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Friday - February 10, 2006

#1 Tower - Jan. 10 - Take #4

The tower and the moon:

[Photo of #1 Tower taken on Jan. 10, 2006]
Details: 10 sec at f/11, 100 ISO, 28mm focal length (35mm equiv.)

I took this one from just northwest of the tower. The moon ended up way over-exposed. I'm thinking that I should've taken one shot using the long exposure to get the tower and then another shot with a quick 1/2 second (or so) exposure to get the moon and then merged the two shots. Maybe. Too bad I didn't think of that last month, eh?

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Thursday - February 9, 2006

#1 Tower - Jan. 10 - Take #3 (times 3)

I took pictures of the #1 tower last summer when the baseball team won the College World Series and posted 'em on my baseball page. The folks in charge didn't fire up the Littlefield fountain for that celebration. It had only been 3 years since the baseball team had won a National Championship...not 35, after all. But, that's one way you can tell the difference between the baseball tower and the football tower. Heh.

Anyway, to the point. I think my favorite photo of the lot just might be that one of the tower reflected in Dobie (at the bottom of the page). So last month I spent quite a few of my digital pixels on reflection photos. The first set are Dobie reflections. But, these were taken near Dobie...rather than from blocks away. To wit...

[Photo of #1 Tower taken on Jan. 10, 2006]
Details: 6 sec at f/5, 100 ISO, 157mm focal length (35mm equiv.)

I was standing southwest of Littlefield fountain and got as much of the tower as I could get in the photo.

Then, I moved to the area above and to the northeast of the fountain:

[Photo of #1 Tower taken on Jan. 10, 2006]
Details: 10 sec at f/11, 100 ISO, 70mm focal length (35mm equiv.)

And, then...another angle:

[Photo of #1 Tower taken on Jan. 10, 2006]
Details: 15 sec at f/11, 100 ISO, 200mm focal length (35mm equiv.)

Cool, eh?

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Friday - February 3, 2006

#1 Tower - Jan. 10 - Take #2

And, so...

This photo is pretty darned close to the quintessential tower photo. The photo everyone takes in front of Littlefield Fountain. I think it was about 9 o'clock or so when I got down there. And, there must've been at least 30 people trying to take some variation of this same photo. About a third of us had tripods and "big deal" cameras. Several people were using their cell phones. I saw a lot of people over the course of the week taking photos of the tower with their cell phones. There were also folks using disposable cameras. People would come and go. I stayed in the area that night for about an hour or so. It was fun watching the other people coming and going. Several people took me up on my offer to take their photo with their camera so their whole party could be in a photo with the Championship Tower in the background. I almost always offer to do that when I see folks trying to take photos of their friends in front of a landmark. Most people are happy to get the offer. Sometimes, they offer to take my photo with my camera but I always refuse. I like to be behind the lens...not in front. Just ask anyone who knows me. They'll confirm that story in a heartbeat. Anyway...

I got a couple of shots from a little to the side (where the statue wasn't quite centered against the tower). And, I tried to inch my way toward the center. We were all trying to get as close to the center as possible. I finally collapsed my tripod down to its minimum height and crouched down in front of the rest of the folks...where I could be smack dab in the middle.

[Photo of #1 Tower taken on Jan. 10, 2006]
Details: 8 sec at f/11, 100 ISO, 62mm focal length (35mm equiv.)

I'm pretty happy with the photo. It bothered me a bit that the torch and branch being held by the angel cover part of the lit portion of the tower. But, there was no way I was gonna get a better shot than this. Not that night. I also had to digitally remove a cup that someone left sitting on the left-hand side of the wall and a guy's face. He was just standing there looking back at those of us taking photos. And, he wouldn't leave. But, I took care of him. Heh.

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Thursday - February 2, 2006

#1 Tower - Jan. 10 - Take #1

I took a couple of days off (note the lack of photos from the 8th and 9th). That was mostly because I didn't realize UT was keeping the tower lit up all week. They'd announced that the tower would go back to normal until they threw the Rose Bowl celebration party. But, it wasn't true. They kept it lit up every night. So, I went back to trying to get that one perfect photograph.

This one's not it. I don't know if I got it. But, it's a nice photo. I took this shot from the south east corner of the mall (north of Garrison Hall).

[Photo of #1 Tower taken on Jan. 10, 2006]
Details: 5 sec at f/8, 100 ISO, 44mm focal length (35mm equiv.)

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