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Wednesday - September 6, 2006

Fall World Series news

Finally. One of my questions about this whole renovation thing answered: Fall World Series dates set for Oct. 26-27. At the Dell Diamond. Cool. In a break from tradition, practices (presumably taking place at Disch-Falk) will not be open to the public this year due to the ongoing renovations.

UPDATE (Sept. 8). I've been meaning to add an update to this post since about five minutes after I hit "publish" on Wednesday. It dawned on me that chances really are pretty slim that the team will be practicing at Disch-Falk. Even though the renovations are leaving the field intact, there's just too much equipment in the way. And, with the outfield fences in shambles, there's no way the guys can practice safely. Also, work would have to stop during practices...and there's no time for that! So, it's just not likely. It's much more likely that the team will practice at the Dell Diamond or at other area fields (high school fields, Concordia, St. Edwards, and the like). So, nevermind that part of my initial post.

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Tuesday - September 5, 2006

Carson Kainer update

Carson Kainer's kidney transplant surgery has been rescheduled for Tuesday, September 12th, at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. I do hope everything goes off without a hitch this time and that both Carson and his father have speedy recoveries.

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