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Sunday - January 30, 2011

2011 Alumni Game

The weather was gorgeous for the Alumni game yesterday. Yay! They played a full 9 innings and the 2011 Longhorns won the game 6-3. As usual with this sort of thing, they played fast and loose with substitution rules. In fact, several pitchers from the current squad pitched for the alumni team! It really looked like everyone had a good time.

By the way, Kyle Russell hit a homerun during batting practice with one of the horrible new bats...not sure if anyone else did but that was the only one hit while I was watching. I did arrive rather late, though, and missed the 2011 squad's turn at batting practice.

Here's who suited up on the Alumni side of things: Burt Hooton (manager), Randy Boone, Jordan Danks, David Hernandez, Bryan Herrera, Robby Hudson, Kenn Kasparek, Kevin Keyes, Joseph Krebbs, Sam LeCure, Kyle Lusson, Kyle McCulloch, Russell Moldenhauer, Omar Quintanilla, J.D. Reininger, Connor Rowe, Chance Ruffin, Cameron Rupp, Kyle Russell, Huston Street, Drew Stubbs, Bradley Suttle, Taylor Teagarden, Austin Wood, and Brandon Workman. Several of the players who suited up did not actually play, including: Krebbs, LeCure, Lusson, Street, Wood, and Workman. No idea what was up with that!

Starting lineups...

And, yes, they Alumni started with 14 batters. And, they played the bottom of the 9th despite the fact that the home team was ahead after the top of the 9th.

The line:

[Final line score]

And, here's how things played out...

It was a fun day at Disch-Falk. I'm so glad the weather held up. We've got an arctic blast headed into town on Tuesday and will have a couple of days with highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s. Brrrr...

The season officially gets under way on February 18th when Maryland comes to town for a 4-game weekend series.

Hook 'em!

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Monday - January 24, 2011

Alumni game news

You do realize that the Alumni game is already upon us, right?

Names of some of the players expected to show up (according to the team's twitter feed):

As of now, the expected high on Saturday is 67. 'Hope that holds up!

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Friday - January 7, 2011

Photo: Kevin Keyes and Kevin Lusson (March 21, 2010)

And, so...Kevin Keyes taking a lead off 1b with Kevin Lusson at the plate in the Nebraska game on March 21st...

[Kevin Keyes and Kevin Lusson]

Let me know if there's a player from the 2010 season you really want to see a photo of and I'll see what I can do.

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Thursday - January 6, 2011

Photo: Cole Green (April 10, 2010)

In the spirit of yesterday's post, I present...Cole Green, warming up during the Kansas game on April 10th...

[Cole Green]

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Wednesday - January 5, 2011

Photo: Taylor Jungmann (June 12, 2010)

So, one of my big plans for my baseball page when play wrapped up in June was to post some of the photos I took during the spring that I never managed to get uploaded 'cause I was too busy. I was thinking I'd maybe post one a week or so.

Ummm...yeah. That didn't happen. 'Glad I didn't post my intentions and get anyone's hopes up. Anyway, I posted a photo to my photo blog about 30 minutes ago and remembered my thoughts regarding this here baseball blog and decided to go ahead and post something here as well.

And so...Taylor Jungmann, warming up during the TCU game on June 12th...

[Taylor Jungmann]

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