk's Cap flowers near the garage at work this evening.

[Turk's Cap]

I think I almost got it this time. Here's the one I took back in June. See? This one's better. Whew. I hope that means I can move on!

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