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Monday - March 24, 2008

Game 23: Oral Roberts at Texas

Well. All-in-all, that was downright painful. Texas did manage to win. But, oh...my. Did they have to go about it like that? Really? Sigh...

Here's the line:

Oral Roberts 001 000 300 0 - 460
Texas 300 000 100 1 - 575

I did not make that up. Texas up to bat in the 1st: Michael Torres leads off with a double to the lf/cf gap. Travis Tucker follows that with a full-count walk. Jordan Danks then hits a homerun over the lf wall. And, we all thought it was just gonna be one of those days. Ha! What kind of fools are we? Look at that line again. 5 runs. 5 errors. Oh. My.

Error #1: charged to David Hernandez in the 3rd. With a runner at 1b, the ORU batter hit a ball toward the hole between 1b and 2b. Brandon Belt fielded the ball and threw to David covering 2b to get the lead runner. Very nice play. Kyle Walker quickly covered hoping to complete the double-play. Alas, the throw was too late and way too high. It sailed into the Texas dugout, putting the runner at 2b. He went on to score.

Error #2: charged to Brandon Belt in the 5th. With a runner at 1b and 1 out, the ORU batter hit a grounder to 2b. Michael Torres fielded the ball cleanly and tossed it to David covering 2b to get the lead runner. Brandon Belt dropped the back-end throw from David on the double-play ball. Frankly, that's kind of an odd error to be handing out. But, the ump did rule the batter out...'til he saw that Brandon did not manage to keep hold of the ball. No runs scored, though.

Error #3, #4, and #5: charged to Travis Tucker, Michael Torres, and David Hernandez in the 7th. Yep. 3 errors in one inning. 2 on one play. Genao singled up the middle to start the inning for ORU. He moved to 2b when Price walked. Martinez then put a bunt down the 3b line. Stayton Thomas (who'd gone in at the start of the inning) made a very nice play to field the ball and get the lead runner out at 3b! Fantastic. Sadly, Travis Tucker threw off-line to 1b, trying to turn a double play. The ball went all the way to the wall and ricocheted back onto the field of play behind 1b. Michael Torres (who'd covered 1b on the bunt) ran after the ball and as he tried to reach down to pick it up, he kicked the ball past Kyle Russell who was charging in from rf. If Michael (or Kyle, for that matter) had managed to pick up the ball, we would've had runners at 2b and 3b with one out. Instead, with the ball headed into rf, both runners actually scored on the error. See? Two errors on one play. The next ORU batter (Duffy, leading the Golden Eagles in stolen bases) walked on 4 pitches. Which prompted a pitching change. With Minissale at the plate, Duffy stole 2b. Minissale then hit a line drive to ss. It wasn't right at David. It was more to his left and a bit low. But, he got to it in time and was in place to catch the ball in the air. Maybe he was anticipating a double play (catching Duffy off 2b) or something. Whatever it was, he took his eye off the ball for just long enough that he booted it into shallow rf. Duffy made it to 3b and Minissale reached safely. Duffy went on to score.


Texas had a chance to score an extra run in the 3rd and another in the 6th but did not capitalize. In the 3rd, Travis Tucker reached on a 1-out astroturf single (it bounced over the third baseman's head) and stole 2b. He moved to 3b when Jordan Danks grounded out to ss. He was stranded at 3b when Preston Clark grounded out to 3b. In the 6th, Travis reached on a lead-off walk. Again, he stole 2b (with Jordan, who went on to strike out, at the plate). He then moved to 3b on a wild pitch with Preston at the plate. Preston went on to walk, putting runners at the corners with 1 out. Brandon Belt lined out to ss. Runners still at the corners, now with 2 out. Preston stole 2b with Kyle Russell at the plate. Kyle went on to walk to load the bases. ORU changed pitchers and Cameron Rupp ended the threat by grounding into a 6-4 fielder's choice. Bah.

Kevin Keyes led off the 7th with a full-count towering homerun over the lf fence...just in front of the scoreboard. The next three batters went down in order. In the 8th, Jordan Danks started things off with a walk and was then thrown out on a fielder's choice. Preston Clark reached on the play. He then stole 2b (2nd steal of the game for Preston!) with Brandon Belt at the plate. Brandon flew out to lf. Preston moved to 3b on a wild pitch with Kyle Russell at the plate. Kyle walked (after getting behind 3-0, ORU threw an intentional 4th ball to turn it into an intentional walk) to put runners at the corners with 2 out. Cameron Rupp struck out looking to end the inning. Sigh...

In the 10th, Travis Tucker grounded out to 1b to start things off. Jordan Danks then singled through the right side. Preston Clark followed that with a single to cf. Runners at 1b and 2b with 1 out. Brandon Belt reached on a 4-6 fielder's choice. Runners at the corners with 2 out. Interestingly, ORU intentionally walked Kyle Russell to load the bases. The Horns sent Russell Moldenhauer in to pinch-hit for Cameron Rupp. Russell looked at a called first strike and then chopped at a ball that went down the 3b line. The catcher and pitcher both went after the ball. Neither could field cleanly and they collided. By the time the catcher managed to get his hand on the ball, it was too late to throw Russell out at 1b and Preston scored easily. Game over. Thankfully.

There's plenty more to say. But it's late and I'm tired.

Oh, wait. One more thing. Brandon Belt threw the final 1.2 innings to get the win (5 batters faced, 5 outs). The other particularly noteworthy pitching performance was Pat McCrory's; he pitched the 6th and struck out the side.

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