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I'm updating a bit early this week 'cause I won't be home on Saturday. I'll be off in the Land of the Balloon Fiesta. Thus, the inspiration for this week's Photobox. I snapped this photo about six or seven years ago at the Balloon Fiesta. Make sure to take a peek at the larger version to see Mr. Clown in all his glory. The details are great...the little puppy, the clutched flowers... The pilot could pull on a rope or something to make the extended arm wave at the crowd below. Cool.

The "special shapes" balloons are the ones that truly catch my imagination. Naturally. The shear variety of shapes amazes me no end. Sadly, this balloon met with an untimely end the day after I managed to take its photo. As the balloon was taking off, one of the seams came loose and a huge tear ripped down the side. I don't know if the owners managed (or even tried) to repair the balloon but I do know it was absent from the Fiesta when I returned a couple of years later.

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