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Wednesday - January 28, 2009

The Alumni game is back

Wow. I didn't think they'd bring the Alumni game back. But, lo: Baseball Alumni Game returns after one-year hiatus. That's a link to the official announcement. It's set for February 8th at 1 in the afternoon. 'Hope it's not too cold.

The list of players expected to play on the "old guy" squad: Randy Boone, J. Brent Cox, Brandon Fahey, Robby Hudson, Seth Johnston, Carson Kainer, Joseph Krebs, Dustin Majewski, Kyle McCulloch, Nick Peoples, James Russell, Kyle Russell, Huston Street, Drew Stubbs, Taylor Teagarden, Curtis Thigpen, Chance Wheeless and Kyle Yates. Cool.

I do hope it's not too cold and that it doesn't get rained out.

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Sunday - January 25, 2009

Inning by Inning news

I promised I'd post news about the Richard Linklater's documentary about Coach Garrido ("Inning by Inning: A Portrait of a Coach") when I got it. So, here I am! Yesterday, I got a note pointing out that it's now listed and available for pre-order at Amazon. According to the Amazon listing, the DVD will be released on April 24th. Have at it!

Thanks to Stu for bringing this to my attention.

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Friday - January 23, 2009

Coach Garrido update

At a press conference this afternoon, DeLoss Dodds announced that Coach Garrido will receive a 4-game suspension as a result of his DWI arrest. Additional terms of the suspension were not disclosed. See this Bevo Beat blog post for more info. The post includes a rather lengthy video clip of the statement made by the coach at the press conference. I suspect there will be a more detailed story in the Statesman soon. When it shows up, I'll add a link.

UPDATE. As promised, a link to the Statesman's story: Garrido apologizes, gets four-game suspension by Alan Trubow.

UPDATE #2 (Jan. 24). The TexasSports.com page has finally posted something. They posted a transcript of the press conference. By the way, I use the term "press conference" very loosely. I did not realize when I posted the link yesterday that DeLoss Dodds did not take any questions. He made a statement, Augie made a statement, and that was that. I guess that's no big surprise, but I do find it disappointing. I also find it disappointing (but, again, not surprising) that the Athletic Department did not post anything at all to the web page for a full week. Sigh...

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Tuesday - January 20, 2009

Quick notes

Just popping in to post a few quick links:

UPDATE (Jan. 21): A short quote from Coach Garrido.

UPDATE #2 (late Jan. 21): And, three more links from the Statesman (it's almost like football's over and baseball's about to start up or something)...

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Saturday - January 17, 2009

The pitchers

While looking for more info on the DWI news, I stumbled across a story the local FOX station did on the pitchers' strength and conditioning workouts. Here's the link to the FOX 7 story.

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Bad news about Coach Garrido

Coach Garrido was arrested for DWI last night. He's been suspended indefinitely by UT. See the Statesman's story for details. I know nothing more than what's posted there. Sigh...

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