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Sunday - January 28, 2007

Alumni Game Photos

I've started posting photos from the Alumni Game. I'll add to the collection over the next few days.

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2007 Alumni Game Report

Jennie and I got to the Dell Diamond at about noon yesterday. Camera in hand, I was ready for the day. Alas, I hadn't thought things through very carefully beforehand and only had about 10% charge left on the battery in my camera. The second was fully charged but that wasn't enough to last the day. Argh. I did get a bunch of photos and will be posting them over the next few days. Mom and Dad joined us and Mom took quite a few photos so I may post a couple of hers as well.

The weather was great. A bit cold...but lots of sunshine. I picked out some seats over the 1b dugout...home to the '07 squad for this year's game. The game was lots of fun. I did not keep score...just jotted down some notes as the day went on. On-hand for the Alumni:


Bill Bethea (coach)
Buck Cody
Scott Dunn
Brandon Fahey
Beau Hale
Ryan Hubele
Seth Johnston


Brantley Jordan
Carson Kainer
Sam LeCure
Dustin Majewski
David Maroul
Kyle McCulloch
Omar Quintanilla


J.D. Reininger
Phil Seibel
Huston Street
Drew Stubbs
Taylor Teagarden
Curtis Thigpen
Kyle Yates

Beau Hale and Drew Stubbs did not play. Mom said she saw Beau warming up in the bullpen but he never came out. Drew Stubbs traded turns with Dooley Prince as first base coach for the Alumni team. And, Roger Clemens was there (wearing, perhaps, the ugliest jeans on the planet) to throw out the first pitch. Alas, it did not soar over Preston Clark's head. Too bad he didn't do that. Anyway...

The '07 squad ended up winning the game but it took a bit of... ummm... underhandedness (?) on the part of the '07 squad to make it happen! The line:

Horns '07 000 002 016 - 9130
Alumni 000 203 001 - 6111

The Alumni scored those two runs in the 4th on back-to-back home runs by Curtis Thigpen and Dustin Majewski. The '07 team tied things up on a 2-run homer by Bradley Suttle. I can't remember how the Horns scored that run in the 8th. In the top of the 9th, trailing by 2, the '07 squad engineered that bit of underhandedness I mentioned earlier. The Alumni had run out of pitchers so they "borrowed" Hunter Harris. Hunter promptly plonked Nick Peoples to start things off. Ouch. After loading the bases, Hunter gave up a single to Todd Gilfillan. Todd hit a ball to lf and it rolled under the glove of the always dependable Brandon Fahey. It rolled under his glove? Yep...and on toward the wall. The always dependable Brandon Fahey (who never fails to hustle) casually trotted after the ball. The Horns cleared the bases as Todd hit an error-assisted in-the-park grand slam. Ahem. After scoring another couple of runs, the Alumni had their last chance. J.D. Reininger (who hit 3 home runs in one game as a Freshman at the Dell Diamond several years ago) hit another one but it wasn't enough and the Alumni ended up losing the game.

I had a good time and thought the current squad looked pretty good. Randy Boone had a very nice outing to start the game. Kyle Walker gave up those two home runs but then settled down. James Russell and Austin Wood also did very well in the final 3 innings. Defensively, the team turned 2 or 3 double plays. Bradley Suttle made a great dive at one point to keep a ball from going into the lf corner. Very pretty.

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Thursday - January 25, 2007

Welcome to the 2007 season

My first "real" post of 2007. Sorry I haven't been more active 'round these parts but I just haven't had time to think about baseball. I've tried keeping up with the renovations and that's about all I've managed so far. I hope that doesn't speak to how the rest of the season will go. I will say, though, that with the closing of Rooster Andrews I don't know what I'm going to do about a scorebook. I really really like my Bibb-Falk scorebooks. And, I always got 'em at Rooster Andrews. Anyone out there know if someone else in town (or on the Internet) sells the same style? I think I'm on my last one. It's not a good omen. I'm just sayin'...

