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Monday - September 22, 2008

Scout Day

I did not make it out to the Dell Diamond yesterday. Luckily, Donald Boyles did and he posted a report on the College Baseball Blog. 'Sounds like it was a fun day.

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Thursday - September 18, 2008

Fall news

According to a press release on the TexasSports.com site, the Horns will be playing 4 games this fall (all dates are Sundays...no weekday woes this year):

The press release also states that they're opening practice at the Dell Diamond on Sunday, September 21, with a Scout Day. There's no mention of whether or not that's open to the public.

Due to the installation of the new playing surface at Disch-Falk, the Horns will be practicing and playing at the Dell Diamond, Austin High, and the player development area at Disch-Falk.

Speaking of the new FieldTurf, I have not made my way to Disch-Falk to check on progress. I freely admit that I simply forgot about it for a couple of weeks. Since then, I seem to only manage to remember the project when it's too dark to take photos or I'm off in the boonies nowhere near Disch-Falk. Well, that's not completely true; I actually did go by one day but things looked pretty much the same as when I first went by. Sigh. I will try to make my way over there in the next few days. At which time I will do my best to update y'all on how things are looking.

By the way: two (2!) fall games against Rice??? I have to admit that I was rather surprised (and pleased) to see that. I hope I can make it to the games at the Dell Diamond.

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