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Sunday - April 29, 2007

Game 49: Texas at Oklahoma State

Much was made by Keith Moreland and Craig Way as the game got underway about the fact that OSU had never been swept in a 3-game series at Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. According to the OSU official page about the stadium, the Cowboys have been playing there since 1981. Not only had they not been swept in a 3-game series, they'd never lost more than 2 games in a row. Would that all change today? Heh heh. Yep. It would. Texas won 7-0.

The game started out rather slowly. Both teams went down in order in the first inning. Texas did the same in the 2nd. OSU got one aboard in the 2nd but he was caught stealing. In the 3rd, Texas scored 3 unearned runs to take the lead. With one out in the 3rd, Chais Fuller and Travis Tucker hit singles. Nick Peoples then reached on an error on a bunt attempt. The error was charged to the first baseman but Keith commented that he thought it should've been charged to the 3rd baseman. With the bases loaded, Kyle Russell hit a sac fly to cf. Chance Wheeless walked to load the bases. Bradley Suttle then walked in the 2nd run of the game. Bases still loaded. Nick Peoples at 3b. And, Justin Friend on the mound. Friend was called for a balk...scoring Nick. I note that it was Friend on the mound because he was the pitcher called for the balk twice on Friday night. One of those balks put Nick across for the winning run. Anyway, Preston Clark ended the 3rd with a fly out to lf. Cowboys not happy. In the bottom of the inning, they got a couple aboard via singles but those were sandwiched around 3 outs so no harm. Not much of interest happened in the 4th or 5th. In the 6th, Bradley Suttle was hit by a pitch. He advanced to 2nd a couple of batters later when Russell Moldenhauer walked. He moved to 3b on an error and then scored on a sac fly by Chais Fuller.

The Horns scored 3 more in the 7th. Nick Peoples led off with a double. After Kyle Russell flew out, Chance Wheeless walked. Bradley Suttle then singled to lf scoring Nick and Chance. Bradley advanced to 2b on an error by lf. Preston Clark followed with a single up the middle to score Bradley. So 3 runs, 1 unearned. In the bottom of the 7th, Matt Mangini was ejected from the game after getting very upset at a 3rd strike call by the home plate umpire. See what I mean about the Cowboys being unhappy? Entertainingly, there was no note made to the Live Stats page about the player being ejected. The only hint, if you were following the game via the Live Stats page, that something had happened was that Mangini was replaced at 3b in the top of the 8th. Interesting.

Texas got a couple aboard in the 8th but they were stranded at 1b and 2b. In the bottom of the 8th, OSU also got a couple on board but, again, they were unable to score. Preston Clark hit a 1-out single in the top of the 9th but was stranded at 1b. In the bottom of the 9th, Corey Brown singled to start things off. Austin Wood had started for the Horns and pitched the first 6 innings. Joseph Krebs pitched the 7th and 8th. He was still in for the 9th and gave up that hit. Randy Boone went to the mound for the Horns at that point. With Brown at 1b, Jody Mercer (who'd moved from ss to p in the 7th) ground into a fielder's choice to ss. Brown moved to 2b. Kendall Horner singled to lf, putting runners at the corners. Ridling then struck out for the 2nd out of the inning. Dusty Harvard (pinch hitting for Lopez) struck out to end the game!

So, the Horns swept the Cowboys. First sweep ever at Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. I think they also said it was the first time the Cowboys had been shut-out at home since 1998. Heh. What a game. 'Wish I coulda been there.

Hook 'em!

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Saturday - April 28, 2007

Game 48: Texas at Oklahoma State

Texas beat Oklahoma State 7-2. Yes! The Cowboys jumped to an early lead in the bottom of the 1st on a 2-run home run. Adrian Alaniz got the start for the Horns and struggled early. But, he got some defensive help and great bullpen work to hold the Cowboys scoreless for the rest of the game. Joseph Krebs went in with the bases loaded in the 7th and struck out two to end the threat. He struck out the first batter in the 8th and gave way to Randy Boone who did not allow any batters to reach. Pretty.

On the offensive side of things, the Horns got runners to 3b in the 1st and 2nd but could not score. They went down in order in the 3rd. In the 4th, Russell Moldenhauer led things off with a double and, two batters later, Preston Clark hit a 2-run homer to tie the game. In the 5th, the Horns broke the game wide open. Jordan Danks singled to start things off. Chance Wheeless did the same and Kyle Russell bunted (!) the first pitch he saw down the 3b line to advance the runners. OSU intentionally walked Bradley Suttle to load the bases. They replaced their starter. The reliever (Tyler Lyons) promptly gave up a grand slam to Russell Moldenhauer! Then, he gave up a solo shot to Nick Peoples. I missed hearing Nick's first two homers of the year but heard this one today. 'Loved it. And, that was more than was needed for the Horns to win the game. And, the series. Excellent.

And, just in case you're interested...the details:

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Friday - April 27, 2007

Game 47: Texas at Oklahoma State

Texas won the first game of the Oklahoma State series this evening 3-2. I met up with Mom and Dad at Scholz's, had dinner, and watched the game. We couldn't hear a word but were able to watch the whole game.

The OSU starter (Jeff Breedlove) began the game by mowing the Horns down like there was no tomorrow. He struck out 5 of the first 6 batters he faced. According to the stats thrown up on the ESPN-U screen at that point, 5 strikeouts was a career high for Breedlove. Wow. He threw two more before he was relieved in the 7th. It's amazing how many times Texas has run up against a pitcher throwing his career best this year, isn't it? James Russell started for the Horns and pitched the first 5 innings.

Anyway. Through the first 4 innings, Texas only got two aboard. Chance Wheeless walked in the 1st but was stranded at 1b. In the 3rd, Chais Fuller singled but was erased from the basepads on a double play. The Horns went down in order in the 2nd and 4th. OSU scored 2 in the 4th. Brown walked but was picked off for the first out. Mach was hit by a pitch and moved to 2b when Mangini walked. The runners advanced to 2b and 3b on a balk (the first of 3 called in the game). Ridling hit a sac fly to rf (rbi, batter from 2b advanced to 3b). Mercer singled (rbi) and was stranded at 1b when Horner struck out. Russell Moldenhauer hit a towering home over the rf fence to start off the 5th. In the 6th, Travis Tucker reached on catcher's interference and was picked off (1-3) two batters later. He looked safe in the replay. Alas, replays mean nuthin' in baseball. Chance Wheeless homered shortly after (again over the rf fence). Game tied at 2.

In the bottom of the 6th, Pat McCrory went to the mound for the Horns and promptly threw 7 balls in a row and ended up walking the first two batters he faced. The next moved the runners to 2b and 3b on a sac bunt. Pat struck the next batter out and Joseph Krebs went to the mound. He struck Simon out on three pitches to end the inning! In the 7th, Nick Peoples hit a 1-out triple to rf and scored a couple of batters later when the second balk of the game was called. Texas up 3-2. And, that was enough. Joseph threw a 1-2-3 7th and struck out the first OSU batter of the 8th. At that point, Texas sent Randy Boone in. Randy followed in Joseph's footsteps and finished the 8th off with two strikeouts.

Things got a bit interesting in the bottom of the 9th. Webb walked. Lopez bunted into a fielder's choice. Preston Clark fielded the ball and just barely beat the runner from 1b with his throw to 2b. Simon singled to rf. The runner from 1b beat the throw into 3b from rf and the batter tried to reach 2b on the throw. But, he didn't make it. The out went: rf to 3b to ss to 1b to cf (!) to 2b. Wow. Nick Peoples ran in from cf to get in on the run down. 'Loved it! The fielders all kept the runner at 3b in their sights and he never strayed off the bag so they were able to run down the batter. After all that, Wright grounded out to ss to end the game. It seemed so routine and dull, somehow. Heh heh.

Here's hoping the Horns keep up their winning ways tomorrow!

