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Sunday - October 17, 2010

Fall Ball, Game 3: Vanderbilt at Texas

The Horns showed up for today's game. A little late but they showed. They ended up beating Vanderbilt 7-5 in the final Fall Ball game of the year. The line (according to my own scorecard...I did not remember to check out the final line on the scoreboard before leaving the park):

Team 123 456 789 101112 RHE
Vanderbilt 101 300 000 000 5 13 2
Texas 000 030 120 001 7 8 2

So...four errors. Pitchers committed 3 of those: 2 bad throws to 1b on bunt attempts and 1 bad pick-off throw. Yikes. The final error was committed by Loy on a throw from ss to 1b. Kirby Bellow had just come into the game at 1b...Tant Shepherd might've dug that throw out of the "dirt" but there's really no way to know that.

On the pitching side of things, Cole Green and Sam Stafford combined to give up all 5 Vandy runs (1 unearned) in the first four innings of the game. Texas used 8 pitchers in today's scrimmage and they combined to strike out 12 batters, give up 2 extra-base hits, walk 2 batters, and they committed 1 error and 1 balk. Individual numbers went like so...

I did not make much of an attempt to keep up with defensive substitutions. Since the teams (mostly the Longhorns) were being fast and loose with substitutions, I didn't think it was really worth the effort. But, I did note who batted and how they did. Individual numbers went like so...

There were no stolen base attempts by either team. Things that make you go hmmm...

Anyway, here's how the game played out...

And, that does it for Fall Ball. The Horns definitely showed improvement over the course of the three games which was great to see.

Also, see Donald Boyles' College Baseball Blog report for his take on the game plus photos.

The next action for the Horns will be Fan Appreciation Day plus the Alumni Game at the end of January. Here's hoping it won't be too terribly cold that day!

Hook 'em!

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Fall Ball, Game 2: Vanderbilt at Texas

Sorry for being late with this. Texas lost their second Fall Ball game on Friday evening...this time losing 2-7 to Vanderbilt. It was another scheduled 12-inning scrimmage with loose substitution rules. The line:

Team 123 456 789 101112 RHE
Vanderbilt 002 200 100 020 7 13 0
Texas 000 110 000 000 2 5 1

In general, I think the Horns looked better than they did last weekend. But, they're still not getting any hits. Remember the bat thing? It seems that Vandy's using a different brand of bat. It didn't have the same ear-splitting clang that the Texas bats have when the bat didn't square exactly with the ball. I'm sure there's some sort of sponsorship agreement in place that won't allow Texas to change bat manufacturers but...ugh...the Texas bats sound just awful. And, maybe it's our hitters (I really doubt it) but the Vandy bats seemed to have more of a sweet spot and appeared to be a bit more forgiving.

I didn't keep score but I took notes. The five Texas hits:

Not much going on offensively. Jonathan Walsh reached on a walk in the 2nd but was picked off. Montalbano was hit by a pitch in the 8th but Silver hit into a double play in the next at-bat. Payton reached on a 1-out walk in the 9th but that was followed by another double play (this time hit into by Brandon Loy). Walla walked in the 10th. Lucas Kephart then popped out to cf and Walsh hit into a 1-6-3 bang-bang double play.

All-in-all, not a great day at the plate for the Horns.

Defensively, there were a couple of nice highlights. The play of the game went to Walla in cf who made a beautiful running dive to catch a ball hit toward the lf gap in the 2nd. Beautiful play. Loy started a nice 6-4-3 double play and then made a fantastic stop deep in the hole at ss in the 7th to end the inning after Vandy had managed to load the bases.

