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Friday - June 29, 2007

Alumni news: Fahey and Randolph

Once again...scrolling through the transactions lists and came across some good news: the Orioles called up Brandon Fahey again. Woo hoo!

Alas, there was also some not-so-good news: Stephen Randolph did not stay with the Astros for long. He's been designated for assignment. He started off well but then struggled. He started with a 3.86 ERA through his first three appearances of 0.1, 0.2, and 1.1 innings...and then gave up 5 and 3 earned runs in 2.0 and 0.1 innings to take his overall ERA to 17.36 in 4.2 innings pitched. Ouch. He has to clear waivers and hopes to stay in the Astro's organization.

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Wednesday - June 27, 2007

Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 12

I made it over to Disch-Falk Field on Sunday and took some photos. Herewith...

They've started demolishing the dugouts. Here's the 1b dugout:

[1b dugout]

And, the 3b dugout (sorry I couldn't get a better angle):

[3b dugout]

You can see that they've removed the netting behind the plate in the above photo.

They've removed the temporary press box:

[No more press box]

They're working away down the right field line:

[The rf line]

A shot of the outside of the stadium taken from the parking lot west of the stadium:

[Sky boxes]

And, another outside shot...this one of the southwest corner of the stadium:

[Sky boxes]

Here's how things look on the south side of the stadium:

[South side]

And, a shot from near the rf corner:

[rf corner]

Note the rolled pieces of turf near the chain-link fence to the right of the big mound of dirt.

And, finally, a very unusual sight:

[No buses]

That's a shot of Comal...behind the rf fence. Note how none of the buses that usually hang out along Comal are there. Weird. I'm guessing they had to be moved in order to keep Comal free for construction vehicle traffic. I did not look around to see if they'd been moved somewhere nearby.

I really need to try and make it out there on a weekday when I can get better shots. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

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Thursday - June 21, 2007

Alumni news: Randolph and Merle

Once again, I was looking through a list of transactions (trying to find out if anyone on my draft summary page had signed) and noticed a couple of familiar names:

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Transfer update

The Statesman is reporting that Josh Prince is transferring to Tulane and Michael Demperio is headed to Georgia. That means Michael will be back at Disch-Falk for the first series of the year. Coach Garrido indicated last week that Georgia is set to come to Austin for the inaugural series of the 2008 season.

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Wednesday - June 20, 2007

CWS musings

Are y'all watching the CWS now that the Horns are out?

I haven't watched as many games as I'd like (work and other stuff getting in the way). But, I've enjoyed the games I have managed to watch. After watching them play in Round Rock, I was really rooting for UCI to go all the way. They went quite a bit further than a lot of people thought they would. Sadly, it looks like they ran out of steam this evening. Too bad.

So the first team in is Oregon State...defending National Champ! Did anyone really expect them to be back? I know I didn't. Wow. They'll go up against Rice or North Carolina. I tend to root for Rice as long as they're not playing Texas. But, suddenly, I find myself rooting for a rematch. I looked things up a few minutes ago and found that the last time the same two teams played for the championship in back-to-back years was in 1972 and 1973. USC beat Arizona State both times. That was part of a 5-year run for USC.

By the way, one of my favorite things about watching this year has been seeing all those teams sporting traditional "high socks" uniforms. I love that the teams from out west are doing that. I wish more would.

Ah well.

It's too bad the Horns aren't in Omaha. There's always next year, though. Hook 'em!

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Disch-Falk renovation photos, part 11

I've received a couple of requests for more photos of the Disch-Falk renovations. And, I've been meaning to make my way over there since the end of the season but just haven't made it. I'll try to get out there this weekend (or maybe during lunch on Friday if it's not raining) and take some new photos. In the meantime, here are some photos I took at the Aggie game on May 20th...the last home game of the year.

I stood up in the far north corner of the grandstand and pointed my camera into the new raised concourse/luxury box area and took a shot of the progress:

[Box seats area]

Clearly, I'm too short for this sort of thing!

