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Tuesday - November 11, 2008


Jennie and I were out hiking in west Austin on Saturday. At about 11, we were on a hill overlooking a valley and I stopped to take a photo of the view. Suddenly, we saw a couple of fighter jets:

[Fighter jets]

[Fighter jets]

The were gone before we could really take 'em in. All they left behind was a very loud roar. How cool is that?

We went on with our hike and wondered what was up. When we got back to Jennie's apartment, we started watching the game (which she was dutifully recording on her DVR). And, after about an hour or so it dawned on me that the jets were probably part of a flyover at the start of the game...what with it being Veteran's Day weekend. So, I pulled out my camera and checked the time-stamp. Sure enough, just after 11. So, they flew in from the south, buzzed the stadium, and then tore off to the west. Where we saw 'em. Very very cool.

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Monday - November 3, 2008

The Plains of San Agustín

[Plains of San Agustin]

Another photo taken on my trip to NM in August...not too far southwest of Datil. I just loved the view of the valley with the sun playing at the feet of the mountains way off in the distance. Ahhhh...

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