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Wednesday - December 13, 2006

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 5

I went out to Disch-Falk to check on things on the 3rd but haven't had time to post the photos. Until now. And, so...without further ado...

There's a new structure going up just beyond the lf corner:

[New lf corner]

When I first saw it, I thought they were building a small area for seats beyond the lf fence. How odd. Why so small? And, then it dawned on me: it's a bullpen. Here's another shot:

[New lf corner]

Also note in the photo above that all of the padding on the wall is gone. No more gaping holes with yellow foam showing through. Ah...the good old days. Heh.

Here's another shot from the rf corner:

[New lf corner]

And, finally...a shot of the stadium from the rf corner:

[New lf corner]

Things seem to be moving along nicely.

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Tuesday - December 12, 2006

Season Ticket Renewals

My season ticket renewal application came in yesterday. As previously announced, the first 4 "home" games (as well as the Alumni game) will be played at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock. There's a catch. The cost of those games is not being covered in the ticket renewal package. Reserved seats will be $9 per seat per game. General admission prices will be $7 for adults and $5 for children. (No mention of a charge for the Alumni game.) At first, I was upset. We were told there'd be no price increases this year or next...that paying more wouldn't be "fair" in the face of the inconveniences we'll be facing as the renovations take place. Yes, the renewal price is the same. But, we have to pay extra for those games in Round Rock. Isn't that paying more?

Well, not really. 'Cause besides those 4 games in Round Rock, the team will be playing 34 games at home. That compares very favorably to the 29 games they played at home last year. Remember how last year the team was never home? 'Cause playing on the road was getting them ready for going to Omaha? Remember how that didn't work out as well as the folks who set up the schedule had hoped? Remember losing at home to Stanford and North Carolina State during the oh-so-crucial Regional tournament? Apparently, a decision was made to reverse course and play more games at home this year.

So, the cost per game (at Disch-Falk) is actually going down for season ticket holders. I'm taking back my grumpy first reaction to the news. I'm happy to see they've scheduled more home games.

I do reserve the right to be frustrated that we have to pay for those tickets earlier every year. When I first got my season tickets, we didn't have to renew until about the 10th of January. Gradually, the renewal date has been pushed further and further back. Now, it's the 15th of December. Where's the Christmas love from our Athletics Department? Don't they know it'd be easier on everyone if we could push that cost back to the other side of the holiday? Ah well...

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