Then, I turned to the grandstand and took a wide-angle shot of the grandstand seating area:

[Grand stand]

They'd started putting up the walls around the new raised concourse:

[Yellow wall]

A shot of folks sitting on the berm down the lf line...waiting for the game to start:

[Fans in lf]

The team (also waiting for the game to start) sitting in the 3b dugout for one last game:

[The 3b dugout]

I really will try to get over to Disch-Falk in the next couple of days and check out the latest changes.

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Tuesday - June 19, 2007

MLB Draft reminder

Still no news on whether or not the the three drafted Sophomores and James Russell (and, let's not forget the signees) will be in Burnt Orange next year. But, there have been some signings of note. Check out my 2007 draft summary page for regular updates.

Also, of note: as I was going over a list of transactions, I saw that Kip Harkrider was released by the Ft. Worth Cats. I sure enjoyed watching those Harkrider boys play...back in the day.

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Friday - June 15, 2007

Alumni news roundup

Lots of Alumni news to be found on the TexasSports.com site today (actually, it looks like this stuff was posted yesterday but I didn't see it 'til today): Catching up with former Longhorns in Major League Baseball. Lots of Longhorns out there in the Majors and Minors. Hook 'em!

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Wednesday - June 13, 2007

Augie Garrido on the radio

I listened to Coach Garrido on KVET 1300 this morning. Actually, I wasn't able to hear much this morning, what with being at work and all, but I recorded the interview and spent some time this evening, going back over it. Here are some of the things he talked about (these comments are mostly paraphrased...if anything is my opinion or addition to his comments, I'll make that clear):

And, that's about it. Whew.

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Jordan Danks will spend the summer with Team USA

The Statesman is reporting that Jordan Danks has made the Team USA roster. Good for him! Quote:

"I've never been outside the United States," Danks said, "so I'm excited about the opportunity to play overseas. We will be busy playing baseball, but I'm going to try to soak up as much of the experience as I can."

Sadly, the official page has no current info. But, check back. Maybe they'll get their act in gear soon.

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First round of MLB signings

The Statesman is reporting that Adrian Alaniz has come to terms with the Washington Nationals and will be signing a contract on Friday. So, he will not be back for his senior year. This news does not surprise me and I hope it doesn't surprise you!

They also reported that seniors Nick Peoples and Chance Wheeless had signed with their respective drafting teams (the Cardinals and Diamondbacks).

I heard Coach Garrido on the radio this morning say that undrafted seniors Brett Lewis and Chais Fuller have also been offered contracts by Major League teams. He did not say which teams, however.

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Friday - June 8, 2007

MLB Draft, Day 2

More Texas players (and signees) were drafted on the 2nd day of the 2007 MLB Amateur Draft:

And, don't forget to check out my 2007 MLB Draft Summary page. I'll be updating it over the coming weeks with signing info as the summer goes along.

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Thursday - June 7, 2007

MLB Draft, Day 1

I almost forgot about the draft. I remembered to check on things around 5 o'clock and was surprised to find that they were only in the 2nd round (or maybe early in the 3rd). And, they only got through the first 5 rounds today. They usually get through the first 20 rounds or so on the first day. This year, though, at least part of it was being televised. Clearly, that slowed things down.

Of direct interest to Texas, 3 players have been drafted so far:

I suspect they'll all be signing. But, you never know. According to one thing I read, Bradley's advisors are wanting him to hold out for $1M. I'm not sure the bottom of the 4th round will get him that sort of money.

Major League Baseball has instituted a new rule this year: draftees must be signed by August 15th. (College seniors are exempt from this rule.) In the past, a team could draft a player and then take up to 51 weeks (aka, the week before the next draft) to come to terms with the player. The player could continue in school during the interim. The new rule could definitely affect players' decisions on whether or not they sign. I tend to think we'll see more players from the later rounds signing. I guess we'll know by the middle of August.

By the way, for info on other players of interest (mostly of interest to me but maybe of interest to you as well!), see my 2007 MLB Draft Summary page.

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Prince and Demperio leaving UT

According to the Statesman, Josh Prince and Michael Demperio have decided to transfer. They want to be closer to home and their families.