Taylor Jungmann started for the Horns and was charged with the first four Vanderbilt runs. Vanderbilt went down in order in the first two innings but then capitalized on a lead-off walk and a double in the 3rd. Three singles, a stolen base, and a walk led to two more runs in the 4th. Kirby Bellow threw the 5th and 6th...scoreless with a single. Josh Urban threw the 7th and 8th. A lead-off walk scored in the 7th but he threw a 1-2-3 eighth. Corey Knebel pitched the 9th and 10th. He gave up a lead-off double and walked a batter in the 9th but no further damage done. A lead-off walk and single were squashed when the defense turned another 6-4-3 double-play behind him in the 10th. Hoby Milner threw the 11th and gave up a 1-out double followed by a triple and a single to allow the final two runs of the game for Vanderbilt. Stayton Thomas, who's in the mix for the closer role this year, threw the 12th and gave up a 1-out double (runner stranded at 3b).

The Horns seemed a bit more relaxed on Friday than they were last week but still don't seem to have a lot of fire. I'm very interested to see how things go this afternoon. Especially after they watched what the football team did to Nebraska yesterday.

Also, check out Donald Boyles' report for the College Baseball Blog (includes some nice photos).

Hook 'em!

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Sunday - October 10, 2010

More net

I forgot to note something in my earlier post. UT has extended the protective netting between home plate and the crowd. It used to curve around the backstop area and stop at the "inner" edges of the dugouts (the edges closest to home plate). Now, it extends to the "outer" edges of both dugouts. I'm sure that'll make things a lot safer for the crowd. But it cuts down on the net-free photo-taking angles quite a bit. It also means fewer foul balls will be going home as souvenirs.

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Fall Ball, Game 1: Texas State at Texas

Texas lost 0-9 to Texas State in a scheduled 12-inning scrimmage this afternoon. Ouch. I made an effort to keep score with the iScore app on my iPhone even though I knew the teams would be loose with substitution rules. I gave up in the 6th when the Horns skipped Cole Green (who started as one of the DHs) and then sent him to the plate two batters later. iScore has an option to skip a batter without penalty but I couldn't figure out how to put him back into the lineup without replacing a batter. Sigh...

Offensively, the Horns were pretty disappointing today. They only managed to get three hits on the board...all singles. The Bobcats ended up with 9 hits, including only one extra-base hit to the best of my recollection (it was a double). The new bats were the talk of the town. Nobody seems happy with them...to this point. I suspect that they'll benefit teams like Texas in the long run...especially when we play teams that are built for Gorilla Ball. But, in the short run, the Horns just could not hit the ball today. That's not to say that Texas State did much better for the first 9 innings. I think both teams were tied at 2 hits through regulation...with Texas trailing 0-1 on an unearned run as the teams went into the 10th inning.

Things fell apart defensively in the 10th and 11th when the Horns gave up 7 runs. It was not pretty.

In general, I thought the pitchers looked pretty good...especially early on. But, overall, the team looked flat and uninspired.

Link to the story on the TexasSports.com page.

Here's hoping things go better against Vanderbilt next week. Two games are on tap: Friday at 5 and Sunday at 1. Hook 'em!

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Monday - October 4, 2010

Five dollars

Five dollars. That's what Texas is charging on Sunday for the game against Texas State. No really. They're charging for Fall Ball. That's never happened before at Disch-Falk. I realize there hasn't been much Fall Ball to see over the years. I mean...it used to just be the Orange/White series. But, now we've started playing Fall games against other teams. And, it's no longer a "treat" for the fans. Now it's a money-making opportunity. Too bad.

I'll still be there. Of course.

I wonder if people will turn around and leave when asked to pay up. 'Cause most folks showing up won't be expecting to pay.

All change is bad.

And...hey! You! Kid! Get off my lawn!

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Sunday - October 3, 2010

2011 schedule released

Texas finally released the 2011 schedule. Check it out.

First thought: lots of home games. In fact...all our games before conference play starts are home games except for a late-February series in Hawaii. I don't think I'll be making the trip. Heh. I like that our last series ends at home against the Aggies. That makes for a good Senior Day vibe.

And...yay!...Fall Ball vs. Texas State just 7 days away.

Hook 'em!

PS: Oh. And, no games against Rice. I hope they get back on the schedule soon.

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