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Sunday - May 6, 2007

Huntington Hummer

Details: 1/160 sec at f/7.1, 64 ISO, 200mm focal length (35mm equiv.)

Not surprisingly, this may be my favorite photo from my trip to the Huntington. I was so surprised to see the little hummer. And, happy I was able to capture him. Frankly, I'd forgotten we'd seen a hummer. I was going through my photos and wondered why there were three of this particular group of cactus flowers. The photo above is a tight crop, by the way. Here's what the three photo thumbnails look like in my photo browser:

[Hummingbird thumbnails]

Those aren't the sort of photos I'd normally have. Certainly not three of 'em in short order. There doesn't seem to be any real composition going on. So, I zoomed in, thinking there must be more. And, lo! There was a hummer! Fun. And, as often happens, the first photo had the best shot of the little guy. If we hadn't had somewhere to go later that afternoon, I might have easily spent 30 minutes getting multiple good shots...boring Gail and Ivan to tears. I'm so happy I got a good shot in the few seconds we stopped to admire the little fella, though.

And, if you want to see more photos of hummingbirds, I've got plenty of 'em. Here's the first one I took last summer when I went out to visit my grandmother. If you go forward from there (clicking the right-hand link at the top of the page as you go), you'll find about 10 or 15 more interspersed among the next 20 photos or so.

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