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Saturday - August 23, 2008

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 17

I read somewhere (sorry, I have no idea where) last week that they were changing the turf at Disch-Falk. The way I read it, it sounded like "they" were changing the turf now. Which seemed a bit odd. It seemed to me that we should've heard more about this. But, maybe something was announced while I was out of town and I just missed it? At any rate, I was in the vicinity of Disch-Falk this afternoon so decided to stop by and check on the situation. And, lo:

[From cf looking in]

They've removed the green monster in cf making it very easy to see that, indeed, the old turf is long gone. I'm pretty sure they're going to Field Turf...not grass. You'd think this would be the sort of thing that might be announced on the TexasSports.com page, eh? You'd apparently be wrong by thinking something like that.

Ah well. I'll try to make a few more trips over there over the next couple of weeks and post updates as warranted.

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Tuesday - August 19, 2008

Three more signings

I was out of town on vacation last week when the signing deadline passed so I didn't post a couple of items of interest:

In that blog post about Jordan Danks, it was also mentioned that Runey Davis and Hunter Hill are transferring to junior colleges.

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Wednesday - August 6, 2008

Draft update

I did my weekly scan for signing news to post to my 2008 MLB Amateur Draft Summary page during my lunch hour. No new Texas signings but there were a few from other teams. I believe the signing deadline is August 15th (a week from Friday). To date, Kyle Russell, Kyle Walker, Kenn Kasparek, and Casey Whitmer have all signed and will not be coming back. A few notes on how they're doing so far:

Jordan Danks is still in negotiations with the White Sox. I don't think he'll be back but he does seem to be holding out to the end. Riley Boening also has not signed and I have no idea what he plans to do. He was a draft-eligible sophomore this past year, though, so I have a feeling he'll be back in the hope that he can improve his draft position next year.

None of the incoming class (Robbie Grossman, Hunter Cervenka, Brandon Loy, and Sam Stafford) have signed. Right after the draft, it looked like they would all be on campus when classes start up on the 27th, but there is news that Hunter may be close to signing. So we may end up 3-for-4 on that front.

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