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Monday - May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

[U.S. Flag]

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Wednesday - May 21, 2008

Yellow belly!

A couple of years ago, I took a photo of a yellow bird hanging out on the power line behind my house. At the time, my grandmother and I discussed him and decided he was probably a warbler of some sort. Since then, I frequently see the little yellow-bellied birds hanging out on the power lines. They're so cute. And, they sing such happy little songs. I took a photo of another one this evening when I got home from work:

[Yellow-bellied bird]

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Sunday - May 18, 2008



I've often tried to capture lightning. It's hard. I don't have a nice high porch (or any kind of porch) I can hang out in whenever there's a lightning storm on the horizon. So, I have to be standing out in the elements. And, if it's actually raining, then my camera gets wet. Which I don't want. Not to mention the threat of getting struck, eh? But, there have been times when something was going on "way off yonder" and I was in a dry spot and I'd try. But, for the most part, my efforts were for naught. I'd get a little hint of something. But nothing to write home about. Until last Wednesday night. I was working on my computer at about 12:30 at night when I heard thunder and lightning (okay, so I heard the thunder and saw the effects of lightning flashing behind the blinds). I'd been out earlier in the evening watching the clouds 'cause we were supposedly in the line of fire for some tornado-like activity. I'd opened my garage and watched. 'Cause I wanted to know if something was coming. But, nothing happened. Not even a sprinkle. Thankfully, no tornadoes.

So, when I heard the thunder starting up later in the evening, I went back to the garage and saw that there was lightning off to the north that I could see from inside the garage. So, I set up my tripod and went to work. I took a series of (mostly) 6- to 8-second exposures. Just waiting. And, there was lots of lightning. Sadly, almost all of it was taking place behind the clouds. They'd light up...but nothing was breaking through. Which, I realize, is actually a good thing for those of us with property and what not on the ground. But, not all that great for those of us trying to get photos of the lightning.

Most of my shots looked like some variation of this:


No (or very little) lightning behind the clouds. Or, this:


Lots of lightning...all of it behind the clouds, though. Which is pretty it its own right. But, not the same.

I ended up taking 113 photos. Only 3 had any visible lightning streaks in 'em. The one at the top of this post was the best. Too bad about the power lines, eh? Alas, I have power lines outside my garage and there's no way to get around that.

Regardless, I was happy to finally have a lightning shot.

Updated to add that I just realized that this makes three "sky" posts in a row. What do you suppose that means? Hmmmm...

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Saturday - May 17, 2008

Look at that sky!

[DFF sky]

This was the scene at yesterday's game (more photos at that link) a little after 7 o'clock. Beautiful sky, eh?

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Sunday - May 11, 2008

Storm Clouds

[Storm clouds]

A storm blew through Austin yesterday afternoon. It mostly skirted south of my part of town as it blew through. About 30 minutes after it passed, I went outside and saw these glorious thunderclouds making their retreat.

PS: Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there...

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Friday - May 9, 2008


I wasn't very pleased with the oleander photo I posted the other day. The white balance was off. 'Cause I'd changed the white balance for a photo I was taking the previous day and I didn't remember to reset it when I was shooting the oleander. It was too blue and I just couldn't get it right. Today, I decided to give it another try. And, I'm much happier with the results:


And, a couple of close-ups:



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Thursday - May 8, 2008

Easter lily

[Easter lily]

Right this very minute there are a bunch of these beauties blooming in the Mear yard. Gorgeous, eh?

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Wednesday - May 7, 2008



'Took this photo this evening as I was leaving work. The plant lives by the building next to mine and I walk past it every day. Kay saw me and told me it's oleander. Very pretty. I've been meaning to take a photo of these flowers for a couple of years now.

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Monday - May 5, 2008

Spider web

On the evening that I took Sunset #13, I was waiting for the sun to dip into the sweet spot and I almost ran into this sucker:

[Spider web]

Another view:

[Spider web]

Isn't it cool the way some of the threads act like a prism and refract (is that the right word?) the golden sunlight? I think it's cool.

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Saturday - May 3, 2008

Prairie Verbena

[Prairie Verbena]

It's purple! And, it's apparently known as a prairie verbena. Huh.

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Thursday - May 1, 2008

Mystery flower

[White flower]

Any idea what this is? This is a close-up of a very small wildflower. I think it measured less than an inch across (petal-tip to petal-tip). It looks like maybe the one blossom was early and that this usually appears as a clump of white blossoms.

Here's another one...also with just a single bloom in bloom:

[White flower]

Hmmm. Maybe those other things are seed pods and not flower buds ready to bud? I dunno.

By the way, these were also taken on...you know...wildflower picture day a few weeks ago near Bastrop.

UPDATE. I did some digging and found out that these are called bull nettles.

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