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Tuesday - April 28, 2009

Game 42: Texas State at Texas

Texas beat Texas State 12-2 this evening. Now, that's more like it! 'Twas a good night at Disch-Falk. The Horns looked good. Nice and relaxed. I don't usually declare "Players of the Game" but I feel compelled to give props to Kevin Lusson (who got his 2nd start at 3b) and Stayton Thomas who earned his 2nd win of the year. Kevin went 4-for-4 with 2 doubles, a walk, 5 runs scored, and 2 batted in. He also made a couple of nice plays at 3b. Stayton pitched the middle 5 innings without giving up any runs; he gave up 3 singles, struck out 2, and hit two, while facing 18 batters. Very nice.

Today's starting line-ups:

Texas State Texas
1 Tyler Sibley, rf
2 Bret Atwood, cf
3 Paul Goldschmidt, 1b
4 Keith Prestridge, dh
5 Spenser Dennis, lf
6 Ben Theriot, c
7 Kyle Livingstoe, 2b
8 Kyle Kubitza, 3b
9 Jason Martinson, ss
- Garret Carruth, p
1 Michael Torres, dh
2 Travis Tucker, 2b
3 Brandon Belt, 1b
4 Kevin Keyes, rf
5 Tant Shepherd, lf
6 Kevin Lusson, 3b
7 Brandon Loy, ss
8 Preston Clark, c
9 Connor Rowe, cf
- Brandon Workman, p

Texas stayed with the same line-up they used in Sunday's game against Kansas State. With a little change: Torres and Kevin Lusson switched positions; Torres went to dh and Lusson went in at 3b.

All-in-all, a great game for the Horns. I hope they keep it up this weekend.

One quick comment about the "batting out of order" thing. The TexasSports.com report didn't really address the problem in the play-by-play but the line-up looks weird:

Torres, Michael dh
Tucker, Travis 2b
- Etier, Jordan ph/2b
Belt, Brandon 1b
Keyes, Kevin rf
- Maitland, Tim pr/lf
- Lusson, Kyle rf
Shepherd, Tant lf
Lusson, Kevin 3b
Loy, Brandon ss
Clark, Preston c
Rowe, Connor cf

Note how Maitland and Kyle Lusson both managed to have replaced Keyes in the line-up. And, Shepherd apparently never exited the game.

In the Texas State report, the line-up changes are correct (with Maitland taking Keyes' spot and Lusson taking Shepherd's). But, the play-by-play goes like so:

Texas State 8th - Maitland, T. to lf. Lusson, Ky. to rf for Shepherd, T. [...]

Texas Longhorns 8th - [...] Lusson, Ky. to rf for Maitland, T.. Maitland, T. to lf for Lusson, Ky.. [...]

Huh? All so confusing for people trying to keep track of the mess. I completely forgot to try and listen to the post-game show on the radio so have no idea if Keith Moreland asked Coach Garrido about it or not. Sigh...

Anyway, here's the line (from GameTracker):

[Final line score]

Texas hosts Baylor on Friday night before the series moves to Waco for the 2nd and 3rd games. Note that start times have changed. The Friday game here in Austin is now slated to start at 8 o'clock to accommodate ESPNU. Yes, the game will be televised. Since they're starting so late on Friday, they've also changed the start times for the Saturday and Sunday games. Saturday's game is being pushed back from 4:00 to 6:30 and Sunday's game from 1:00 to 1:30.

Hook 'em!

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