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Wednesday - December 21, 2005

Alumni News: Maroul Interview

'Turns out that EA Sports is releasing a college baseball video game (MVP 06 NCAA Baseball) and they're using a photo of David Maroul swinging the bat in his Texas uniform on the cover of the game box:

[Video game cover]

You can read about it in an article by Jon Robinson of IGN Sports. It sounds like the interview must've taken place a couple of months ago but it's a little unclear. At any rate, check it out.

I'm not really into video games but it's clear that David is. He talks about how realistic the images are. And, it's true. The article includes links to screen shots of the game in action. One of them, in particular caught my eye because it includes a shot of our new scoreboard:

[Screen shot of scoreboard]

Amusingly, the ads on the scoreboard do not correspond to the real ads on the actual scoreboard. Heh.

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Friday - December 16, 2005

Alumni News: Flores going to Indians organization

The Indians signed Jose Flores (most recently in the Dodgers' organization, playing in Las Vegas) to a minor league contract last week and invited him to Spring Training (indians.com story).

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Friday - December 9, 2005

Alumni News: Majewski traded

The A's sent Dustin Majewski to the Blue Jays as the "player to be named later" in a trade made a few days ago (press release). Good luck, Dustin!

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Monday - December 5, 2005

Alumni News: World Baseball Classic

'Turns out there are a couple of Texas Exes who've agreed to play in the innaugural World Baseball Classic in March (should they be selected by the US National Federation): Huston Street and Roger Clemens. How 'bout that?

I liked this question and answer group from the FAQ:

Q: Why conduct the World Baseball Classic?
A: The World Baseball Classic was created to provide a platform that will increase worldwide exposure of the game of baseball and further promote grassroots development in traditional and non-traditional baseball nations. The tournament's primary objectives are to increase global interest and introduce new fans and players to the game. The World Baseball Classic acknowledges and pays tribute to the tremendous growth and internationalization of the game.

Nuthin' whatsoever to do with the fact that baseball and softball were dropped as Olympic sports, I'm sure. Also note how the schedule (early to mid March) doesn't conflict with the MLB schedule nearly as much as the Summer Olympics always did.

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Friday - December 2, 2005

News Grab Bag

Links to recent news items from TexasSports.com...

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