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Tuesday - November 14, 2006

2006 Amateur Draft updates

I finally took some time over the last couple of days and updated my 2006 draft page with info on the players that decided to go to (or stay in) school rather than sign. A few of our recruits did not sign with the MLB team that drafted them...but didn't end up here, either.

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Monday - November 13, 2006

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 4

I finally stopped by Disch-Falk late yesterday afternoon. It's been tough for me to get over there before dark over the past couple of weeks. And, then I'm rarely around campus on the weekends. But, I was driving back from Bastrop yesterday and realized that I could swing by and check out the progress. And...wow...there's been progress!

A shot from the lf corner back toward the stands:

[View from lf corner]

Note that all of the lights are gone...even the ones attached to the roof.

A closer look at the lf corner:

[View from lf corner]

It looks like they're gonna angle the new bleachers in and we're gonna lose some foul territory. Note the turf that's been pulled up along that edge. Hmmm...

Another closer look, this time at the stands:

[Close-up of the stands and roof]

Pretty much all of the orange paint is gone. And, it looks like they're going with green instead of burnt orange on the roof. That's a bit of a surprise to me. The underside of the roof wasn't painted before. I guess using a dark color will make it easier for the guys in the outfield to spot some fly balls, eh?

From just past the lf corner toward cf:

[View from lf corner to cf]

See the light poles? I dunno if they're the old ones that came down or the new ones that'll be going up.

A view from the parking lot west of the stadium:

[View from the parking lot]

It looks very very strange without any burnt orange, doesn't it? Wow.

And, finally, a closer view of the roof:

[The roof]

I guess it's more likely those are patches than "cleaned-up" sections on the roof.

Things seem to be coming along at a pretty brisk pace.

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Wednesday - November 8, 2006

2007 schedule released

The 2007 schedule was released yesterday (thanks for the pointer, Mom). See the official announcement. Of note, the Alumni game, the San Diego series, and the UT-Arlington game will all be played at the Dell Diamond. The first game to be played at Disch-Falk will be against UT-Pan American on February 13th. As has become usual over the past few years, there are no mid-week games during the last four weeks of the season. Happily, we'll get to end the regular season at home with a conference series. It's a huge improvement over last year when we we played a double-header against Dallas Baptist before a road series at Missouri (UT lost all three games) to end the regular season.

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Wednesday - November 1, 2006

Carson Kainer news

'Got good news and bad news about Carson Kainer. The good news is that Carson has signed with the Reds. The bad news is that Carson has signed with the Reds. I'm very happy for him and hope he does well. After seeing him at the Fall World Series (more on that soon, I hope), it seemed pretty clear that he was in very good health. So, it's not surprising. But, still...I was really looking forward to watching him play one more season at UT.

Best of luck, Carson. Hook 'em!

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