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Wednesday - November 12, 2008

Early signing info

Coach Garrido announced the names of 7 high school recruits who've signed to play with the Horns in 2010:

For more info on these players, please see the TexasSports.com press release.

UPDATE (Nov. 19): Jacob Cowan has transferred from UVA to San Jacinto College and will join the Longhorns for the 2010 season. I'm guessing the 2-step transfer process is a result of the new "sit out a year" rule if he were to transfer between two 4-year schools. See the TexasSports.com press release for more info on Jacob.

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Tuesday - November 11, 2008

Texas State scrimmage photos, Part 2

Here comes the second set of photos from the final Fall scrimmage against Texas State...

Michael Torres, playing 2b in the 5th:

[Michael Torres]

Brandon Loy, manning ss in the 9th:

[Brandon Loy]

Brandon Workman, doing the high-kick thing:

[Brandon Workman]

Third Brandon in a row! Brandon Belt covers 1b:

[Brandon Belt]

Kevin Lusson manned 3b for the first part of the game:

[Kevin Lusson]

Sorry it took so long to get these posted. There are more on the way. Eventually.

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Monday - November 3, 2008

Texas State scrimmage photos, Part 1

I'm gonna do like I did with the last batch of photos...post something for each player that entered the game. Hopefully, I have something worth posting for each player! And, so (in jersey-number order), the first set of photos from Sunday's scrimmage against Texas State...

Morgan Mickan played rf for the last few innings:

[Morgan Mickan]

Travis Tucker, headed toward 3b and on home to score the 1st run of the game:

[Travis Tucker]

Cameron Rupp, batting late in the game:

[Cameron Rupp]

Kyle Lusson at the plate (in the 2nd, I think):

[Kyle Lusson]

Tim Maitland, taking a lead off 2b (I think he was pinch-running for Cameron Rupp in the 6th):

[Tim Maitland]

More to come!

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Halloween photos

My mom pointed something very special out to me a few minutes ago: photos of the team working out in their Halloween costumes (on the TexasSports.com site...not sure how I missed it). My favorite? I think it has to be Preston Clark. That made me laugh out loud. Heh. Thanks, Mom!

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Whither "Inning by Inning"?

I can't remember the last time I got this much mail about any one topic. People want to see the Augie Garrido documentary "Inning by Inning: Portrait of a Coach" very badly. People who saw it when it first aired and people who missed it. I wish I had some news for all you folks but I just don't. I wrote a bit about it last June. Sadly, I do not have any more info.

I don't know who controls the release of this sort of thing to DVD but I do hope they're listening. People really want to see this movie again...or for the first time. Or, they want to share it with young baseball players. Richard Linklater produced the movie so I'm guessing he's got more say-so than just about anyone else. His production company is called Detour Filmproduction. There's a contact link on that page. Maybe if enough people contact the production company regarding the movie, they'll do something about it.

And, as I said before, the minute I hear anything about a re-airing or a DVD release, I will post it here.

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - November 2, 2008

Fall Ball: Scrimmage #4 vs. Texas State

Texas won their 4th scrimmage of the Fall season, beating Texas State 11-4 in a scheduled 12-inning game. As usual for one of these things, the teams played loose with substitution and dh rules. I did not keep score today. I decided to just wander the stands and take photos. It was a gorgeous day for baseball. They did not have the clock or temperature working on the scoreboard so I don't know what the temperature was but I'm guessing it hit 80 °F or so and there was a pleasant right-to-left breeze for most of the game. The win, by the way, put the Horns at 2-2 for their Fall scrimmages as they beat Baylor, then dropped two to Rice, and won today.

One more note. The roster they handed out at today's scrimmage was the same as the one for the 1st scrimmage against Baylor with one exception: #37 Lee Johnson was not listed.

Ah well. On to the photos...

Proof of the beauty of the day:

[Big sky]

[Big sky]

I took that first photo at about 1 o'clock and the second one about 45 minutes later.

