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Monday - May 28, 2007

Regional musings

I was in San Antonio today so this is the first chance I've had to write about the Regional selections and seedings.

Texas is the #4 National Seed and is hosting UC Irvine, Wake Forest, and Brown.

UPDATE. I just did a quick check and UT has never played UC Irvine or Brown. The Horns did meet Wake Forest...back in 1949. The Horns beat Wake Forest twice in the 3rd College World Series to win the Horns' first National Championship. No meetings since then. I'm very excited to be seeing new teams come to town. Stanford and UT-Arlington came to town last year.

The winner of our Regional will meet the winner of the Wichita State Regional (Arizona, Oral Roberts, and New Orleans are the other teams in that tourney).

Other Big 12 teams to make the tournament:

Here's how the Big 12 stands (sorted by RPI as of May 27th):

TeamRPIRecord Big 12
(reg. season)
Big 12

It's rather surprising that Oklahoma didn't make it into the tournament. They're the highest RPI team that did not get in. (Georgia Tech at 28 and Kansas State at 35 are the next two.) I'm very puzzled at OSU getting in over OU. Yes, OSU did better in the regular season but were swept at the tourney and their RPI is a lot lower. Very odd. And, over their last 10 games, OU went 6-4...while OSU went 4-6, losing the last 6! Is someone from OSU on the NCAA selection committee? 'Makes you wonder.

Update. Thanks to Ruby for pointing out an error in the table above. Oops.

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