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Wednesday - June 6, 2007

Austin Regional, Day 4

Texas lost to UC Irvine 6-9. And, that was that. We were all hoping for a nice long (and, please don't forget: hot!) day at Dell Diamond. Alas, that did not happen. UC Irvine moves forward. They're headed to the Wichita State Super Regional to fight for the privilege of moving on to Omaha. If they keep playing the way they played last weekend, they could win the whole thing. It's a lot easier for me to say that than for them to do that, though. If they start getting giddy about their victory here, if they start thinking too much about the prospect of winning it all... Well, last weekend may be it. We'll know in a few days. I do wish them well and hope they go far.

Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. I was tired on Monday after I finished my write-up on the game. Since then, I've had a tough time deciding just what to write.

One thing I'd like to point out is that the team never gave up. They kept battling away. And, I admire them for their effort. I hope to see a lot of the players back on the turf at Disch-Falk next year.

I've read some of the stuff other folks have written. And, people stop me in the halls at work and ask what happened. There are plenty of things that happened. Things that didn't go "our" way. Things that went wrong. Among them:

But, you know what it all really boils down to? It all boils down to Skip Johnson. Not one time all season did we see him on the baseball field dressed in anything other than a sort of pull-over wind-breaker thing. If you never looked at a roster but went to every Texas game, you would have no clue what his roster number was. 'Cause his jersey was always covered up. Always. I commented on it several times during the year. And, wondered what he would do when the heat of late May and early June hit us. But, he continued to wear the wind-breaker thing. Always. And, he had it on before the game started on Monday. For a while. I was doing my usual thing: watching the game, keeping score, trying to stay out of the sun, rooting the team onward, etc. And, time was called. And, folks gathered at the mound to talk things over. And, I noticed an unfamiliar jersey number. I saw a 47. My brow furrowed slightly. And, then it hit me. Skip Johnson was out on the mound and he was dressed like everyone else. He was not wearing that wind-breaker thing he had worn all season long. Rain or shine. That was all we ever saw him in all season long. And, here it was: do or die time. And, Skip Johnson had changed the routine. What was he thinking? Sigh. I blame it all on him. All of it.

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Monday - June 4, 2007

Game 63: Texas at UC Irvine (Austin Regional)

Texas tried but just couldn't come up with the answers needed to beat the UC Irvine Anteaters as they lost this afternoon's rain-delayed game 6-9. UCI moves on to play in a Super Regional against the winner of the Wichita State/Arizona game to be played tonight at 7.

Texas was the designated Visitor and here's how things played out:

Oh so close. And, yet...oh so far.

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Austin Regional, Day 3

Texas won Game 5 and was playing UC Irvine in Game 6 when play was suspended due to bad weather. I sat up in the "Home Run Porch" area of the Dell Diamond for much of the evening game and enjoyed watching the lightening storm for a couple of hours before the game was called. Play resumes today at 1 pm with Texas trailing 5-6 in the bottom of the 7th. If (ahem...when) the Horns prevail, that will force a 7th game. Which will start approximately 50 minutes after the conclusion of Game 6.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post more but the long days are wearing me out. By the time I get home, I just want to sleep! And, yesterday? Geesh. It was 100 degrees (or hotter) in the sun during the afternoon game. And, we were all pretty much stuck in the sun. And, then when the thunderstorms rolled in, it actually got rather cold. And, since we'd all been out in the 100-degree weather, we weren't really prepared for such. It was a long day.

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Game 62: Texas at Wake Forest (Austin Regional)

Texas survived the first game of the elimination round, beating Wake Forest 7-4. In 12 innings. Yes, 12. Nick Peoples was hurt badly (broken collarbone) in the first inning, though. On the play, he made a long run and diving catch to rob Dustin Hood of a double. He dove, caught the ball, fell on his shoulder, rolled a couple of times, and somehow managed to hold onto the ball despite the pain of the injury. What a tough way to end his career at Texas.