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Tuesday - April 24, 2007

Game 46: UT-Pan American at Texas

Texas won a short one this evening. They beat the Broncs from UT-Pan American by the score of 11-1 in 7 innings. I don't believe it was announced that the the mercy rule was in effect but as soon as Texas scored that 11th run in the bottom of the 7th, the teams quit playing. The Broncs have had a bit of bad luck this year. They've given up 18 (or more) runs in 5 games this year. They gave up 21 runs this past Saturday and 31 runs on Sunday to Dallas Baptist. So, I guess it's not too surprising that the coaches decided to go with the mercy rule in this evening's non-conference game. And, frankly, for the first few innings, it didn't look like the Horns would be able to cover those 10 runs. But, in the end, they did.

[UPDATE. According to the article in the Statesman about the game, it was stopped early because UT-PanAm hoped to hit the road early enough to avoid some of the bad weather headed into the area.]

Austin Wood got the nod and pitched the first 6 innings. He gave up one run on 4 hits (including a solo home run...the first of the year for Austin Bowie graduate Nick Spears) with 5 strikeouts and no walks. That solo home run was hit in the top of the 4th. Josh Prince pitched the 7th. He gave up a lead-off double and followed that up with a strikeout, a ground out to 1b, and another strikeout. Nice outings by both pitchers.

The excitement of the evening, however, was provided by Kyle Russell. He started the game for the third game in a row with a 2-run home run. Three games. Three 1st-inning 2-run home runs. How cool is that? But, wait. That's not the coolest thing. Nope. He followed up the homer with a triple in the 5th. When he hit that triple, I laughed and thought to myself that he just might hit for the cycle. 'Cause he'd already taken care of the hardest part...the triple. But, I didn't say anything 'cause you just don't see people hitting for the cycle. You see them get close. And, then they fail to get that triple...'cause, usually, it's the triple that's missing when someone comes close. So, I didn't say anything. But, when he hit a double in the 6th, I realized that he had a very good chance of coming up to bat again and that the cycle was within reach. And, I said it out loud. Yikes! I could've jinxed him...I know not what I was thinking! So. what happened? With the potential 11th run of the game (the run that would put the Horns up by 10) standing on 2b in the 7th, he singled to cf. Ha! He hit for the cycle. It's a goofy accomplishment. It doesn't really mean anything. But, it's cool. Very few players hit for the cycle. But, Kyle did it tonight. Way to go!

So...the rest of the scoring. In the first, there was that two-run home run. Then, the Horns were held in check until the 5th. They were up by only 1 run as they got up to bat in the 5th. Chance led things off with a single up the middle. Kyle followed that with the aforementioned triple. Bradley Suttle popped up to ss. Mom astutely pointed out that Bradley's falling steadily behind Kyle in the rbi department and that he doesn't stand a chance if Kyle keeps clearing the bases before he even gets to bat. Up until last weekend, they were going neck-and-neck...one taking the lead only to lose it later in the game, and then taking it back in the next game. Alas, Bradley was hitless this evening, so he didn't help his own cause a whole lot. But, I digress. With Kyle at 3b, Russell Moldenhauer lined out to lf (sac fly, rbi). So, 2 outs, bases empty. Nick Peoples reached on a 4-pitch walk. Brett Lewis was hit by the next pitch (one of those pitches that just grazed his jersey, or so it seemed from way up high in my seat) to put runners at 1b and 2b. Travis Tucker then singled to rf. Nick scored on the play and Brett made it to 3b. Michael Demperio then put a beautiful bunt down toward the third baseman. The ball died when it was about even with the line from 3b to 1b, though, and the third baseman didn't have a shot at a play. Brett scored and Travis moved to 2b. Alas, Jordan Danks struck out looking to end the inning. Texas up 6-1.

In the 6th, Chance walked to start things off. Kyle hit a double to the rf corner. Chance motored around the bases like a madman and scored from 1b. Bradley popped out on a soft little looper to 2b for the 1st out of the inning. Russell Moldenhauer singled toward cf scoring Kyle. On the play, the 2nd baseman, crossing toward lf behind the bag, booted the ball into shallow lf. The ss was crossing paths with the second baseman and turned around to watch the play...completely forgetting to cover 2b. Russell saw the confusion and dug hard for 2b. The first baseman tried valiantly to get to 2b and cover for the throw from the second baseman (who'd chased down his booted ball) but he was late and Russell slid into 2b safely. Great heads-up play by Russell! During Nick's at bat, Russell advanced to 3b on a wild pitch. Nick then grounded out to 2b, scoring Russell. Brett ended the 6th by lining out to cf. Texas up 9-1.

In the 7th, Travis was hit by the first pitch he saw (again, it looked like the ball just whiffed past his jersey). Michael lined out to cf. Jordan singled to lf, putting runners at 1b and 2b. Chance singled to rf, scoring Travis and moving Jordan to 2b. Kyle then went to the plate and hit the game-ending single to cap off his "hit for the cycle" thing. Horns win 11-1. Yes! And, hook 'em! Fun was had by all. Or, at least, by the Horns and those of us in the stands rooting them on.

And, speaking of those of us in the stands. The attendance was very entertainingly reported to be 4,314. That's paid attendance. The actual attendance was probably a good 3,000 shy of that mark. Heh. I think people were worried about the nasty weather report. We were apparently under some sort of tornado watch. Or, perhaps it was a warning. I heard someone say it was a warning but I can't imagine it was more than a watch. But maybe it was. I dunno. I do know that there weren't a lot of people in the stands. But, the bad weather stayed away for the duration. It did mist a bit. But, no rain. No thunder. For sure, no tornados. The temps were in the low 70s. And, there was a nice breeze. It was a beautiful evening for baseball.

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Monday - April 23, 2007

Game 45: Texas at Nebraska

Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner. I was working in my patio as I listened to the game yesterday. I was trimming a big tree out there. And, "out there" tends to be rather jungle-like. I don't tend the plants in the patio. They grow wild. So, I first had to clear a path to the tree. Then, I started cutting branches. Then, my folks (on their way home from New Mexico) stopped by and helped tame the rest of the jungle. Thanks, Mom and Dad! They were a huge help. Then, we went to dinner. Then, I came home and collapsed. And, now I can post about yesterday's game. Whew.

The game started out much like Saturday's game. The Horns jumped out to a 2-run lead in the top of the first when Kyle Russell followed up on Chance Wheeless' triple with his 23rd home run of the year. Nebraska scored 2 unearned runs in the bottom of the 1st. Much like Saturday. Only, on Saturday, they only scored 1 run in the bottom of the first. But, that's where the similarities ended. Texas followed the 1st by putting up a 4-spot in the 2nd. Things were sailing along quite smoothly when Craig and Keith started talking about potential weather problems. And, sure enough, with the Horns still in the lead 6-2, the rain came. And, they were only half-way through the 3rd inning. Enter 40-minute rain delay. I kept working on the tree. And, KVET forced me to listen to FOX Sports Radio. Or something awful like that. Ugh. Anyway. The Horns finally came back. And, they managed to get in a complete game before having to tear off to Omaha to catch their flight home. With nary another change to the score. Texas won it 6-2.

Joseph Krebs pitched a career-high 6.1 innings. To follow up the career-high 6 from last weekend. Way to go, Joseph! he gave up those two unearned runs on 4 hits while throwing 3 strikeouts and giving up 4 walks. Randy Boone pitched the final 2.2 for the Horns. He gave up one hit, struck out 3, and walked none. Excellent. On the offensive side of things, Kyle Russell had the big boom and went 3-for-5 with a double and 3 batted in. Chance Wheeless also went 3-for-5 with the triple, 2 runs scored, and 1 batted in. They combined for 6 of the 10 hits by the Longhorns. Wow.

So, the Horns wound up winning another Big 12 series. And, they're looking good. I was very happy to see them bounce back from the disaster that was Friday night. I'd say that, despite the shut-out (or maybe even because of it), the Horns did a great job this weekend. 'Looking forward to seeing them in person again tomorrow night. Hook 'em.

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Saturday - April 21, 2007

Game 44: Texas at Nebraska

Texas jumped out to a quick lead in the top of the 1st. Jordan Danks flew out to cf. Chance Wheeless singled to rf. And, Kyle Russell hit his 22nd home run of the year. Yes! Bradley Suttle singled and moved to 2b on a ground out by Russell Moldenhauer. Bradley was stranded at 2b when Nick Peoples grounded out. Sadly, the Huskers also started off on a bit of a tear. Adrian Alaniz started for the Horns and gave up back-to-back-to-back singles to load the bases. He got Opitz to ground into a 6-4-3 double play which scored one. The next batter struck out to end the inning.

