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Sunday - March 2, 2008

Game 7: Texas at Rice (Houston College Classic at Minute Maid Park)

Today's game (Saturday's game, actually, since this didn't get posted until 12:30 in the morning on Sunday) against Rice was set to start at 7 o'clock. Alas, the Texas Tech vs. Tennessee game was only in its 3rd inning at 7. The first game of the day (OU vs. Houston) went 10 innings and lasted over 3-and-one-half hours before OU finally won 8-5. That 2nd game started just over an hour late and didn't end until after 8 (Tech won 7-3, by the way...putting the Big 12 up on the day). Which meant the Texas game couldn't start until about 9. Which, yes, means they started 2 hours late. Yikes.

Today's line-up (facing Rice starter Cole St. Clair): (1) Travis Tucker at 3b, (2) Michael Torres at 2b, (3) Jordan Danks in cf, (4) Preston Clark at dh, (5) Brandon Belt at 1b, (6) Kyle Russell in rf, (7) Cameron Rupp at c, (8) Kevin Keyes in lf, and (9) David Hernandez at ss. Note that Kyle Russell moved down a couple of spots in the line-up. Kenn Kasparek started for the Horns. And, Rice got the home team nod.

And, things went thusly:

Texas loses 4-10. Ouch.

Coach Garrido spent a lot of time pacing in the dugout during tonight's game. He was clearly not happy with the team's performance.

In the post-game visit, Coach Garrido said it's a situation where we had 3 really good innings. Unfortunately the game lasted 9 innings. It shows how much the team needs to do to win at a high level. The team is seeing how fast the game plays at this level and had a hard time with the speed of the game. The defensive players' skills and quickness are being challenged. This game belonged to Rice and reveals where the Horns are and where they need to be. He thinks we have good athletes that can learn and can get the job done. (That's more-or-less what was said...the stupid field mike kept cutting out.)

And, with that...I'm headed to bed. 'Night.

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