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Wednesday - October 22, 2008

2009 Schedule

The 2009 schedule has been released. I'll be back with more once I've had a chance to check it out.

I'll also try to post something about Sunday's scrimmage. Which was not pretty. I have, quite frankly, not felt like writing about it. Sorry about that.

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Wednesday - October 15, 2008

Quick schedule note

The Longhorns have made a few changes to their Fall Schedule. Here's how things stand at the moment:

I believe all scrimmages will be 14-inning affairs. And, yes...that last game will be at Disch-Falk Field. Be there or be square!

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Tuesday - October 14, 2008

Final batch of Baylor scrimmage photos

Here you go...the last of the photos from Sunday's scrimmage against Baylor...

Chance Ruffin (#31), on the mound:

[Chance Ruffin]

Stayton Thomas (#34), on the mound (be-speckled as usual):

[Stayton Thomas]

Keith Shinaberry (#35), doing the high-kick thing:

[Keith Shinaberry]

Tant Shepherd (#36), showing his best "avoid the high/inside pitch" move:

[Keith Shinaberry]

J.T. Files (#38), ready to take his place behind the plate:

[J.T. Files]

David Hernandez (#39), at the plate:

[David Hernandez]

Austin Wood (#44), gets a few props late in the game:

[Austin Wood]

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Monday - October 13, 2008

More Baylor scrimmage photos

As promised, more photos from yesterday's scrimmage...

Brandon Loy (#11), ready at ss:

[Brandon Loy]

Brandon Workman (#12) and his shadow, on the mound:

[Brandon Workman]

Kevin Lusson (#14), manning 3b:

[Kevin Lusson]

Russell Moldenhauer (#15), taking a swing (see that white blur at his waist?...that's the ball; you can also just see the bat and ball in the blurry shadow in front of the plate):

[Russell Moldenhauer]

Jordan Etier (#17), playing ss:

[Jordan Etier]

Sam Stafford (#19), demonstrating his high kick:

[Sam Stafford]

Taylor Jungmann (#26), got some props from his teammates after he was hit in the gut by a line drive during his first inning on the mound (he stayed in the game for 2 more innings):

[Taylor Jungmann]

Kevin Keyes (#29), played rf for the full game:

[Kevin Keyes]

I'll try to post one last group of photos tomorrow.

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'Got the news early this evening that L.D. Gold passed away on Friday. He was a big fan of Longhorn Baseball. I'll miss seeing him at Disch-Falk. One of my favorite things was seeing him and Dorothy bundled up against the cold in early February games. Rest in peace, Mr. Gold. (Link to Statesman obit.)

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Sunday - October 12, 2008

Fall Ball: Scrimmage #1 at Baylor

I made what I expected to be a quick trip up to Waco this afternoon for the first Fall Ball game. Since it wasn't an official game, both teams played a bit loose with the rules. For example, both teams used 10 batters (8 position players and 2 designated hitters). Texas pinch ran for a few batters but then the batters returned to their spots in the field for the defensive halves of the innings. When the bottom of the 9th rolled around, Baylor was ahead 4-2. And, they took the field. I thought that meant they were just gonna play both ends of the inning to get a bit more work in. Not so. The public address announcer then explained that the teams had agreed ahead of time to play a 14-inning scrimmage. Huh? Okay. There goes my quick trip...9 innings down, 5 to go. It was a gorgeous day. A bit warm but not unbearable. It was a breezy day and scattered clouds kept blowing past, giving us periodic bouts of very pleasant shade and lower temperatures.

As I said, Texas was behind 2-4 at the end of the 9th. They went on to score 3 runs in the 11th, 2 in the 12th, and 2 more in the 13th to win 9-4. Good show. Almost everyone on the roster got a shot at some playing time. Here's a copy of the roster they passed out (not yet posted to the TexasSports.com site):