The Horns went down in order in the top of the 2nd. After two fly outs to lf, Nimmo hit a single up the middle. On the play, Travis Tucker and Michael Demperio narrowly avoided colliding behind 2b as they both tried to get to the ball. Luckily, no harm done. The next batter popped out to ss.

The 3rd went like the 2nd for the Horns: 3-up/3-down. Sigh... And, double sigh on the fact that the Huskers scored 3 in the bottom of the inning. The lead-off hitters all got aboard again. Belfonte and Wehrle singled. Brown doubled both home. He moved to 3b on a sac bunt and then scored on a wild pitch.

Bradley started off the 4th by flying out to cf. Russell Moldenhauer and Nick Peoples walked to put runners at 1b and 2b. Preston Clark then hit a bloop single down the rf line. On the play, the Nebraska right fielder dove for the ball and almost made a great catch. He didn't catch the ball, though, and the bases were loaded with one out. Travis Tucker hit a slow grounder to ss to score Russell. With runners at 2b and 3b, Michael Demperio hit a single off the mound and into cf. Both runners scored and he made it to 2b on the throw in. Alas, he was stranded there when Jordan Danks struck out. Texas up 5-4. Yes! Happily, the Huskers went down in order in the bottom of the inning.

Chance Wheeless popped out to ss to start off the 5th. Kyle Russell followed that with a single to cf. Bradley Suttle flew out to very shallow cf. While Russell Moldenhauer was at the plate, the Nebraska starter (Dorn) made a lot of throws to 1b in an attempt to pick Kyle off. Happily, one of those throws hit Kyle's helmet and careened out of play. Kyle ran to 2b on the error. Russell then hit a double that was just fair down the lf line. Kyle scored and Nebraska sent Foust to the mound. Nick Peoples hit a single to cf (rbi). Preston Clark then grounded out to 2b. Texas up 7-4 with the #2 batter due up for the Huskers. And, Wehrle struck out looking. That was only the 2nd time the Horns managed to retire him to that point in the series. Brown also struck out looking. Opitz hit a high fly ball to cf. The wind blew it more toward left and, on another scary play, with Jordan and Nick both going for the ball, Jordan caught it. But, they ran into each other...nobody hurt again. Geesh. 3-up/3-down. For the second inning in a row.

Travis Tucker and Michael Demperio grounded out to start things off in the 6th. Jordan Danks got aboard via an infield single hit toward ss. He stole 2b but was stranded there when Chance Wheeless struck out. In the bottom of the inning, Corriston reached on an error. Michael Demperio made a nice play to stop a ball headed toward cf but then threw very high to 1b. Corriston ended up at 2b on the error. Tezak popped out to 2b and Gerch flew out to cf. Corriston moved to 3b on a passed ball to Nimmo but Nimmo struck out looking to end the inning.

Edlefsen went to the mound for the Huskers and walked Kyle Russell on 5 pitches. [Aside. During Bradley's at-bat, he squared to bunt at one point and the commentators started going on about the 3rd leading hitter in the Big 12 and clean-up hitter for the Horns bunting. They admitted as how Augie bunts when he thinks it's a good idea and were trying to say that everyone in the starting line-up for the Horns had bunted at least once. But, the way Greg Lucas said it cracked me up: "No one in the Texas line-up has not sacrificed at least once." Yowsa. Keith Moreland couldn't have said it better! Ahem.] Bradley flew out to rf. Russell Moldenhauer grounded out to 2b (hit and run). Kyle safe at 2b. Kyle took off on the first pitch to Nick Peoples but was caught stealing on a nice throw from the catcher to the third baseman. The third baseman "snow-coned" the ball a bit but managed to hold on to it to make the tag. Wow. Abeita struck out looking to start off the inning. Mike Anderson was not happy with the pitch calls and came out of the dugout to make his feelings known. To no avail, of course. Apparently, Nick Sullivan had gone into rf for Belfonte and was now hitting in the #1 spot. He grounded out to 1b. Wehrle struck out to end the inning.

In the top of the 8th, Nick Peoples was back at the plate and singled up the middle to start things off. Preston Clark struck out swinging. Travis Tucker reached on a fielder's choice (6-4, Nick out at 2b). After the home plate ump called the first two pitches to Jordan Danks as balls, Andy Sawyers (assistant Nebraska coach) argued the calls and was thrown out of the game. This was the same official that threw Augie out of yesterday's game. Jordan grounded into another fielder's choice (6-4) to end the top half of the inning. Brown struck out to start the bottom half of the inning. Opitz walked on 4 pitches. Skip Johnson had gone to the mound after the 3rd ball so I expected Adrian to be pulled after he finished the walk. But, he stayed in the game and struck out Corriston on 3 pitches. Wow. He walked Tezak, though, and the Horns sent Randy Boone to the mound. Gerch grounded into a fielder's choice (6-4) to end the inning. Texas still up 7-4.

Chance Wheeless started the 9th off with a 4-pitch walk. Kyle Russell hit a single to lf. Bradley Suttle flew out to lf. The Huskers chose to make a pitching change and sent Herr to the mound. With Josh Prince (pinch-hitting for Russell Moldenhauer) at the plate, Herr threw a wild pitch to move the runners to 2b and 3b. Josh walked two pitches later, though, to load the bases. And, Nebraska changed pitchers again; Bird went to the mound. Nick Peoples flew out to cf (rbi, sac fly, Chance scored). The first pitch to Preston Clark was a passed ball. The runners advanced to 2b and 3b. Preston struck out swinging, though, so they were stranded there. Texas up 8-4 going into the bottom of the 9th. Nimmo struck out to start things off for the Huskers. Abeita grounded out to 3b. The throw from Bradley was a bit high and off-line so Chance had to tag Abeita to complete the out. Sullivan struck out swinging to end the game. Yes!

Adrian gets the win and Randy gets his 10th save of the year. Kyle hit his 22nd homer. All in all, a lovely game as far as I'm concerned.

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Game 43: Texas at Nebraska

Hey, gang. Sorry I didn't get this posted last night. I got home, found that Nebraska was streaming audio and video for free and got all excited. Then I started having computer problems. My system kept overheating and it was just one problem after another. It didn't help things that the Horns ran into a pitcher that kept mowing them down. It didn't help at all that they lost to Nebraska 0-7. Tony Watson threw a 2-hit shutout for the Huskers. Nope. No help at all. So, after struggling with the computer all evening, I was too tired to write about the pitifulness (is that even a word?...I dunno but it does seem fitting) of the game. Sorry. But, you can read about it now. Unlucky you!

By the way, before I forget to mention it, everyone associated with the team who was in Lincoln was sporting Virginia Tech caps. The players, the coaches, the trainers, the media relations folks. Everyone. I thought it was a neat thing for the Horns to do. I'll try to post some screen captures, if I can get my computer to cooperate. And, there's one photo of some of the players on the TexasSports.com game report page. You can clearly see the Nike check so I guess that's where they got so many hats so quickly.

UPDATE. And, just like that, the photo of the Horns wearing those Virginia Tech caps is gone from the TexasSports.com site. How very very odd. Why replace a very nice photo taken at the game in question with something from the archives? I didn't keep a copy, either, so if you missed it, I'm sorry. It appears that you're outta luck.

And, so...

I missed the beginning of the game and tuned in during the bottom of the 2nd. Texas was down 0-1 (Wehrle had singled and then scored when the next two batters singled behind him) and I tuned in just in time to hear Mitch Abeita hit his first home run of the year to make it a 2-run deficit for the Horns. The Horns went down in order for the first 3 innings. Craig Way and Keith Moreland did their best to help the team out by talking about Tony Watson's perfect game to that point as the 4th started. And, it worked. Jordan Danks reached base on a fielding error. Perfect game over. He moved to 2b on a single by Chance Wheeless. An actual hit! No-hitter over. Bradley Suttle then hit a fly ball to rf. Jordan decided to tag up and test the arm of the right fielder (Belfonte). Alas, Belfonte appears to have a good/strong/accurate arm and threw Jordan out pretty handily. Double play. As if Watson really needed the help. I did get to see the video of that play. Sigh.

