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Tuesday - October 30, 2007

Texas State vs. Texas exhibition game

I managed to make it out to the Dell Diamond for most of Friday's exhibition game against Texas State. I arrived at 4:20 (the announced start time was 4:30) but missed the top of the 1st inning and the first couple of Texas batters in the bottom of the inning. Texas has started to make a very bad habit of doing this sort of thing (starting games early) and I don't like it. Why can't the coaches and media folks get their act together for this sort of thing? It's not rocket science. Announce a time and stick to it. Please. I'm not holding my breath that the practice will end any time soon. Sigh...

Anyway. Texas ended up losing the game. Texas State scored solo runs in the 3rd and 4th. Texas came back with solo runs in the 6th and 7th to tie things up. However, they gave up 2 more in the 8th. Kevin Keyes hit his 2nd home run in as many fall exhibition games in the 9th to bring the Horns back within one run. Alas, the game ended shortly thereafter. Texas lost 3-4. See the TexasSports.com report for a bit more info.

I didn't keep score but did take quite a few photos. I've got the first set of them up on a separate page and will post more as time permits. See the Texas State game photos page to see the photos. Don't forget to check back over the next few days for updates.

UPDATE (November 4). I finished uploading the last of the photos this evening. Check 'em out.

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Sunday - October 28, 2007

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 14

I finally had a chance to stop by Disch-Falk during my lunch hour on Friday. Things are moving forward.

The luxury boxes and press box are starting to take shape:

[1b boxes]

A close-up of the boxes on the 1b side:

[1b boxes]

The north wall of the grand stand:

[grand stand]

The 1b dugout area with a view of how they've got things set up so the team can practice while work continues:

[1b dugout and playing surface]

And, finally, the 3b dugout and the area behind home plate:

[behind home plate]

I've heard that things will not be ready for the start of regular season play after all. If that's the case, I'd guess the main culprit for the delay is all the rain we had in July.

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Thursday - October 25, 2007

Delayed report: Baylor vs. Texas exhibition game

If you were paying attention to the TexasSports.com baseball page (rather than this page), you would've seen that Texas is in the midst of fall practices. They're also playing a couple of exhibition games before they finish things off with the Fall World Series. I hope you were paying attention. Things have been rather off-kilter around here for the last couple of months and I haven't had time to update this page much. Sorry about that. I did make it out to Dell Diamond on Saturday to see the Baylor/Texas exhibition game and had a nice time. There were quite a few Texas-exes in the crowd. It was fun seeing them.

The weather was nice and the mood was laid back. Since it was an exhibition game, the letter of the law (as it were) was not followed. Texas used a line-up of 11 batters...and added two more into the middle of things near the end of the game. Baylor used 9 batters for most of the game but threw in 3 extras in the final inning. The teams played 12 full innings. It was announced that they'd be playing 12 one-inning games but the report on the TexasSports.com page lists it as a "pre-arranged 12-inning affair" and reports the score as such. Shrug. I guess it doesn't really matter one way or the other. If it was 12 one-inning games, Texas won 3, Baylor won 1, and the rest ended in ties. If it was one 12-inning game, Texas won 5-3.

Please see my extended game report for all the details.

And, again...sorry for not being around much over the last couple of months. I do have a few things of interest to post and will try to get to them in the next few days. Sorry to say, one of them will not be a game report on the Texas State exhibition game. I don't think I'll be able to get away from work in time to see any of the game.

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