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Thursday - October 26, 2006

Fall World Series Game 1

I just made it to the game this evening. The advertised start time was 6 o'clock. I left my office about 4:20 or 4:25. I pulled into the parking lot at the Dell Diamond at about 5:25. As I walked into the stadium, lineups were being announced over the public address system. What? I walked in to where I could see the infield and a pitcher was warming up. Huh? I asked the guy standing next to me if they were starting early. Yep. Wow. So, I found a roster sheet, got a seat in the front row overlooking the 3b dugout and settled in with my camera.

The teams:

Orange White
1Nick Peoples
3Adrain Alaniz
4Todd Gilfillan
5Michael Demperio
6Kyle Lusson
7Preston Clark
8Chais Fuller
14Russell Moldenhauer
20Hunter Harris
29Alex Posey
34Chance Wheeless
36Randy Boone
40Riley Boening
*42Blake Williams
44Austin Wood
45Hondo Gonzalez
*48Andy Reese
2Brett Lewis
10Bradley Suttle
15Jordan Danks
17Josh Prince
19Kyle Russell
23Clint Stubbs
24Travis Tucker
25Drew Bishop
26Kyle Walker
27Juston Street
31James Russell
35Keith Shinaberry
41Erik Woody
*42Blake Williams
46Joseph Krebs
*48Andy Reese
* - player available to pitch for both teams

Several players were listed as inactive: Clay Van Hook, Jeff Boes, Kenn Kaparek, Carson Kainer, and Tyler Newton. The only one whose status I actually know is Carson Kainer. As for Carson, he seemed to be in fine spirits. He had a grin on his face all evening. He gave several media interviews. He looks good. No idea what's up with the rest of the inactive players.

Carson and Clay traded turns coaching 3b. Randy Boone coached 1b and, sorry to say, I did not notice who else coached with him. Tsk tsk.

I missed most of what was announced before the game and was a bit confused as the game progressed. At least three or four half-innings were called with only two outs. The first time it happened (in the bottom of the 1st), I thought I'd missed an out. The second time it happened, I decided they must be playing with some sort of per-inning pitch count limit. Also, only 8 players batted for the orange team (no dh) and 7 batted for the white team (no dh and 1b did not bat). And, other than the pitching, there were no substitutions as far as I noted. I did not take my scorebook, though...I just jotted down notes as the evening went on.

Joseph Krebs took the mound to start things off for the White (home) team. He was relieved after 3 by Juston Street. Juston was followed by Keith Shinaberry for the final 3rd of the game. On the Orange side of things, Andy Reese started. He was followed by Alex Posey and then Austin Wood. I thought everyone looked pretty good.

Defensively, the teams were aligned as follows:

The highlights that stand out in my mind:

I'll post some photos this weekend. I apparently went nuts on the photo end. I somehow ended up with 100 photos! Yikes.

By the way, I'm not sure I'll make tomorrow's game. They announced a couple of times that the start time had been moved to 4:30. I may not be able to get away from work early enough for such nonsense.

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - October 1, 2006

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 3

It's been a couple of weeks. 'Been too busy to play here. Sorry about that. But, I'm back. And, I've got photos. I stopped by Friday after work to see how things are going. There are very clear signs of progress.

First, more signage:

[Construction sign]

[Construction sign]

I rather like the Flintco logo on that first sign.

A shot from the lf corner:

[View from lf corner]

Please note: The wall at the top of the grandstand and the top row of seats have been removed...along with the building that used to house the batting cages along the lf line. Also, see that chain-link fence? The team actually does seem to be practicing on the field. They don't have much foul territory but they're using the field. I'm very curious about whether or not construction halts during practice. 'Seems like it might be kinda dangerous for the construction workers with respect to foul balls if they don't stop working. Things that make you go hmmmm...

A couple of close-ups of how things are looking at the top of the grandstand:

[Top of the grandstand]

[Top of the grandstand]

Look closely and you'll see that they've started taking the second row of seats (from the top) out. It looks like they may be planning on taking at least one more out. I guess we will see.

A view of what things look like around the outside of the stadium:

[Outside view]

Note they're working on demolishing the bathrooms. Undoubtedly, that is good news!

The view from near the lf corner toward the rf corner:

[View toward the rf corner]

The bleachers are gone! And, the sky was awfully pretty. Heh.

And, finally...just being artsy:

[Top of the grandstand]

You can see where they burned through the old welds. And, that's apparently part of Row 29. Was Row 29 the top? Or was it Row 30? I don't remember. My seats are in Row 22 and I can't visualize how far it is to the top at all.

Ah well...that's it for now.

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