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Tuesday - July 6, 2010

Cole Green...staying or leaving?

Here's the latest from Alan Trubow regarding that question. Cole Green says he will sign if the Tigers come up with the signing bonus he and his parents set; if they don't, he'll return to Texas for his senior year.

As an aside, the article also says that Kevin Keyes (contrary to what's been posted to Twitter) has not yet signed.

Quick update (a few minutes later): it's official, according to the Nationals' transaction page as of yesterday, Kevin Keyes will not be coming back to Texas for his senior season. And, now this post is more about Keyes than Green. How did that happen?

Another quick update. The article was changed to reflect the fact that Keyes has signed so that earlier bit now makes no sense. Yay!

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Sunday - July 4, 2010

Alumni News: Stubbs hits 3 homers today

Just in case you missed the news, Drew Stubbs hit 3 homers today in a 14-3 win by the Reds over the Cubs. Entertainingly, just yesterday, an article on cincinnati.com reported on Stubbs' recent struggles at the plate.

Go, Drew!

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