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Saturday - January 12, 2008

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 15

I went by Disch-Falk the Friday before Christmas and took some photos with every intention of posting the photos to this page during the Christmas break. But, that didn't happen. Yesterday, Esther asked if I was ever gonna post some new photos. So...here I am! Remember, these photos are about 3 weeks old.

First, a shot from beyond the scoreboard in lf:

[From behond lf]

Note that they've filled in the seating area in front of the press box...where the old press box used to be.

The new sky boxes on the 3b side of the field:

[The sky boxes on the 3b side of the grandstand]

Do you see what I see? Hand rails going up the stairs in the upper level! Woo hoo! You can see them in the next two photos as well.

Closer view of the new sky boxes on the 1b side:

[The edge of the grandstand on the 1b side]

The view in from the lf foul pole:

[From the lf foul pole]

Close-up of the new 3b dugout:

[The 3b dugout]

You can see some of the new "luxury" box seats. It looks like they've installed three new rows of seats. Note that the brick-red "warning track" portion of the carpet is gone.

A wide-angle view from beyond the lf corner:

[View from beyond lf]

Note that all of the temporary structures in use last year are gone. And, it looks like they're gonna leave things so that folks can actually see into the field of play. Maybe. I wonder if there will be an entrance here...or just an exit? Clearly, they're planning for pedestrian traffic through a gate.

A view of the grandstand from beyond the main gate area:

[View from outside, behind home plate]

Exterior detail:

[Detail of exterior]

Wide-angle exterior shot:

[Wide-angle exterior shot]

You can clearly see that they've extended things outward quite a bit further on the 1b side of the grandstand than on the 3b side.

And, that's all for now.

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