Early in the game, Michael Torres was called out at 3b on an attempted steal. I happened to be in just the right spot to record the play:

[Michael Torres]

Hmmmm. Was he actually out? Let's zoom in and look:

[Michael Torres]

I don't believe he was. 'Twas awfully close, though.

A few innings later, this Texas State batter was called out at 1b:


I don't think we really need a zoom on this one. I guess that evens things out. Right?

And, one more "is he out or not?" play. Jordan Etier trying to steal 2b (this happened somewhere between the other two plays shown above):

[Jordan Etier]

[Jordan Etier]

Out by a mile, right? Um. Nope. Well, he was. But, it turned out that he attempted that stolen base on Ball 4 to Russell Moldenhauer. So, he was not out. He got to stay at 2b. I think he scored later in the inning. Heh.

Oh. And, see all that stuff Jordan managed to kick up in the last photo? That's apparently a big bunch of black plastic pellets...err, rather...cryogenic rubber pellets. A vital part of FieldTurf. Here's some info from the company that makes the stuff. At least, I think that's what's now installed at Disch-Falk. I'm not too pleased that the only dirt on the field is on the mound. The area around home plate and the sliding pits around the other bases really need to be dirt, don't they? Bye-bye, dirty uniforms! It seems that not having dirt around the plate would really mess with some batters' routines. I noticed that Cameron Rupp was kicking the black pellets around a bit as he got ready to bat. It's just not the same, somehow. I did think of one advantage, though. The batters who like to creep back past the back of the batter's box cannot smudge the box out of existence any longer. Another unexpected (to me) effect of the new turf: the field seems to have lost quite a bit of its crown. I don't think we can count on nearly so many bunted balls rolling foul. In the past, a lot of balls bunted down the baselines would eventually roll foul if you waited long enough. It looks like we've lost home-field advantage on those plays.

That's it for tonight. I took a lot of photos today and will try to post the best of 'em over the next few days.

PS: I apologize for not posting anything about the two Rice scrimmages. I just couldn't work up any enthusiasm to post about the first one at the Dell Diamond. And, I didn't go to Houston for the 2nd one so didn't have any info on it above and beyond what was posted on the TexasSports.com site. And so, a couple of links to the TexasSports.com stories: Rice at Texas (played at Dell Diamond) and Texas at Rice (played at Reckling Park).

Hook 'em!

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Saturday - November 1, 2008

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 18

It's Field Turf time. Since we've got our first scrimmage on the new turf scheduled for tomorrow, I thought I better get my act together and post the photos I took of said new turf last month.

Here's a wide-angle view from behind home plate:

[The view from behind the plate]

I took that photo on October 3rd. You can see lots of sand has been spread out over the turf...sand that will sink to the "roots" and give us a good playing surface. I'm guessing things will look a lot less sandy tomorrow!

I'd stopped by a couple of days earlier (on the 1st of October) when things weren't quite so settled. Here's a shot of a piece of the warning track, waiting to be installed:

[A strip of turf]

You can clearly tell that it's plastic in this shot. The backing looks pretty thin. It looks like once the sand settles in around the "blades of grass" it will be pretty tough stuff. It seems that you can still get more of a rug rash sliding on this than you would on real grass, though.

I have no idea what this guy was doing:

[Working on the new turf]

Spreading some sand, perhaps? Although, really, that thing looks more like some sort of vacuuming machine. And, the tractor behind him? It appears to be called a Broce Broom.

And, a few more photos taken on October 3rd...

Here's the 3b area and coach's box:


The only non-turf area on the field will be the pitcher's mound:

[Pitcher's mound]

And, here's home plate:

[Home plate]

I'm gonna miss watching the crew paint the lines. I really am. And, I wish they'd used dirt for the bases, home plate, and the running lanes. But, I hear it's no fun trying to keep the dirt and turf separate. Trade-offs. It's all about trade-offs. Eh?

One last shot. They've moved the Longhorn logo out from behind home plate and put him in shallow cf:


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