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Saturday - March 29, 2008

Game 25: Nebraska at Texas

Quick shout out to Goeff who told me before this evening's game that I was very lucky I had to work yesterday and missed the first game of the series. Too bad I didn't have to work tonight!

Oh. It wasn't that bad. It wasn't good, though. Texas lost 0-2. The main problem? A pitcher from Nebraska named Thad Weber. He gave up lead-off singles in the 1st and 3rd. And, that was it. Well, not quite, he also gave up lead-off walks in the 5th and 7th. The Nebraska second baseman committed an error to allow the lead-off batter aboard in the 2nd. That pitcher, though. He was a buzz saw. Ugh. The Horns could not get two (or more) men aboard at the same time all evening. If a second batter did get aboard in an inning, it was a result of a fielder's choice cutting down the first. Did I mention the fact that Weber pitched a complete game? He didn't even get his first strikeout until the 6th. And, then he ended the game with 5 of 'em. Geesh. And, sigh...

Austin Wood started for the Horns and faced the minimum through the 4th inning. The defense made a couple of very nice plays behind him, including turning a double play in the 3rd. He got into a bit of trouble in the 5th but a beautiful play by Pat McCrory brought that to a halt. Alas, the 6th. Kline led off the 6th with a double to the cf/rf gap. He stumbled after crossing 2b (I'm not sure if he was trying to go back to 2b or what but he fell to the ground in pain) and was a pretty easy out. He got up and walked off the field under his own power...and ended up staying in the game. Belfonte then grounded out to 2b. Mort hit a (2-out, don't forget) double to lf. Michael Torres (starting in lf for the 2nd time) dove for the ball and missed it. No error was charged but, if he'd stayed on his feet, it would've been a single. No matter, though, because Opitz walked (full-count). And then Abeita singled, sending Mort home and putting runners at the corners. And, then Corriston doubled over Michael's head in lf, driving in the second run of the game. Farst finally grounded out to 1b for the 3rd out of the inning. Cole Green pitched the final 2.2 innings of the game for the Horns and did his own buzz-saw impersonation.

So, take away the top of the 6th and the teams played pretty much the same game. Too bad the top of the 6th counts.

On a positive note, Texas went with yesterday's defensive setup (Torres, Danks, and Russell in the outfield; McCrory, Hernandez, Tucker, and Belt around the infield; and Clark behind the plate) and it seemed to hold up rather nicely. The buzz-saw, alas, did the team in.

Please: no sweep tomorrow. I went looking and found the last time the Horns were swept in a 3-game series at home. It was before the Garrido era started. Although, there's an eerie twist to that note. Here's hoping that record stays just the way it is.

Hook 'em!

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