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Saturday - March 23, 2013

Throwing in the towel

Hmmm...well, that didn't last long, did it? Sorry about that. It looks like I truly have lost my "passion" for this project. I'm not really sure why. A combination of things, I guess:

  1. Doing game reports takes a lot of time and effort. It can easily eat up 2 or 3 hours to do one of my "in-depth" reports. I just don't seem to want to put the time in these days. I'd rather go watch a band play some music.
  2. The Longhorn Network. I know it's always been about money around here. But with the advent of the LHN, the Athletic Department has basically given up all pretense about caring about the local fans. Everything is scheduled to maximize the fabled TV audience. You used to be able to count on games starting at a set time pretty much every day. Now? Who knows when a game will start. You can bet it will depend on what else is going on that day on the LHN, though. It's depressing to those of us in the stands.
  3. We cannot get any help from the Athletic department. They used to tweet the starting lineups for both teams before games. That made things so much easier to get my score sheet ready. Now? I've asked multiple times for opposing lineups. Not only will they not post then, they won't even acknowledge my requests. Then, when Bob Cole (God love him) starts saying the lineup over the PA, he cannot say it in a uniform way. Batter number, name, jersey number, position. That's what we want. In any order you please but, please, in the same order for each player as you go down the list. And, slow enough that we can catch all the info. Nope. Info for each batter is given in a random order, much too quickly, and half the time, we get no jersey number at all. It's frustrating. I hate playing catch-up during the game.

Huh. That's only three things. Oh well. Those are enough. I'm done whining. I just wanted y'all to know what's up. I am basically throwing in the towel...for the time being. I will probably occasionally post updates. But, it won't be on a regular basis. Trying to post an update for every game means I don't post anything because I can never catch up.

I'll try to post when I feel like there's something interesting or noteworthy to post. But, no promises.

Hook 'em, Horns!

Posted by Joanna at 11:24 AM