Anyway, I finally got my act together and whipped up my version of the 2007 schedule. I'll update that as the season goes along. You may notice that four more games have been moved to Round Rock (the UT-PanAm game and the Stanford series). Season ticket holders will not be charged admission to the 4 new games but it sounds like you'll have to pay for parking ($2) if you don't have a Longhorn Foundation parking permit. We will supposedly be back at Disch-Falk Field on February 20th. I would not count on that if I were you. There is more bad weather expected between now and then.

A couple of comments on teams we'll be seeing this year. San Diego will already have played 4 games by the time we see them to start our season. On the other hand, UT-Arlington won't have played any. Not surprisingly, Washington State will only have 3 games under their belt when they get here. Two new opponents this year: Miami (Ohio) and Winthrop. Hmmm...

Oh. And, about that San Diego series. The weather folks are predicting the coldest weather snap we've seen in over 10 years by the end of next week. They think the temperatures may get down into the teens. That San Diego series may not happen. At least, not all of it.

One last comment about the schedule: notice anything weird about May 12th? TBA? What??? I don't remember seeing any TBAs when I first saw the schedule in November. But, I did not make a copy of it at the time. So...who knows? Did someone cancel? Or did I just not notice? And, how can we be in the final week of January and not have a team on the schedule? It just seems odd.

In other news, there's a rather interesting media day transcript on the TexasSports.com site. Go read it. Then, come back.

'Back so soon? Interesting read, eh? Poor Jeff Ontiveros. You gotta feel for him. We don't have him to kick around anymore. So, what do we do? We kick him around! 'Gotta love it. Ah well. The news about the team being in such good physical shape is certainly nice to read. And, it's nice that the team seems to have a wealth of talent at the infield positions. I'm a bit perplexed at the fact that only three outfielders were mentioned. Nobody's pushing those guys for time in the outfield? Hmmm... And, finally: the pitching. No starting rotation. No surprise there. Texas never has a starting rotation this early in the year. Ever. We'll be lucky if they have a starting rotation down by April. Otherwise, it sounds like good news all around, right? Not so fast. What about Kenn Kasparek? He's not even mentioned by Augie? What's up with that? When I got through reading the article, I went back looking for his name. It's not there. So, then I checked the roster to make sure he's still listed. Yep. Maybe it was just an oversight. Maybe. It's got me a bit uneasy, though.

[UPDATE: My dad said he remembered reading something about Kenn not playing this year so I went looking and found a brief note saying he had Tommy John surgery so won't be playing this year. So, that explains that.]

And, so. There you have it. I probably won't make it to most of the games in Round Rock...certainly, none of the weekday games. And, I'll be out of town for the last game of the Oral Roberts Series and the first couple of Miami (Ohio) games. I hope to make it to most of the rest of the home games. Assuming my tickets ever get here. Another perplexing thing. Where are the tickets? Ah well...

Hook 'em!

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Monday - January 22, 2007

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 6

We finally got a bit of sun on Sunday. I went to the basketball game (where the Texas women gave the Aggies a nice drubbing) and then went over to Disch-Falk to take some photos. The sun was fading fast so the conditions weren't ideal. But, I've got some photos for you, anyway.

A shot from the rf corner:

[From the rf corner]

You can see that they don't have all the seats in yet. Yep...the dark green things in the stands are seats. And, a shot from behind the new seating area down the lf line:

[The grand stand]

Again, you can see that all the seats aren't in place yet. A close-up on those seats in the upper left hand part of the grand stand:

[Green chairs]

And, a shot from the lf corner:

[From the lf corner]

Note the new seating area. It does angle in quite a bit. We're definitely losing foul territory in that direction. I couldn't really tell if they're doing the same thing down the rf line.

A close-up of the new press box:

[Press box]

I'm guessing that's a temporary structure to get them through this year and that the press box will be moved back to the box office level. To be clear: that's speculation, pure and simple, on my part.

And, finally...a wide-angle shot of the outfield.

[Press box]

We got us some new light standards!

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