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Sunday - July 20, 2008

How 'bout that Taylor Teagarden?

I just saw on the news that Taylor Teagarden made his 2nd start today. He threw a runner out who was trying to steal 2b. More importantly, he got his first career hit. A solo shot that broke up a perfect game. That hit also won the game. Rangers beat the Twins 1-0. Very cool. (Rangers' story.)

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Saturday - July 19, 2008

A couple of quick notes

UT is finally retiring a few more baseball jersey numbers...and some football and basketball numbers as well (TexasSports.com story). I've been saying for years that #23, in particular, needed to be on the outfield wall. I wonder if Clemens' recent troubles finally pushed the Athletic Department to do something? At any rate, #21 gets an addition: Greg Swindell. Yes! And, a few neighbors: #20 for Burt Hooton, #23 for Brooks Kieschnick, and #25 for Scott Bryant. It's about time.

And, have you heard the news about Taylor Teagarden? He was selected about a week ago to join the US Olympic team. And, guess what happened yesterday? He was called up! He went 0-for-3 with a couple of strikeouts, alas. If he stays up, he'll miss his chance to play in the Olympics. (Rangers' story.)

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Friday - July 11, 2008

Another summer update

The College Baseball Blog has posted a nice roundup listing many (all?) of the Longhorns participating in summer leagues. It's chock full of links. Cool. Now I don't have to do that!

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Monday - July 7, 2008

Summer ball

Just stumbled across an article featuring Pat McCrory who went 8 innings on Sunday to earn a win for the East Texas Pump Jacks.
(H/T: Summer Ball.)

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