James Russell started for the Horns. He got out of that bases loaded situation in the 1st while just giving up 1 run. In the 2nd, he gave up the solo shot but that was it. As I was driving home, Keith commented that James' mechanics seemed a bit off...that he kept leaving the ball up. Things seemed a bit better in the 2nd and he threw a 3-up/3-down third. But, in the 4th, things went south. Gerch singled. After getting the next two batters to pop out and strike out, Belfonte singled. Then, Wehrle got his 3rd hit (in as many chances) of the game. Sadly, it was a 3-run home run. Horns down 0-5.

In the 5th, Nick Peoples was hit by a pitch and advanced to 2b on a sac bunt by Josh Prince (dh) but was stranded at 2b. In the bottom of the inning, Nebraska also stranded a runner at 2b.

In the 6th, the Horns went down in order for the 4th time in the game. Ouch. With no outs in the bottom of the 6th and Nimmo at 2b, Abeita bunted down the 3b line. The runner from 2b was safe at 3b and the batter was ruled safe on an E4. Augie vehemently argued that the runner was out but the ruling was that Travis was not on the bag when he took the throw. Augie was ejected. And, Austin Wood took the mound. Belfonte then popped out to 1b on a bunt attempt. Wehrle (sigh) singled (his 4th hit in as many chances) to score Nimmo and move Abeita to 2b. Brown flew out to cf. Abeita tagged and moved to 3b. Opitz then grounded into a fielder's choice (6-4) to end the inning. Ugh.

Through 6 innings, Watson had thrown only 61 pitches and given up just one hit. Alas, in the 7th, he mowed the Horns down in order one more time. And, Gerch hit a solo shot for the Huskers. Three home runs on the day for Nebraska.

Guess what the Horns did in the 8th? Yep...down in order. For the 6th time in the game. Amazing. Kyle Walker went to the mound for the Horns in the bottom of the 8th. He walked Abeita. Abeita moved to 2b on a ground out (5-3) by Belfonte. And, Wehrle finally failed to hit for the first time in the game as he flew out to lf. Brown walked. Runners at 1b and 2b. Opitz struck out, though, to end our misery.

In the top of the 9th, Jordan singled but was stranded at 1b. Alas.

You have to admire the game thrown by Watson. Wow. Complete game. Two hits. Six strikeouts. No walks. One hit batter. All that on 96 pitches. Keith was marveling at one point late in the game that the vast majority of the outs were unassisted. The Horns were either striking out or hitting fly balls right to people. Here's hoping things turn around today. Hook 'em!

UPDATE. Some screen captures from the streaming feed provided by Nebraska:

[James Russell]
James Russell checks out the runner at 2b

[James Russell]
Props to James at the end of the 5th

[Kyle Russell]
Kyle Russell at the plate in the 6th

[Augie Garrido]
Augie Garrido smiling after he gave a short
answer to a question and the network guy
said he liked "short and sweet" -- I don't
imagine he smiled a lot last night

[Augie Garrido]
See what I mean about smiling? He was
thrown out about 2 seconds after this

[Austin Wood]
Austin Wood on the mound in the 6th

[Michael Demperio]
Michael Demperio trots off the field
at the end of the 6th

[Chance Wheeless]
Chance Wheeless communing with his bat
in the 7th - alas, to no avail

[Bradley Suttle]
Bradley Suttle at the plate in the 7th

[Tommy Harmon]
Tommy Harmon coaching 3rd base -
pointlessly, it would seem

[Preston Clark]
Preston Clark at the plate in the 7th

[Nick Peoples]
Nick Peoples at the plate in the 8th

[Josh Prince]
Josh Prince at the plate in the 8th

[Kyle Walker and Bradley Suttle]
Kyle Walker warms up in the 8th
as Bradley Suttle watches

And...that's all I got. 'Lucky I got that much with all my computer woes last night. I'm not sure I'll try to get anything today. I was completely unable to enjoy the game as I messed with the computer. Of course, there really wasn't much of anything to enjoy. But you get my drift.

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Friday - April 20, 2007

Nebraska game - online video!

I just got home and found out...quite by accident that there's a free video feed available for the Nebraska game: link. Alarmingly, the Huskers seem to have things fairly well in hand.

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Thursday - April 19, 2007

KVUE talks to Kyle Russell

KVUE ran a very nice story this evening about Kyle Russell breaking the single season home run record in Tuesday's game. Alas, it does not appear to be among the video links on their site. Maybe it'll show up in the next couple of days. But, I rather doubt it. It looks like the only offer "important" stories...not entertaining ones! Matt Mitchell apparently talked to Kyle this afternoon.

A couple of quotes from Kyle:

Good stuff.

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Tuesday - April 17, 2007

Game 42: Texas at Rice

No. I didn't go to Houston for the game. I did manage to hear most of it on the radio, though.

Texas went down in order to start the game. Austin Wood started on the mound for the Horns and gave up a lead-off triple to start the game. Yikes! The next batter hit a sac fly to lf to drive the runner home and give the Owls a 1-run lead to start things off. Thankfully, Austin settled down and followed that up with back-to-back 1-2-3 innings. Preston Clark hit a 2-out single in the 2nd but he was stranded at 1b. Travis Tucker hit a 1-out single in the 3rd and stole 2b but was unable to score.

In the 4th, Kyle Russell led things off with a walk. Bradley Suttle tried to move Kyle over with a sac bunt but both tries went foul. With an 0-2 count, he hit a nice single to rf. Runners at 1b and 2b with no outs. Russell Moldenhauer did get a sac bunt down along the 3b line to move the runners to 2b and 3b. Preston Clark grounded out to ss (rbi). Kyle scored and Bradley held up at 2b. Tie game. Nick Peoples flew out to rf for the 3rd out. The Horns got the first batter out in the bottom of the 4th but Austin hit the second and walked the third. Buenger singled to lf to score the runner from 2b. Rice up 2-1. Runners at 1b and 2b, 1 out. After Austin threw 2 balls to the next batter, Skip Johnson changed pitchers. Pat McCrory went to the mound with a 2-0 count to Dodson. Pat threw 3 pitches to strike Dodson out! Bradley Suttle then made a great play to knock down a ball headed to the lf corner and beat the runner (from 2b) to the 3b bag to make the final out. Wow. 'Wish I could've seen it.

Sadly, the Horns went down in order in the 5th. And, the bottom half of the 5th did not start well for the Horns as Pat McCrory walked the first two Rice batters. The next batter hit a sac bunt to advance the runners. The 4th batter grounded out to 3b (rbi). The runner at 2b stayed there. With 2 out and a runner at 2b, the Horns then intentionally walked (ugh) Savery. The next batter doubled (rbi) moving the intentionally walked batter to 3b. I just [sarcasm alert] love intentional walks. Keith Shinaberry went in for Pat and got the next batter to fly out. The intentionally walked batter did not score. Whew.

In the 6th, Kyle Russell hit his record-breaking 21st homerun of the season to lf! It was a 1-out solo shot to get the Horns back to within 2. Bradley Suttle was then hit by a pitch. Alas, he was stranded at 1b. In the bottom of the inning, Rice pulled off a 2-out rally and scored 2 (double, walk, double). Hunter Harris went in for Keith Shinaberry to get the final out of the inning.

In the 7th, Nick Peoples singled to start things off. Chais Fuller followed that with a single to put runners at 1b and 2b. Travis Tucker then reached on a fielder's choice. Lonergan (who'd gone in to pitch at the beginning of the inning) made a bad throw to 3b, allowing Nick to score, Chais to move to 3b, and Travis to move to 2b. He then threw a wild pitch to allow Chais to score and Travis to move to 3b. Texas was suddenly within 2 runs with a runner at 3b and no outs. Rice sent St. Clair to the mound. Jordan Danks grounded out on a drag bunt attempt. Chance Wheeless then struck out swinging. Yikes. Kyle Russell walked. And, then Bradley Suttle popped out. In the bottom of the inning, Savery homered to start things off and move the margin back to 3 runs. With 2 on (via walks) and 2 out, Randy Boone went to the mound and got the final out of the inning.

