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Saturday - July 18, 2009

Alumni notes

'Been reading some good things about JP Howell and Huston Street lately. To wit:

Taylor Teagarden is also getting more playing time these days...starting every 4th or 5th game for the Rangers.

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Thursday - July 16, 2009

Coach Garrido follow-up

Following up on Coach Garrido's guilty plea for DWI in February:

I'd been wondering about this for the last couple of months...since it was reported in February that his sentencing was to take place at the end of April. See the links for details.

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Wednesday - July 15, 2009

Summer League Longhorns

I sent a note to myself 2 weeks ago...July 2nd, actually...so I'd remember to post a link to a very nice summer ball roundup put together by Donald Boyles and then didn't do anything about it. Tsk tsk tsk. Something jogged my mind today, though, and I went looking for the note and found it. So, go check out his Longhorns in the Summer Leagues post and get caught up. Unless, of course, you've already seen it. And, heck, even if you've already seen the post, it's worth another look. He's got links to all the teams and all kinds of things have happened in the intervening couple of weeks.

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