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Tuesday - February 19, 2013

Game 4: UT-Arlington at Texas

I went to the Cactus and watched Hayes Carll put on a fantastic show this evening...which resulted in me missing tonight's baseball game. It looks like the Horns managed to do enough to win their game against UT-Arlington by a score of 2-1. Yikes. That's too close for my comfort.

A 1-out 2-run single by Erich Weiss in the third drove in both of UT's runs and proved to be the game winning hit. The Horns were out-hit and charged with an error so it looks like they had a bit of luck on their side.

Chad Hollingsworth (Freshman from Waco) got the start, went 5 innings, and came away with his first win as a Texas Longhorn. Corey Knebel threw the last 2 innings for another save. On Sunday, he reduced his ERA by an order of magnitude; this evening he reduced it by another half and has it down to 4.5. Nice.

Here's the line (from GameTracker):

[Final line score]

And, a link to the GameTracker replay as well.

And, more links:

It's always interesting reading through the play-by-play. In the 9th it says: "Lawrence grounded out to 3b unassisted, SAC, bunt; Dyvig advanced to second." Wait? What? He hit an unassisted sac bunt to 3b? Huh? How does that work? Surely that's wrong? So I decide I'll go to GameTracker and see what it says. Alas, it's not nearly as helpful. As it were. It abruptly ends saying: "Lawrence grounded out to c unassisted, SAC; Shortall out at second c unassisted." That's even more unintelligible! The recap actually mentions the final two outs of the ninth but fails to explain how the runner got to 2b. Oh well.

Side note: I got email from someone in Ohio (hi, Ruy) who claims he actually has access to the Longhorn Network and is able to watch these games on Cable TV. Can you imagine? I cannot. If I had access to this fabled LHN, I could actually record the games when I went out to listen to music, and I could (maybe) tell you what really happened there in the 9th. Maybe. But, I don't. So, we'll just have to live with the confusion. I guess.

Next up...Nebraska comes back to town. I'll be missing the Friday game but should be there on Saturday and Sunday. I'm hoping for a sweep this weekend! Hook 'em, Horns!

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