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Monday - July 28, 2008

Fireworks finale



I think these are it. The last of the Independence Day fireworks.

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Friday - July 25, 2008

Sunset #15

[Sunset over pond]

Here's another photo I took last Saturday. After I dropped Jennie off, I took those photos of the sunflowers. Then, I headed home and saw yet another beautiful sunset in the making. So, I pulled over near a retaining pond and sat by the side of the road for at least 30 minutes snapping away.

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Monday - July 21, 2008

Another sunflower


'Took this on Saturday in that field by Jennie's place.

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Sunday - July 20, 2008

Field of Flowers

[Field of sunflowers]

There's a huge field of sunflowers less than a mile north of Jennie's place. I'd never noticed it before (I don't drive that way often, so that's not surprising). But, I saw it yesterday. And, of course, had to take some photos. It's just gorgeous.

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Saturday - July 19, 2008

Sunset Number 14

[July sunset]

Yet another sunset photo. I was headed over to the Mear house last night. As I was leaving my house, I contemplated grabbing my camera bag but then decided I didn't need it. I hopped in the car, pulled out of the garage and saw that the sky was going to be gorgeous. Sigh. Stop. Park. Go back into house. Grab camera bag. Back to car. And, on the road. There's a park about a block to the west. I found a place to pull over where I could watch the sun go down. And, I got this shot. Man...oh...man. 'Glad I went back for the camera.

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Tuesday - July 15, 2008

Sunflower and post

[Sunflower and post]

Yet another sunflower photo. 'Took this back in early June. The same day I took these.

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Sunday - July 13, 2008

More fireworks

More fireworks photos taken on the 4th at Auditorium Shores...





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Saturday - July 12, 2008

Pink and blue tower

[Condo tower]

Another shot taken last week at Auditorium Shores. It's one of the new condo towers on the north shore of Lady Bird Lake. I just loved the way it looked in the setting sun...reflecting the sunset. It also reflected the fireworks very nicely. For some reason I did not get a picture of that, though. Sigh...

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Friday - July 11, 2008


This plane was flying around towing a gigantic ad banner the night Jennie and I went to Auditorium Shores to watch the fireworks:

[Prop plane]

As I was looking for something to post, I lit upon the photos of the plane. And, I rather liked this one. When I zoomed in, though, I was struck by the fact that it, quite frankly, looks fake! Don't you think? The pilot just doesn't look real. Freaky.

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Sunday - July 6, 2008


I ended up going to Auditorium Shores with Jennie on Friday night. I wasn't planning on going out there. The last time we went to the show in Zilker Park it was pretty miserable. Too hot, too many people, interminable lines to get on the bus outta there, etc. But, the weather this past Friday was very nice and we could park within easy walking distance. It turned out to be a very pleasant evening. The symphony did a great job. And, the fireworks show was spectacular. Herewith, a few shots:





I took a bazillion photos. Well, closer to 250 photos of the fireworks. So, I may post some more in the next few days. Time permitting. I expect to be rather swamped at work this week, leading to some long days. And, not much time to play 'round here in the evenings.

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Friday - July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!


A collection of fireworks photos I took at the Bastrop show in 2005. Here's hoping y'all have a great day.

UPDATE. I just noticed my mom's post for today. It cracked me up.

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Tuesday - July 1, 2008

Two little birdies

[Two birdies]

I took this photo over the weekend in Bastrop. The birdies were enjoying the feed Dad provided 'em. He said he thinks the guy on the left is a tufted titmouse and the guy on the right is a Carolina chickadee. He hasn't seen the photo, though, so if he tells me I've got it wrong, I'll be sure to post an update.

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