In the 8th, the Horns went down in order for the 3rd time in the game. Alex Posey went in to pitch in the bottom of the inning. He gave up one single but that was it.

In the 9th, Chais Fuller struck out. Travis Tucker battled off several pitches but ended up flying out to rf. Jordan Danks ended the game with a ground out to 2b.

And, thus ends the Texas win streak over Rice. Texas had won their last 10 meetings. We all knew it had to come to an end someday, didn't we? Too bad today was the day. Texas loses 4-7.

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Sunday - April 15, 2007

Game 41: Texas Tech at Texas

Question for those of you that attended today's game. Remember, in the top of the 8th inning, when Kyle Russell made that lonnnnnnng run and just caught the ball and ran into the fence and then kinda limped back into position? And, it looked like maybe he kinda twisted his ankle when he ran into the chain link fence out there in the corner? But, then, he trotted in a couple of pitches later and seemed none the worse for wear? Well, I do believe he transferred his injury to me. 'Cause out of nowhere, my ankle is very very sore as though I'd kinda twisted it. But, to the best of my recollection, I did not twist it today. Although. Wait. I did sort of trip for no good reason on my way up the stairs to my seat at Disch-Falk this afternoon. Maybe I did wrench it a bit then. It didn't hurt until about 8 hours later, though. Hmmm... Oh well. I'm gonna blame it on Kyle.

By the way: speaking of tripping on my way up the stairs. Do y'all suppose the powers that be are ever gonna install some hand rails for the folks that need assistance going up and down the stairs? I watch some of the older folks struggle with those steps and just want to scream. Is it gonna take someone falling and hurting themselves badly before UT does the right thing? I sure hope not.


Texas won! Sweet sweep! Texas scored first...a run in the 3rd. Michael Demperio singled and stole 2b. Jordan Danks then doubled him home. The Red Raiders answered in the 4th. Thennis reached on an uncharacteristic error by Travis Tucker at 2b. The ball scooted past Travis' glove, through his legs, careened off his foot, and rolled into shallow cf. Kieschnick moved Thennis to 2b on a gound out. Smith then singled him home. They scored a go-ahead run in the 5th. Baker walked and moved to 2b on a sac bunt by Seefeld. Marin then singled him home. Jordan Danks got on in the bottom of the 5th but then the next 6 Horns went down in order. Things turned around nicely in the 7th. Travis started things of with a walk. He then stole 2b and then 3b on the 2nd and 4th pitches to Michael Demperio who, sadly, ended up grounding out to 3b. Jordan Danks singled to cf, though, to bring Travis home. Kyle Russell then doubled to the wall in the lf/cf gap to score Jordan. That prompted the first pitching change of the day for the Red Raiders. Kyle moved to 3b on a wild pitch and was then brought home on a sac fly to rf by Chance Wheeless. And that proved enough to win the game.

On the pitching side of things, Joseph Krebs got the nod and did a good job. He held the Red Raiders to 2 runs (1 unearned) through 6 innings on 5 hits (1 double) while throwing 6 strikeouts and walking 1. He did not figure in the decision, however, since the Horns were trailing when he left. Randy Boone pitched the final 3 innings for the win. None of the 9 batters he faced reached base. He had one strikeout and induced 4 fly outs and 4 ground outs. He threw 22 pitches. Very pretty.

Something I've never seen before happened today. During the bottom of the 7th inning, after the runs had been scored, the Tech center fielder (Ashby) started making motions that seemed to indicate that something "bad" had happened in the outfield. At first, I thought that maybe the folks on the busses over the rf fence had thrown something at him or were harrassing him. But, he was pointing more toward cf and one of the umpires went out to talk to him. Then, one of the Tech coaches started out. And, I pulled out my trusty binoculars. And, Ashby kept pointing toward straight-away center field. And, he was smiling. So, I took a look out there and noticed, after a bit, that there was a huge swarm of bees out there! There were hundreds, if not thousands, of bees swarming around near the base of the center field fence. It was bizarre! After a few minutes, the swarm started dissipating. And, play resumed. The next batter hit a fly ball to cf for the final out and Ashby could not have been happier to get off the field! There were still a few bees milling about but nothing like the scary swarm from a few minutes earlier. Yikes! Very odd.

Anyway. Texas won 4-2. This was their 3rd series sweep of the year...their 2nd in Big 12 play. Hook 'em!

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Game 40: Texas Tech at Texas

There was a 10-minute (or so) break between the end of the resumed 1st game and the start of the 2nd game of the series. Adrian Alaniz did get the nod for the Horns and he was on fire. The Red Raiders went down in order for the first 3 innings. That included 5 strikeouts. Adrian struck out the side in the 2nd. The Red Raiders finally reached on a bloop single in the 4th but the runner was erased on a double play. They went down in order in the 6th and 9th as well. The only run they scored was a solo home run by Roger Kieschnick in the 7th. Hunter Harris relieved Adrian in the 8th. Hunter gave up a double and a walk to start things off. After a quick visit to the mound by Skip Johnson, things turned around drastically and Hunter struck out the next three batters (all looking!) to end the threat. A very nice relief appearance.

Offensively, the Horns scored early. They had a wee bit of help from an extremely stiff wind from lf to rf that played havoc with the Texas Tech fielders. I was a bit surprised that the Tech fielders struggled with the wind so much more than the Longhorns. I mean, they deal with big wind in Lubbock all the time, right? Perhaps it's more of a prevailing wind than a cross-wind though. Shrug. Josh Scofield started for the Red Raiders, lasted only one-third of an inning, and gave up 5 runs (1 unearned). Jordan Danks started off by hitting a triple to lf. I think it looked like a pretty routine fly ball to the left fielder. But, the wind blew it down and it bounced and rolled all the way to the wall. Kyle Russell then singled to score Jordan. Chance Wheeless (1-0 count) hit a whale of a home run over the rf fence. It was one of those balls that was hit sooooo hiiiiiigh that I didn't think it would actually make it out of the park. But it did. Texas up 3-0 with no outs. Bradley Suttle then singled to lf. Preston Clark reached on an error by cf. A wind-aided error. Nick Peoples advanced the runners with a sac bunt down the 3b line. Russell Moldenhauer singled up the middle to score Bradley and Preston. And, that was the end of Scofield's outing on the mound. Paul Gonzalez went to the mound and the Red Raiders kept the Horns scoreless until the 5th when they scored 3 more (1 unearned). Chance started things off by walking and then stealing 2b. After Bradley flew out, Preston doubled down the lf line to score Chance. Nick then reached on an error by 2b. Russell singled to rf, scoring Preston, and putting runners at the corners. So, Collin Auten went to the mound. He gave up a single to lf, scoring Nick. Michael Demperio, who got the start at ss, grounded out to the pitcher and Jordan grounded out to 1b to end the inning. After that solo shot by Kieschnick in the top of the 7th, the Horns went back to work in the bottom of the inning, scoring 2 earned runs. Travis Tucker reached on a 1-out walk. Michael struck out and Jordan Danks hit a double to the lf/cf gap to score Travis. Kyle singled to rf to score Jordan.

All-in-all, a very nice offensive game by the Horns. Jordan Danks went 2-for-3 with a double, a triple, a run batted in and 2 runs scored. Kyle Russell went 2-for-4 with a walk, 2 runs batted in, and 1 run scored. Chance Wheeless went 2-for-3 with a home run, 2 walks, 2 runs batted in, and 2 runs scored. Bradley Suttle went 1-for-5 with 1 hit and 1 run scored. Preston Clark went 3-for-5 with 2 doubles, 1 run batted in, and 2 runs scored. Nick Peoples went 0-for-3 with a sac bunt, and a run scored (he reached on an error to be in position to score that run). Russell Moldenhauer went 2-for-5 with 2 runs batted in. Travis Tucker went 1-for-3 with a walk, 1 run batted in, and 1 run scored. And, Michael Demperio went 1-for-4 with a double.

Horns win 10-1. Horns win the series. Here's hoping the Horns complete the sweep today!

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Friday - April 13, 2007

Game 39: Texas Tech at Texas

That was exciting! As I post this, the game is suspended in the top of the 9th. Texas leads Texas Tech 7-2.