James Russell started for the Horns and went 3.2 innings. He got into a bit of trouble in the 4th. With one out and runners at 2b and 3b (the first had reached on an error by 3b and the second on a walk; both then advanced on a double steal), he struck the WF dh out on 4 pitches. Due up next, though, was Ocheltree. He'd struck out in the 2nd inning but put James through his paces...eating up 10 pitches. So, in went Joseph Krebs...for his 3rd appearance in as many games. Ocheltree flew out to cf to end the inning. On 9 pitches! He certainly got his money's worth. Joseph went 5 innings. He gave up a solo shot in the 6th. Going into the 9th, the Horns had a 4-1 lead. Joseph gave up a single and then got a couple of quick ground outs to 2b. With a runner at 3b, he gave up another single. Texas up 4-2 with two outs. So, on came Randy Boone to face the right-handed batter and shut things down. Wake Forest countered with a lefty pinch-hitter (Linnenkohl). Linnenkohl took a 2-2 pitch into the rf bullpen to tie the game up. The next batter grounded out to 1b. Extra innings. Randy stayed in the game for the 10th and 11th. He gave up singles in each inning but that was it.

We interrupt this game report to go back and go over how the offense was doing. Texas scored their first run on a solo shot by Russell Moldenhauer in the 4th. The ball landed on the walkway above the rf bullpen and bounced into the parking lot. Wow. What a shot. They scored 3 more in the 5th. Travis Tucker was hit by a pitch to start things off but was erased at 2b on a fielder's choice (Jordan Danks now at 1b). Jordan stole 2b during Kyle Russell's at-bat. Kyle ended up drawing his 3rd walk of the game in as many plate appearances. Wake Forest really didn't want to give Kyle anything to hit. Chance Wheeless then doubled down the rf line. Jordan scored on the play and Kyle moved to 3b. Wake Forest replaced pitchers and Bradley Suttle hit a single (0-2 count) through the left side (2 rbi). Russell Moldenhauer then ended the threat by grounding into a 4-6-3 double play. The Horns almost scored another in the 8th. With one out, Bradley Suttle walked and moved to 2b on a ground out. Kyle Lusson (in for the injured Nick Peoples) singled to rf. Bradley was thrown out at the plate. He looked safe to me but was called out by the home plate umpire. Texas also got a runner to 3b (with 2 outs) in the 10th but he was stranded there. In the 12th, Jordan Danks singled to start things off. He moved to 2b on a sac bunt by Kyle Russell and to 3b on a single by Chance Wheeless. Both runners scored on a double to the cf/rf gap by Bradley Suttle. Bradley then scored on a double off the rf fence by Russell Moldenhauer.

And, back to the pitching story. Up by 3, Texas sent Austin Wood (projected starter for the evening game, assuming Texas gets to the evening game) to the mound. The first batter struck out. The Wake Forest coach argued the call vehemently, saying the batter did not go around on the third strike. I have to agree with him that it was probably a bad call by the home plate umpire. But, he'd been making bad/questionable calls all day. I'm thinking they probably mostly balanced out. And, if not, the balance was surely in Wake Forest's favor. The next batter flew out to rf. The third reached on a single just out of Chais Fuller's reach at ss. Then a couple of walks to load the bases. Game winning run at the plate. Two outs. Yikes. Murray struck out swinging to end the game. Wow.

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Saturday - June 2, 2007

Austin Regional, Day 2

Game 3: Wake Forest and Brown played a great game. The starting pitchers came close to throwing complete games for both teams. But, Wake Forest had just enough "more" than Brown to win the game 4-2.

Game 4: As I've already reported, Texas lost (1-3) to UC Irvine.

So, now what? Texas will face Wake Forest in an elimination game at noon tomorrow. If (ahem...when) they win that, they'll have to turn around and beat UCI at 6. And, then they'll have to beat UCI again at 1 o'clock on Monday afternoon.

Texas was in the same position in 2005. After losing the 2nd game of the Austin Regional that year, they turned around and won three games. They then lost the first game of the Super Regional in Oxford, Mississippi, before going on to win the Super Regional and move on to the College World Series. And, then they...you know...won the College World Series. So, it can be done. The Longhorns have done it. Here's hoping they can do it again!

