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Tuesday - August 22, 2006

Old(ish) news: Lemon not coming to UT

I missed this when it happened. Marcus Lemon signed with the Rangers in late July so he won't be coming to campus. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers gave him a $1 million signing bonus which is pretty much unheard of for a player drafted in the 4th round. When he was first drafted and his family said they wanted $1M, I didn't think he'd get it (the FOURTH round?) and thought he might actually come to Texas. It seemed that the family would lower their demands or he'd come to UT. Apparently, he did get his deal. I wonder what sort of fallout the Rangers will get from the league for going against the grain so drastically. Things that make you go hmmmm...

Posted by Joanna at 6:16 PM