The line (so far):

Texas Tech 001 010 000 - 2101
Texas 131 020 00. - 7111

How'd they get to this point? Well, James Russell started for the Horns and did a good job. He started off fantastically. He threw 12 pitches in the 1st, 10 of them for strikes. He struck out the side. Very very pretty. The Horns scored one in their half of the inning. With two outs, Kyle Russell hit a single to cf. He stole 2b during Bradley Suttle's at-bat and scored when Bradley hit a single to lf.

In the second, James gave up a 1-run single but the runner was stranded at 1b. Texas scored 3. Nick Peoples started things off with a 4-pitch walk. Preston Clark doubled to the fence near the Texas bullpen. Nick scored. Travis Tucker walked. Josh Prince hit a sac-bunt down the 3b line to put the runners at 2b and 3b. Jordan Danks hit a sac fly to cf. Preston scored and Travis advanced to 3b. Chance Wheeless then hit an infield single to 1b to score Travis. Kyle flew out to rf for the final out.

The third started with back-to-back singles to put runners at the corners. The next batter struck out and the following hit an infield single to Bradley behind 3b to score the runner from 3b. The next batter struck out. That was the 6th strikeout of the game for James. Wow. With the 6th batter at the plate and runners at 1b and 2b, Preston threw a rocket from home to Travis covering 2b to pick the runner off at 2b for the 3rd out. Yes! I think it was at about this point that the Public Address Announcer warned us that bad weather was on its way and they'd keep us updated. People started leaving. And, there was a pretty steady stream out of the stadium for the rest of the game. The bad weather stayed away for almost long enough to the the whole game in, though. It was muggy and you could practically see the air...it was so thick with moisture. But, it was mostly decent baseball weather. Anyway. Bradley started off the Texas half of the 3rd with a very high homerun over the rf fence. It was so high I didn't think it could possibly make its way over the fence but it did. Yes! Russell Moldenhauer, Nick Peoples, and Preston Clark went down in order after that.

Tech loaded the bases in the 4th on an error and a couple of singles (one of which could've been ruled the 2nd error of the inning on Josh Prince). But, James kept his cool, struck out two more and got the 3rd out of the inning on a fly ball hit to rf. The Horns went down in order. That was the only 1-2-3 inning for Tech pitching.

The lead-off hitter started the 5th for Tech with a swinging strikeout (his 3rd K in as many chances). Heh. The next batter grounded out to 2b. Roger Kieschnick, with 2 strikeouts under his belt, went up to bat next. With a 2-2 count, James threw what everyone in the stadium except the home plate umpire thought was the 3rd strike. Preston and James started trotting off the field. But, as I noted, the home plate umpire ("Six-Shooter" Bob Homolka...have you ever seen a more ridiculous bunch of hand motions when an umpire called a strike?...and, oh my, I worry he's going to fall down and get a concussion on called third strikes!) called it a ball. Roger fouled off the 6th pitch and then hit the 7th over the lf wall. Sigh. The next batter grounded out to 3b. Chance Wheeless started the 5th off with a double over the 1st baseman's head. Kyle Russell followed that with a single to rf to put runners at the corners. Bradley Suttle singled to rf. Chance scored and Kyle advanced to 3b. Bradley tried to stretch his single into a double but was thrown out pretty easily at 2b. Russell Moldenhauer doubled off the cf fence. Kyle scored. And, Tech sent Cloud in to pitch. He got Nick to ground out and struck Preston out to end the inning.

Tech started off the 6th with a double but the runner was stranded at 2b. In the bottom of the inning, Josh Prince was hit by a pitch and Jordan Danks walked but they were stranded at 1b and 2b.

James, having thrown 106 pitches by my count, was still in the game as the 7th started. The first batter flew out to cf and the next, a pinch-hitter, struck out looking. The 3rd batter reached on an infield single. He hit a soft ground ball past the pitching mound toward 1b. James was falling off hard toward 3b. Chance Wheeless fielded the ball but was way off the 1b bag. James, trying to recover from being so far off toward 3b, ran toward 1b. Travis Tucker also made a dash for the bag. They arrived at the bag at about the same time as the batter. Chance, very oddly, just sort of lobbed the ball up for grabs and toward the bag. Nobody caught the ball but they all three sort of ran into each other. It's a wonder nobody was hurt. At that point, with Kieschnick due up again, Keith Shinaberry went in for James. Alas, Keith threw a strike and then hit Kieschnick with his 2nd pitch. So, in went Pat McCrory. The first batter he faced reached on a fielder's choice. On the play, Travis Tucker fielded a ball behind 2b and tried to get the runner from 1b out at 2b. But, Josh could not handle the toss and all runners were safe. The throw from Travis was not quick enough to guarantee an out so no error was called. Josh really seemed to be struggling to get his glove on the ball today. Poor guy. With the bases loaded, the next batter grounded out to 3b to end the threat. In the bottom of the inning, with 2 outs, Nick singled to rf and then stole 2b. He was stranded there when Preston struck out looking, though.

In the 8th, the Red Raiders went down in order on 3 pop-ups. That was the second 1-2-3 inning for Texas pitching. Travis Tucker started the 8th off with a single to rf. Clint Stubbs, pinch-hitting for Josh Prince, drew a full-count walk. Sadly, the next three batters went down in order.

As the 9th was about the start, the Public Address Announcer said that the bad weather should be reaching the Austin Metro area in about 20 minutes. Apparently, he did not mean the Metro area. Nope, he meant that the storm would be reaching Disch-Falk within the next 20 minutes. Tech started off the 9th with a walk and a single. With runners at 1b and 2b, and Kieschnick at the plate, the wind actually hit us. Very suddenly. The wind was blowing to the north for most of the game. But when the front hit, strong gusts from the west kicked up all kinds of debris and construction dust. It was kinda creepy. I put my scorebook away and got ready to high-tail it out of Disch-Falk. Kieschnick struck out swinging. Whew. And, woo hoo! The Horns mostly kept him in check all evening. Matt Smith was at the plate with a 2-1 count when the main light standards all went out. Whoosh! The lights mounted on the roof stayed on. Eerie. The coaches and umpires quickly decided to suspend the game. And, we started leaving. The rain hit just as we got to the entry gate and we were pretty soaked by the time we made it to my car. Sigh. The storm couldn't wait another couple of pitches?

The game will be resumed tomorrow at 2. Hopefully, it will be over quickly.

UPDATE. Not surprisingly, the Horns went on to win the game. I expected Adrian Alaniz to get the nod, throw to the last batter or two in the first game, and then start the 2nd. That did not happen, however. Instead, Randy Boone went out to the mound. He ended up throwing a ball, a strike, and then another ball to walk Smith and load the bases. He then struck Byrns out looking to end the game. Yes! Texas wins 7-2.

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Wednesday - April 11, 2007

Coach Bibb Falk to be inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame

Coach Bibb Falk's family is sure to be proud of the fact that he'll be inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame in early July. It's good news for Texas baseball. So, now UT will have 3 of the first 21 inductees. Coach Falk joins Coach Cliff Gustafson and Brooks Kieschnick.

You won't read about Coach Gus or Brooks if you click on that link above, though. That article, written by Alan Trubow of the Austin American-Statesman ends with a list of former inductees. There were 10 people inducted last year in the inaugural class. Alan Trubow lists 6 of them: Dave Winfield, Rod Dedeaux, Robin Ventura, Skip Bertman, Will Clark and Ron Fraser. Why do you suppose he'd list them in an article about Coach Falk and not list the two from UT? Don't you find that odd? Is it because Alan Trubow doesn't know anything about UT baseball? If not, why did he get the assignment? If he was the only one available, why didn't he bother to do a bit of research? All he had to do was look at the Hall of Fame's coverage of last year's ceremony to see very clearly that there were two former Longhorns already in the Hall. I'm guessing it's just the usual: he doesn't know anything about UT baseball. I think he only moved to Austin a couple of years ago. Did he see a full list of 10 names and just pick out the 6 he knew? Or did he copy that list of 6 from someone else's list of notable inductees? So sad. And, yet...completely unsurprising for the AAS. Sigh...