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Game 61: UC Irvine at Texas (Austin Regional)

Texas lost to UC Irvine this evening 1-3. There were two main factors in the loss: (1) the Horns ran up against a pitcher (Scott Gorgen) who threw a whale of a game and (2) the UCI center fielder (Ollie Linton) made two amazing catches that took extra-base hits away from the Horns (both plays, by sad coincidence, robbed Russell Moldenhauer of hits). Looking at the boxscore, you might think errors played a part in the loss as well. But, they really didn't. Only one of the errors led to a run. Nope. The main problem was that pitcher and the fact that Texas could not string two hits together to save their lives. The only inning in which the Horns did get more than one hit was the 6th. It started off when Chance Wheeless flew out to lf. Bradley Suttle followed that up with a single. Then, Russell Moldenhauer flew out to the lf/cf gap. That was one of those hits stolen by the center fielder. Suttle would've definitely ended up at 3b on the play...he might well have scored. And, Moldenhauer would've been standing on 2b with 1 out. Instead, Suttle was still at 1b with 2 outs. Nick Peoples then singled through the left side. If runners had been standing on 2b and 3b, at least one of them would've scored on that single. But that's not what happened. And, Chais Fuller followed that up with a ground out to 3b. Which should've been the 2nd out of the inning. But, Linton made that catch. And, Texas did not score.

Adrian Alaniz got the start and took the loss. He did not pitch one of his "wow" games but he was not bad. He went 6.2 innings and gave up 3 runs (1 unearned) on 6 hits with 2 walks, 1 hit batter, and 7 (!) strikeouts. Normally, that would be more than good enough for Texas to win a game. But, not today. Joseph Krebs and Randy Boone combined for near-perfect relief for the final 2.1 innings of the game.

Texas gave up a run in the top of the first when Holiday tripled to lead things off. Orloff followed with a single (rbi) and was stranded at 2b. In the bottom of the inning, Jordan Danks singled, moved to 2b on a bunt, and then to 3b on a ground out. Then, Russell Moldenhauer hit a ball to the rf/cf alley. A ball that should've fallen for at least a double. But no. That was the first amazing play made by Linton to rob Russell of an extra-base hit.

UCI scored their second run in the 3rd. Holiday (him, again) reached on a throwing error by ss (high throw). It was a close play. It looked like Chance Wheeless, who had to jump off the bag to make the catch, might've landed on the bag before Holiday crossed but that's not what the 1b ump saw. Holiday moved to 2b on a sac bunt and then to 3b on a single. He then scored on a sac bunt down the 3b line. On the play, Bradley Suttle charged the ball, fielded, and looked Holiday back. Holiday was way off the bag, though, and as soon as Bradley threw the ball to 1b (to get the batter), he broke for home and beat the throw from 1b. It was a tough play and Bradley really couldn't have done anything else. If he'd held onto the ball to keep Holiday from scoring, the bases would've been loaded with only one out. Anyway, unearned run. In the bottom of the inning, Bradley Suttle hit a 2-out solo homerun onto the berm over the lf fence.

UCI scored their final run of the game in the 7th. Lowenstein started the inning off with a single through the left side. He then moved to 2b on a sac bunt and then scored on a double (by Holiday, of course).

It was a very tough loss.

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Game 60: Brown at Texas (Austin Regional)

Note: I started working on this last night but it got too late and I fell asleep. So, you get the game report today.

Yesterday's game didn't go exactly as expected. Texas jumped to a 1-run lead in the bottom of the 1st when Kyle Russell hit the first pitch he saw off the lf foul pole. Then they fell behind (1-2) in the 4th. The Horns didn't get the ead back until the 6th. Once they got it, though, they kept it and went on to beat Brown 8-2.

James Russell started for Texas. The first two Brown batters he faced reached on the first two pitches he threw! Daniels reached on a throwing error by Chais Fuller at ss. Murphy then reached on a bunt to the pitcher. On the play, he bunted toward the area between the mound and 1b. James fielded the ball but nobody was covering 1b. Chance Wheeless also went for the ball but was too far away to make the play. James made an effort to beat the batter to the bag and almost made it but was a bit late. Runners at 1b and 2b on 2 pitches. Yikes! James then threw three balls to Thomas. After a visit to the mound by Skip Johnson, the next pitch was popped up to 1b in foul territory. Dietz then flew out to rf. And, with Nuzzo at the plate, Murphy was picked off by Brett Lewis to Chance Wheeless. Which reminds me: Preston Clark sprained his knee while jogging on Tuesday and is not on the roster for the Austin Regional. So, Brett Lewis is starting in his place. He's expected to be healthy enough to be back with the team for the Super Regional. Should Texas play in a Super Regional, of course.

