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Friday - February 15, 2013

Game 1: Sacramento State at Texas

The Horns hosted Sacramento State in their season opener this evening. It was cold. Not as cold as it's ever been at Disch-Falk but cold. It's amazing how Disch-Falk is the coldest place in Austin this time of year. It got down to 48 according to the scoreboard temperature read-out. We had a pretty steady (cold) wind blowing in from the north and it even rained a bit during the latter half of the game. The Horns were cruising along quite smoothly with Parker French on the mound. They scored a quick run in the first, 3 in the third, and had two more single runs in the fifth and seventh. And, then things got terribly interesting. Toller Boardman went to the mound for Texas and loaded the bases on a single, a double, and a hit batter. After a quick visit from Coach Johnson, he went on to throw a 7-pitch walk to give up the first run of the game. So, the Horns sent Corey Knebel to the mound to save the day. Only...he didn't. Knebel gave up a 2-run double and a 1-run single before walking the bases full. He gave up a run on a wild pitch...and then walked the bases full again. Texas sent Ty Marlow to the mound. Jacob Felts promptly picked off the runner at 3b for the first out of the inning. Whew. The batter fouled off a bazillion pitches before finally reaching on a pop-up that fell safely between the second baseman, the center fielder, and the right fielder. Luckily, the base-runners had to hold up to see if the ball would be caught so they ended up with the bases loaded and 1 out. Thanks to that pick-off, the tying run did not score. The next better popped out to 2b. Erich Weiss had a heck of a time tracking the ball down as it twisted around in the wind but he caught it. The final batter struck out swinging. Whew. The Horns went on to win 6-5.

So, Parker French got his first win of the year and Ty Marlow, Junior transfer from McLennan College (and older brother to Brooks Marlow), got his first save as a Longhorn. The offensive star of the game was Mark Payton who went 4-for-5 with 3 runs batted in, 2 runs scored, and a double. CJ Hinojosa was close on his heels, going 3-for-3 with a run batted in, a double, and a walk.

Here's the line (from GameTracker):

[Final line score]

And, a link to the GameTracker replay as well.

On a serious note, we had a medical emergency in our section in the bottom of the first. I was doing my score-keeping thing when the woman that sits in front of me tapped me on the leg and told me to call 9-1-1...that the man a couple of rows down from her was having a seizure. I knew there was no point in calling 9-1-1...that it would take forever to explain where we were and what was going on (if they could hear me at all over the noise of the crowd) so I took off running down the stairs and found an usher with a radio and told him what was up. He promptly called in a request for EMS and I pointed out where the man in distress was. I ran back up to let his wife know that EMS was on their way. I asked if they needed anything else...some water maybe...but she said no. She was pretty calm, all things considered. He seemed very groggy and dazed. She was propping him up as best she could and one of the folks who usually sits near me had gone down to help her hold him. We then waited on the EMS folks. After about 30 seconds I suppose (although it seemed much longer) a stretcher appeared at the far end of the concourse with a couple of EMS folks pushing it (very casually, it seemed to me) in our direction. They glanced up and I, along with several other folks, waved our arms so they'd know where to go. They eventually got to our section and then somewhat deliberately shouldered their bags and headed up the stairs. I got out of the way and went back to my seats as soon as they started up the stairs. The complete lack of urgency on the part of the EMS folks was somewhat disconcerting and, frankly, weird. After a few minutes, they brought some sort of chair up and got the man moved to it. They then maneuvered it down the stairs. The man was not in good shape. I hope he'll be okay. He and his wife have had those seats for years and years...at least 10, I'd guess. We watched their son grow from a gangly pre-teen to a nice-looking young man who I'm guessing is off at college. Their seats are too far away for me to "know" them, though, other than to just wave as I pass their row heading up to mine.

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