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Saturday - April 7, 2007

Kyle Russell's home runs

Kyle Russell tied the single season home run record today. Jeff Ontiveros hit 20 home runs in 2002. It looks like Kyle's gonna beat the hell out of the old record, eh? And, what about the carreer record? Jeff Ontiveros holds the record for a 4-year career with 55. Brooks Kieschnick holds the 3-year career record with 43. Rick Burley holds the 2-year career record with 24.

Kyle's in his Sophomore year. He hit 10 home runs as a Freshman. So he's got 30 to this point in his career. Heh heh. I'm enjoying this.

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Game 38: Texas at Kansas

I didn't tune into the game until the 4th inning. And, guess what? I missed Nick Peoples' second home run of the year. I missed his first one on Thursday and missed the second one today. I can't get a break! Ah well. His 2-out solo shot in the 2nd inning was the only score of the game through the first 4 innings for either team. It was cold and windy and neither team really did much of anything offensively until Kyle Russell hit a 3-run home run (his 19th of the year!) in the 5th. Wow.

Joseph Krebs started for Texas on the mound. He did well through the first 4 innings but got into trouble in the bottom of the 5th. Afenir doubled and Land walked. Parzyk and Murphy then flew out. Robby Price singled to score Afenir. Runners at 1b and 2b. Allman then reached on a very rare error by Travis Tucker to load the bases. Simpson then singled, scoring 2. Runners at 1b and 2b. Texas up 4-3. Randy Boone then went in for Joseph on the mound. He gave up a double down the lf line (barely fair) to tie the game. Ryne Price then struck out to end the inning.

In the 6th, Preston Clark walked and was moved to 2b on a sac bunt but was stranded there. Kansas scored a run in the bottom of the inning to take the lead. Texas tied it up on a 2-out home run by Kyle Russell! Wow. That's at least the 3rd time this year that he's hit 2 homers in a game. Double wow. The Horns got two more aboard after the homer on a single and an error but they did not score. In the bottom of the 7th, Kansas left a batter at 1b.

In the 8th, Nick Peoples led things off with a single. He then scored on a double by Russell Moldenhauer to give the Horns a 1-run lead. Michael Demperio pinch ran for Russell, advanced to 3b on a ground out, and was then thrown out at the plate on a ground ball hit by Travis Tucker to ss. Keith Moreland thought Michael was running on contact. Jordan Danks grounded out to 2b to end the top half of the inning. Kansas went 3-up/3-down in the bottom half.

In the 9th, the Horns went down in order. In the bottom of the 9th, the Jayhawks did the same. Randy Boone struck out the final two batters of the game to get the win. Entertainingly, his record goes to 1 win, 5 losses, and 8 saves. I can't help but find a bit of humor in the fact that our closer had a record of 0-5 with 8 saves going into today's game. Heh.

So, Texas won 6-5. Yes!

By the way, Texas seemed to have settled on a line-up a couple of weeks ago but things have been changing lately. Today's line-up was quite a bit different: (1) Jordan Danks, (2) Kyle Russell, (3) Chance Wheeless, (4) Bradley Suttle, (5) Preston Clark, (6) Nick Peoples, (7) Russell Moldenhauer, (8) Josh Prince, and (9) Travis Tucker. It'll be interesting to see what's in store for us on Friday when the Red Raiders come to town.

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Game 37: Texas at Kansas

We had a bit of a crisis at work yesterday and I forgot (!) about the game and didn't get to hear any of it. Texas lost, though, 6-14. Check out the game summary on the TexasSports.com site and the article from the Statesman for specifics.

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Thursday - April 5, 2007

Game 36: Texas at Kansas

I wasn't able to listen to much of the game today. I tried. But, I was working and it's just tough to concentrate on the game when you're trying to concentrate on other things. It's particularly tough when you have to leave your office and you can't hear it. Which was exactly the situation with Nick Peoples hit his first home run of the year! Dang him. Couldn't he have waited just another couple of minutes? I walked past Esther's office and she grinned at me. And, then, with a wee bit of neener-neener in her voice, told me I'd missed Nicky's home run. Damn her. And, the student who needed help with his computer! Grrrrr. Ah well. Work interferes with all the important stuff, eh? Heh heh.

Anyway...Texas scored 1 in the first to start things off nicely. The Jayhawks scored 2 in the 2nd to take the lead. Texas countered with 2 in the 3rd to take the lead for good. And, barely looked back. James Russell started for the Horns, threw the first 6 innings, and got the win. He gave up 4 runs on 5 hits (3 singles, 1 double, 1 home run) with 2 walks, 1 hit batter, 1 wild pitch, and 7 strikeouts. Keith Shinaberry went in for the 7th and threw a nice 1-2-3 inning. However, in the 8th, things did not go as well. He allowed a single, a walk, and hit a batter to load the bases with no outs. The 4th batter hit a sac fly to cf and Randy Boone replaced Keith on the mound. Keith ended up pitching 1.1 innings and gave up 2 runs on 1 hit with a walk and a hit batter. Randy pitched the final 1.2 innings. He gave up no runs on 1 hit with 0 walks and 1 strikeout.

On the offensive side of things, Nick hit the only home run of the day for the Horns. He went 3-for-5 and was a triple short of hitting for the cycle. Alas. He scored 2 runs. Jordan Danks went 2-for-5 with 2 runs batted in. Chance Wheeless went 2-for-6 with 2 doubles and 4 runs scored. Huh? That's what the boxscore says! So, I went through the play-by-play to find that he: (1) reached on a fielder's choice and scored, (2) doubled and scored, (3) doubled and scored again, (4) reached on a fielder's choice and did not score; (5) reached on a fielder's choice and scored; and (6) flew out to cf. Kyle Russell went 2-for-6 with a triple, 2 runs scored, and 2 runs batted in. Bradley Suttle went 1-for-3 with a run scored and 3 batted in. Preston Clark went 1-for-3 with a run scored and 1 batted in. Travis Tucker went 0-for-4 with a run batted in. Josh Prince went 2-for-4 with a run batted in. Kyle Lusson started as the dh today and it appears he did not have a very good day. He went 0-for-2. Chais Fuller pinch hit and went 0-for-0 with a sac bunt. Michael Demperio pinch ran for Chais and scored a run. He stayed in for an at-bat (!) but went 0-for-1.

So, Horns win 11-6. And, starts the series off on the right foot. Hook 'em!

By the by, I haven't included the line lately so here 'tis for today's game:

Texas 102 021 050 - 11141
Kansas 020 020 020 - 672

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Schedule note

Just a quick FYI. My mom called an hour or so ago to tell me she'd heard that the start times for today's and Friday's games were changed due to cold weather (brrrrrrrr) in Kansas. The TexasSports.com page is reporting that the start times have been moved to 3 o'clock.

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Wednesday - April 4, 2007

Probably not

From today's story in the Statesman about last night's game:

The Longhorns came back quickly thanks to Bradley Suttle, whose season would be receiving more attention if it weren't for Kyle Russell's home-run barrage.

Suttle turned a three-run deficit into a one-run lead when he lifted an 0-1 pitch over the right-field fence for a grand slam in the third inning.

"I think that's the first one of my career," said Suttle, who sparked a seven-run third to give the Horns a 7-4 lead. "I know it's the first one in college. And I can't remember if I had one in high school."

He can't remember?

"Nope," Suttle said. "That probably means I didn't have one."

Heh heh. Probably not.

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Game 35: UT-San Antonio at Texas

For some reason I kept thinking about something I heard Spike Dykes say on the radio several years ago. He was asked what he thought about the upcoming game and he said:

"It's gonna be a slobber-knocker out there."

I laughed and laughed. And, never forgot that saying. And, I always hear it in his voice in my head. I'd never heard such a thing. And, frankly, have not heard it again. But, last night's game probably qualifies as a slobber-knocker. Probably. I'm not really versed in the finer points of the "slobber-knocker" but I'm guessing last night's game just might've been one.

Texas won 14-9. They fell behind early (0-4 in the 3rd) but scored 7 in the bottom of the 3rd to take the lead. Four of those 7 came on a grand slam by Bradley Suttle! The Horns had a 10-5 lead in the 6th when UTSA's Michael Rockett hit his own grand slam to bring the Raodrunners within 1. Wow. I don't believe I've ever seen two grand slams hit in one game. Grand slams are pretty rare. Two in one game? Wow.