In the bottom of the inning (Jeff Dietz on the mound), Jordan Danks flew out to cf (1st pitch). Kyle Russell hit a home run off the lf foul pole (1st pitch, again) to take a 1-run lead. Chance Wheeless then reached on a very pretty bunt single down the 3b line but he was erased when Bradley Suttle hit into a 4-6-3 double play.

In the 2nd, Nuzzo reached on a single to rf. He was then erased on an unusual double play. He broke (hit and run, I suppose) on a ball that was lined hard to cf by Tews. Nick Peoples made a nice play on the ball and then threw Nuzzo out at 1b pretty easily. Papenhause struck out. In the bottom of the inning Russell Moldenhauer grounded out to 2b. Nick Peoples reached on a bunt single down the 3b line and moved to 2b on a single through the left side by Chais Fuller. Brett Lewis then hit into a double play. He hit a hard grounder to 3b. The third baseman fielded, stepped on 3b to get Nick out, and then threw to 1b to get Brett out.

In the 3rd, the first two batters flew out. James hit the third (on a full count). The next lined out to ss. Chais made a great play to back-hand a ball that was headed to lf. Yes. Travis Tucker started off the bottom of the inning by hitting a double down the lf line. At this point I have to say that I like Dell Diamond. But, it's very frustrating that you can't see anything happening down the line on your own side of the diamond. We were sitting on the 3b side and could not see anything happening in the lf corner. Bah. Anyway. Jordan Danks struck out and James Russell reached on a full-count walk. Chance Wheeless reached on a 1-4 fielder's choice. On the play, he bunted the ball toward the mound...a bit toward the 3b side. The pitcher fielded, thought about throwing to 3b but couldn't make the play, so threw to 2b. If he'd gone to 2b right away, Brown probably would've turned a double play. Chance stole 2b a few pitches later (no throw to 2b by the catcher). Bradley Suttle then fought off a bunch of pitches but ended up flying out to cf.

In the top of the 4th, after another couple of quick outs, Nuzzo reached on an infield single to ss. Chais almost made another fantastic play to make the third out but couldn't quite corral the ball. Tews then singled through the left side. Papenhause singled up the middle, scoring Nuzzo and moving Tews to 3b. Shapiro singled to lf scoring Tews. Kelaher then singled to cf. 5th single in a row! Ouch. Nick Peoples fielded the ball and gunned Papenhause down at the plate. Purty. In the bottom of the inning, Russell Moldenhauer grounded out to 2b and Nick Peoples singled to lf. Chais Fuller then popped out to 2b. With Brett Lewis at the plate, Nick tried to steal 2b but was thrown out (2-4).

In the 5th, Joseph Krebs went to the mound for James Russell. Texas down 1-2. Daniels lined out to ss. Murphy reached on an infield single to ss. Thomas and Dietz then struck out. In the bottom of the inning, Brett Lewis grounded out to 2b. Travis Tucker singled through the right side. Jordan Danks reached on a fielder's choice (4-6) and moved to 2b when Kyle Russell was walked on 4 pitches. Chance Wheeless ended the inning by flying out to lf.

Nuzzo started the 6th by hitting a little "nubber" at the plate. Brett Lewis grabbed the ball and threw Nuzzo out at 1b. Tews struck out. Papenhause was hit by a pitch and was then caught stealing with Shapiro at the plate. Bradley Suttle started off the bottom of the inning with a double off the wall in lf. Russell Moldenhauer popped out to 2b. Nick Peoples struck out. And, Chais Fuller hit a homerun just over the fence and onto the berm in lf. Texas up 3-2. Brett Lewis then reached on a bunt down the 3b line. That was the 2nd time in the game that a Texas batter reached on a bunt single after a home run. Heh. Travis Tucker hit a single to lf. Jordan Danks ended the fun by striking out.