2 Travis Tucker (if)
3 Cameron Rupp (c)
4 Morgan Mickan (of)
5 Bobby Buckner (if)
6 Kyle Lusson (of)
7 Preston Clark (c)
8 Tim Maitland (of)
9 Michael Torres (if)
10 Connor Rowe (of)
11 Brandon Loy (if)
12 Brandon Workman (rhp)
13 Brandon Belt (lhp/1b)
14 Kevin Lusson (if)
15 Russell Moldenhauer (of)
17 Jordon Etier (if)
19 Sam Stafford (lhp)
24 Cold Green (rhp)
26 Taylor Jungmann (rhp)
27 Hunter Harris (rhp)
28 Austin Dicharry (rhp)
29 Kevin Keyes (of)
31 Chance Ruffin (rhp)
32 Kendal Carrillo (rhp)
34 Stayton Thomas (rhp)
35 Keith Shinaberry (lhp)
36 Tant Shepherd (3b)
37 Lee Johnson (rhp)
38 J.T. Files (c)
39 David Hernandez (if)
40 Riley Boening (lhp)
41 Erik Woody (c)
43 Robert Fondren (c)
44 Austin Wood (lhp)
45 Ben Kaplan (of)
46 Hunter Wilcox (c)
57 Andrew McKirahan (lhp)

Not counting drafted players that signed and seniors, I note several players missing from last year's roster: Runey Davis, Casey Whitmer, Marcus Tackett, Hunter Hill, Drew Bishop, Juston Street, Pat McCrory, Garrett Clyde, Kawika Emsley-Pai, and Erik Woody. The Statesman reported in August that Runey Davis and Hunter Hill were transferring. Drew Bishop graduated early. I do not know the status of the other players on the list.

The initial line-up: Tucker (2b), Torres (dh), Belt (1b), Shepherd (3b), Keyes (rf), Hernandez (ss), Moldenhauer (dh), Rupp (c), Kyle Lusson (lf), Rowe (cf)...with Ruffin on the mound. 'Round about the 10th inning, Etier went in at 2b, Kevin Lusson at 3b, Loy at ss, Files at c, Mickan in lf, Maitland in cf, and Buckner at dh. Torres, Belt, and Keyes were the only players that played the entire game. The batters combined for 9 runs on 11 hits (7 singles, a double by Kyle Lusson, a double by Keyes, a double by Etier, and a double by Belt), sent 68 batters to the plate, struck out 19 times (ouch), drew 10 walks, were hit twice by pitches, grounded into 1 double play, stole 5 bases, had one runner picked off, had one caught stealing, and at least 4 reached on Baylor errors.

The pitching rotation went like so: Ruffin (3 innings), Jungman (3 innings), Shinaberry (1 inning), Workman (3 innings), Stafford (1 inning), Thomas (1 inning), and Wood (2 innings). According to my somewhat messy scoresheet, they combined to give up 4 runs on 10 hits (7 singles, 2 doubles, and 1 homerun), faced 66 batters, gave up only 2 walks, struck out 21 (!), and hit 2. All in all, the pitching looked pretty solid. Two things in particular stood out on the pitching side:

  1. Keith Shinaberry mostly threw his low submarine stuff but also threw a pitch or two overhand and from a slot somewhere between the two. I don't recall him ever doing that. But, maybe I just didn't notice it before. Last year, he'd already stopped that deep lean he used to do before his wind-up the year before. This year, he seems to be varying his arm slot. Interesting. And, effective. He faced the minimum 3 with a fly out to rf (1 pitch), a ground out to himself (1 pitch), and a fly out to cf (that one took 5 pitches).
  2. I was sitting in the first row behind the Texas bench. And, I could hear Brandon Workman's arm whipping through the wind. It was kinda creepy and kinda awesome. Yikes. That's some scary arm speed.

One other pitching note: Taylor Jungmann was hit hard in the belly (apparently dead center just under his rib cage) by a line drive by the 3rd batter he faced. He recovered and threw the batter out at 1b. He took 3 or 4 minutes to get his breath/bearings back and then went back to the mound. Tough kid.

Defensively, the Horns looked pretty solid. They committed one error but also made a couple of very nice plays.

Preston Clark, by the way, was suited up but did not play. He coached 1b for the duration.

And, now for some photos. I tried to get at least one shot of each player that entered the game. Here you go...

Travis Tucker (#2), at the ready at 2b:

[Travis Tucker]

Cameron Rupp (#3), behind the plate:

[Cameron Rupp]

Morgan Mickan (#4), stealing 2b:

[Morgan Mickan]

[Morgan Mickan]

Bobby Buckner (#5), at the plate:

[Bobby Buckner]

Kyle Lusson (#6), at the plate early in the game:

[Kyle Lusson]

Tim Maitland (#8), ready to run from 1b:

[Tim Maitland]

Michael Torres (#9), at the plate:

[Michael Torres]

Connor Rowe (#10), at the plate:

[Connor Rowe]

And...that's it for tonight. I'll post more photos tomorrow. It was a good day and I'm looking forward to next week at Dell Diamond.

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