And, here's how things went:


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Monday - April 2, 2007

Alumni news: Kainer update

We spotted Carson Kainer at Disch-Falk a couple of times early in the season. He looked to be in fine form. And, today I found a very nice article about him on the mlb.com site. Quote:

Other than two NBA players, Sean Elliott and Alonzo Mourning, no major professional athletes have been known to resume their careers after having kidney transplants.

"One thing that keeps me going and working harder is knowing I have a chance to be a pioneer for the sport," Kainer said.


Because of his condition, Kainer will not begin at the Rookie League level with the Reds right away as originally hoped. Cincinnati was aware of his situation and drafted him anyway.

"It was a decision based on his career at Texas," said Grant Griesser, the Reds assistant director of player development. "He was a really good hitter there. Once the medical clearance that he could do this was given by his surgeon, I think the scouting department figured this would be a good guy to get into the mix, get him down here and see what we can do with him."

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Alumni news: releases and roster moves

I have not been following the transactions news this year at all. I happened to glance at a transactions list today, though, and saw that several Texas Exes were released by their teams: the Diamondbacks released Will Crouch, the Astros released Nate Warrick, the Brewers released Gerrit Simpson, the Phillies released Tim Moss, and the Rangers released Buck Cody. That's too bad. I hope they sign with new teams soon.

In other news: the A's sent Brad Halsey and Scott Dunn to the minors, the Devil Rays sent J.P. Howell to the minors, the Orioles sent Brandon Fahey to the minors.

I need to find time to check up on the rest of our Alumni but I don't have any idea when I'll have time to do that!

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Sunday - April 1, 2007

Game 34: Oklahoma at Texas

Hey, folks. Sorry for not posting earlier. I came home, made a pot of soup, and took some of it to some friends. And, we chatted the evening away. And, now I'm back home and have time to post about the second miserable Sunday in a row. For Texas Baseball fans. How happy can we all be that the Horns will not be playing this coming Sunday? They will have the third of a 3-game series...but it'll be played on a Saturday. Whew.

Texas lost to the Sooners today 2-5. They didn't play a very good game. They had their moments. But, they couldn't put enough of those moments together to make a difference. They actually started off well. Travis Tucker reached on an Astroturf single that bounced over the short stop's head. Chance Wheeless then reached on a bunt toward the pitcher. On the play, the pitcher stumbled, fell, and was unable to field the ball. The OU catcher picked Travis off at 2b on the first pitch to Jordan Danks. Jordan then reached on a single that glanced off the second baseman's glove. So, that was three singles to start off the game. But, all three of them were flukes of one sort or another. Bradley Suttle then hit a ball that seemed destined for the cf/rf gap. It was the best-hit ball of the inning. Alas, the right fielder caught up to the ball. Chance, thinking the ball would fall in, was about two-thirds of the way to 3b. The OU right fielder threw Chance out at 2b for an easy double play. The Horns went down in order in the 2nd and threatened in the 3rd when Chais Fuller led off with a walk and moved to 2b on a sac bunt by Nick Peoples. Alas, he was stranded there. In the 4th, Jordan reached on a double to rf. (I would've scored it a single with an error by the right fielder...but I wasn't the official scorer so I'm going with what he/she decided.) Jordan moved to 3b on a ground out to 2b by Bradley. He then scored on a sac fly by Kyle Russell to rf. Preston Clark followed the sac fly with a monster home run over the new Texas bullpen in lf. There was no doubt about that ball the second it left Preston's bat. And, that was it. Chais reached on a triple to start off the 5th. It was yet another fluke of a hit. The ball was a high fly ball to no-man's land near the rf line. It fell between the first baseman, the second baseman, and the right fielder. It bounced high over the right fielder's head and Chais reached 3b rather easily. Nick hit a grounder to ss. Chais broke for home and was thrown out easily. Nick stole 2b and moved to 3b on a throwing error during Travis' at-bat. Alas, Travis popped out to ss and Chance flew out to rf. Two runners at 3b in the inning and neither managed to score. The OU closer went into the game after that and that was pretty much it for the Horns.

On the other side of things, Joseph Krebs got the start and went 4+ innings. He got into a bit of trouble in the 3rd and gave up a run on 3 hits. He got into trouble again in the 4th and just squeaked his way out of it without giving up any runs. Sadly, he started off the 4th by giving up back-to-back singles. The first batter hit a ball up the middle to reach. The next batter bunted down the 1b line. Chance fielded the ball and looked to 2b, realized he couldn't make the play, and ended up too late to make the play at 1b. So, Keith Shinaberry went in at the plate. He struck out the first batter he faced but gave up a single (rbi) to the next. Pat McCrory then went in. He walked the first batter he faced, allowed the runners to advance on a wild pitch, and then gave up a 2-run single. Preston Clark caught that runner stealing a few pitches later. Oddly, Keith ended up with the loss. He threw 8 pitches and was saddled with the loss. He gave up a single, though, and that runner ended up scoring the 3rd run of the game. You don't often see someone throw 8 pitches and end up losing a game. Not very often at all. Austin Wood pitched the 6th, 7th, and 8th. For the most part, he looked pretty good. He did give up a solo shot in the 8th. Randy Boone threw a very efficient 3-up/3-down 9th. The Texas pitchers gave up 11 hits, walked 3, and struck out 6.

Frankly, I kept expecting the Horns would come back today and win the game. But, they just couldn't get things going. They had a terrible 5th and that proved to be more than enough to give the Sooners their first win at Disch-Falk since 1997. Yep, 1997. Ah well.

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That 2-out bunt

So, remember the bases-loaded 2-out bunt Chance hit in Friday's game to score the the first run of the game? Dad sent me a note telling me they talked about the bunt in the Statesman:

Wheeless, the team's best bunter, took a chance and laid down a perfect bunt single with two outs and the bases loaded to give Texas a 1-0 lead in the second inning.

"It wasn't the typical situation to bunt in - bases loaded, two outs - and nobody was expecting it," Wheeless said. "So with a good bunt and reasonable speed, anybody can make it to first."

Garrido said it was a heads-up play.

"If the player doesn't put that on himself, it never works," said Garrido [...]. "If I put it on, it scares the hell out of them."

I love the fact that the only person who knew the bunt was coming was Chance. And, that it worked!

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Intro music

Over the last few games, we've been trying to figure just out what Russell Moldenhauer's song is about. You can clearly hear something along the lines of: "Here comes the... Here comes the... Here comes the..."

The what? We didn't know. Absolutely none of the folks I sit with are young/hip/whatever enough to have any knowledge of 95% of the music the players use for their "intro" themes. I remembered that the folks at the TexasSports.com page had posted a list of intro themes last year so I went looking to see if they'd posted a new one for this year's gang. And, lo, they have!!

And, apparently, Russell's song is touting the coming of the "Boom"! So, that's that. It's a song by someone named Nelly. I looked him up on iTunes and he's there. But the song isn't.

Do be sure to check out that list o' songs. It might be somewhat instructional. I'm not sure. Some of the names made me laugh. "Top of the Food Chain" is Adrian's song. Heh. I was extremely entertained to see that Chance Wheeless has a Miles Davis song for his intro. Miles Davis! Say, what??? Heh. Was it J. Brent Cox a few years ago that had George Strait's "The Fireman"? I could truly and honestly appreciate that one. Otherwise? I mostly just shrug my shoulders at the songs. Nick Peoples had a Pink Floyd song last year. I loved it. This year? Something by someone calling themselves Tool. Huh? In the "old school" category this year (besides the Miles Davis thing, of course) we have Hunter Harris with "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood. Sigh...

Okay. Now I've gone and done it. I went on YouTube (and then to various other sites) to see if I could find some of this music. Oh, my. I don't think I was really ready for what I found:

Ugh. That was rather painful. I really am too old for the almost all of the "music" on this list. See how old I am? I had to use air quotes! Ouch.

And, just so I'll have a "handy" copy of the link in case I can't find it next time I go looking, here's a link to the list for the 2006 squad.

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