In the 7th, pinch-hitter Nyadjroh singled up the middle. Puñal went in to pinch-run for Nyadjroh. Kelaher struck out looking (4 pitches). Daniels struck out swinging (3 pitches). And, Murphy struck out looking (3 pitches). Wow. Puñal stayed in the game and went into rf. In the bottom of the inning, Kyle Russell started things off by popping out to 3b (in foul territory). Chance Wheeless worked the count full and then walked. Bradley Suttle singled through the right side. Runners at the corners. Russell Moldenhauer then doubled to the lf corner, scoring Chance and moving Bradley to 3b. Nick Peoples, sadly, grounded out to 3b. The runners could not advance. Chais Fuller was then walked intentionally. Brett Lewis hit a ball up the middle. Sadly, Nuzzo (ss) fielded the ball right at 2b and stepped on the bag to make the 3rd out.

In the 8th, Thomas struck out looking. The Horns then sent Randy Boone to the mound. He struck Dietz and Nuzzo out. First 1-2-3 inning of the game for the Horns. Wow. Travis Tucker started off the bottom of the inning with a single...his 4th (!) hit of the game in as many chances. I think it was at this point that I couldn't believe that Texas had only scored 4 runs off 14 hits. That changed as the inning wore on, though. After Travis singled, Brown finally replaced their starter and sent Rob Hallberg to the mound. Alas, Hallberg struggled mightily, throwing 9 balls in a row (walking Jordan Danks and Kyle Russell). With the bases loaded, Chance Wheeless doubled to rf, driving home Travis and Jordan. Hallberg then threw 3 more balls. Oh my. The 2nd pitch got past the catcher, scoring Kyle and moving Chance to 3b. Bradley Suttle ended up grounding out to the pitcher, though. Russell Moldenhauer then grounded out to 1b. Chance scored on the play. Nick Peoples then reached on an infield single. Chais Fuller then popped out to 2b. Only, the second baseman dropped the ball. Nick advanced to 3b on the play. Chais stole 2b with Brett Lewis at the plate. There was no thought of throwing to 2b, though, so it might've been defensive indifference. Brett flew out to lf to end the inning. Texas up 8-2.

In the top of the 9th, Randy Boone gave up a couple of singles. He sandwiched them between 3 strikeouts, though, to end the game.

Wow. That's about all I have to say about that game. Wow. Brown put up a lot more of a fight than I was expecting. It'll be interesting to see what happens in today's game between Brown and Wake Forest.

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Friday - June 1, 2007

Austin Regional, Day 1

In the first game of the day, UC Irvine jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. The line:

Wake Forest 000 000 000 - 041
UC Irvine 420 011 23x - 13160

Wake Forest actually loaded the bases in the top of the first inning but could not capitalize. Wes Etheridge pitched a great game for UC Irvine, giving up only 4 hits while walking 4 and striking out 10 (!) over 8 innings. He threw 126 pitches by my count. Christian Bergman pitched the 9th for the Anteaters and threw a 1-2-3 inning to end the game. The offensive stars for UC Irvine were Taylor Holiday who went 3-for-3 and scored 3 and Bryan Petersen who went 2-for-3 with 2 walks and 3 runs scored.

In the second game of the day, Brown put up a good fight but could not hold on and Texas came away with the win. The line:

Brown 000 200 000 - 2111
Texas 100 002 14x - 8161

Kyle Russell hit the first pitch he saw off the lf foul pole. I think the ball hit about one-third of the way from the top. Wow. Alas, the Horns gave up two in the 4th and seemed unable to get anything going against the Brown starter (Jeff Dietz). Until the 6th inning, when Chais Fuller hit his second home run of the year (also his 2nd at Dell Diamond!) to give the Horns the lead for good. James Russell started for the Horns and gave up the 2 runs on 7 hits with a strikeout in 4 innings. He did not have a great day. Joseph Krebs went 3.1 innings, gave up 2 hits and struck out 7. Randy Boone pitched the final 1.2 innings, gave up 2 hits and struck out 5. All of the outs on Randy's watch came via the strikeout. Texas pitching did not give up any walks, although James and Joseph each hit one batter. Everyone in the Texas lineup hit at least once except for Jordan Danks (who did reach on a walk and score in the 8th). Travis Tucker went 4-for-4 with a double and a run scored. Texas had a tough time getting going offensively but they kept at it and once they struck, the floodgates opened. It was a good day.

Full game report coming shortly.

In tomorrow's action, Wake Forest and Brown meet at noon. Texas and UC Irvine play at 6.

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