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Tuesday - August 28, 2007

Coaching staff additions

A new post on the TexasSports.com site today reports that Ben King and Clay Van Hook are joining the coaching staff. Ben will be the new Volunteer Assistant Coach and Clay will be a Student Assistant Coach. So, I guess that means Clay's decided to pass on going pro and will continue his education at UT. Good for him. There's no mention of Greg Swindell so I don't know where he's gone.

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Saturday - August 25, 2007

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 13

Esther and I went over to Disch-Falk and ate our lunches under some trees on Thursday afternoon. And, then I walked around and took a few photos. The construction crew was hard at work. And, it was hot.

Here's how things look down the rf line:

[rf line]

And, the home plate area:

[behind home plate]

They've removed the padding from the walls and rolled the carpet out of the way. The rubble from the dugout demolition is gone.

Here's the grandstand on the 3b side:

[grand stand on 3b side]

And, here's what it looks like from the parking lot west of the stadium:

[grand stand on 3b side, from parking lot]

And, finally, outside the stadium behind home plate...from the same parking lot:

[behind home plate, from parking lot]

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Friday - August 24, 2007

Off topic: Ryan Bailey

I'm not a big football fan. I like football. But, it's not like my love for baseball. As an undergrad at Texas, I went to every home game. And, I made it to a few away games. The year after I graduated, I probably went to half the home games. Gradually, I went to fewer and fewer until I only went to the Rice games. 'Cause I loved the MOB's half-time show and I knew UT would win and the crowd would be in a good mood. And, then...not even those. Ticket prices are too high. There are too many people. Etcetera, etcetera. When the Horns play on TV, though...I watch. And, I remember Ryan Bailey's game-winning field goal against Nebraska last year. There's a nice article by Alan Trubow about Ryan in today's Statesman. Go read it. I've taken issue with Trubow's reporting in the past. So, it's only fair I give him props when I appreciate his efforts.

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Thursday - August 16, 2007

Draft roundup

[Please note a couple of updates at the end of the post.]

Here's how the draft seems to have played out for Texas players and signees (as best I can tell):

Of the 11 13 drafted players who could return to UT or had signed letters of intent to come to UT, we lost 3 4. I'm sure we'll feel the loss of Bradley and James [see addition about Adrian below]. But, I wish them all the best as the go forward with their professional careers. I'm glad we'll get to watch Kyle in burnt orange for another season. I hope the decision to stay works out for him.

What to make of the status of Randy, Nick, and Clay? Coach Garrido indicated in an interview on KVET back in mid-June that every player who was eligible to be drafted or sign a pro contract as a senior was signing. As seniors, they were not bound by the August 15th signing deadline so it could be that they're just taking their time before signing. Or, maybe they've decided not to play professional ball. I dunno. If someone out there knows and can share the info, please drop me a line. Thanks.

UPDATE. Ask and ye shall (sort of) receive. A new "The SB with Drew Bishop" showed up on the TexasSports.com site today. And, in it, Drew says:

To update you, Nick has been rehabbing his collarbone injury he sustained in our regional and is looking forward to heading to "instructs" in the fall with the Cardinals. Randy is still negotiating with the Blue Jays and is looking forward to getting his professional career started.

So, that answers 2-out-of-3.

UPDATE #2. Somehow, I left Brandon Workman off the list (sorry about that!) when I was working on it. As best I can tell, he did not sign with the Phillies and should be on campus when classes start in a couple of weeks. I know that's sad news for at least one Phillies fan (hi, Steve).

UDPATE #3 (Aug. 17th). Obviously, I was very off my game yesterday. I should've taken more time with my post. Adrian Alaniz was definitely eligible to return and play another season with the Horns. I guess the fact that he signed so early put my hopes that he'd return away early and I just forgot about the fact that he could've returned. There is not doubt that Adrian will be missed on the mound in the upcoming season.

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Wednesday - August 15, 2007

More MLB draft news

Baseball America confirms (see Bradley Suttle post) that Bradley Suttle and the Yankees did come to terms. Bradley will be getting a $1.3M signing bonus.

Texas also lost signee Taylor Grote (8th round pick from The Woodlands HS) to the Yankees. He'll be getting a $250K signing bonus.

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Monday - August 13, 2007

Bradley Suttle also leaving

The Statesman is reporting that Bradley Suttle signed with the Yankees over the weekend. I went looking for specifics but couldn't find anything official. This alt.sports.baseball.ny-yankees post says that Kevin Goldstein is reporting a $1M deal. I'll post more if I see it.

The Statesman post also says that Kyle Russell and Preston Clark have both indicated that they'll be back. They still have two days to sign, though. The deadline is August 15th.

UPDATE. As of 2pm (Eastern) on Aug. 15th, the Yankees are saying that they have not signed Bradley to a deal. Hmmm... (Link.)

UPDATE #2. According to the Baseball America Draft Blog, Bradley and the Yankees have come to terms. Bonus: $1.3M (a record for a 4th round draft pick). Good for him. And, good luck to him. I'll miss watching him play at Disch-Falk.

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Thursday - August 9, 2007

Alumni news: Alaniz, Reininger, Jordan, Randolph, Aspito

The TexasSports.com page has an article online today about Adrian Alaniz being picked to play in the New York-Penn League All-Star game. Way to go, Adrian! He's done very well this summer, going 6-1 with a 1.74 ERA in nine appearances. Please do check out the link. The photo made me laugh. He looks so miserable...squinting against the sun as they force him to hold still for a photo. Heh heh.

And, while I'm here...more transactions from the last few weeks:

Also. After posting (a few weeks ago) about Jason Aspito being released by the Edmonton Cracker-Cats, I got some email asking if I knew where he ended up. I never saw any news on the transactions lists but did go looking for him. He's playing for the York Revolution and seems to be doing well with them.

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Wednesday - August 8, 2007

James Russell leaving

According to the Statesman, James Russell has signed with the Cubs and will not be back. He's getting a $350K signing bonus and the Cubs will pay for 5 semesters of college. That bonus is quite a bit higher (by more than $250K, I'm guessing) than the slot guidelines set by MLB.

That makes me a lot more nervous about Kyle Russell. I'm fairly certain that Bradley Suttle will be signing with the Yankees. For quite a bit more than the $350K James scored.

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