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Sunday - February 19, 2012

Game 2: Duke at Texas

I missed the second home game of the year. Thank you, Longhorn Network. If they'd scheduled the Friday and Saturday games for afternoon start times, as they've done since the dawn of time (or for as long as I can remember at any rate), I would've been able to see all three games. Of course, we can never count on the weather to cooperate but a game on Friday afternoon could actually have been played on Friday and we could've avoided the double-header on Saturday. But, since many many of our afternoon games have been given up to the alter of the LHN, I will be missing some home games this year. Last night, I missed the game because Gretchen Peters was performing at the Cactus. And, let me tell you, I'm not gonna miss the chance to see her play in Austin if I can help it. (You can find out more about her on her page: www.gretchenpeters.com.) In years past, I would've gone to the baseball game in the afternoon and had my evening free for music. Which is how things should be. But, not anymore. Sigh...

Okay. End of rant.

Texas came from behind to beat Duke 5-3 and move their record to 2-0. Here are the Texas and Duke recaps:

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