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Monday - November 7, 2005

Alumni News: Street sweeps!

Huston Street completed his sweep of the rookie award circuit by being named the AL Rookie of the Year today by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Two of his teammates, Joe Blanton and Nick Swisher, also received votes (they tied for 6th place in the balloting). His roommate, Bobby Crosby, won the award last year.

Huston was in town yesterday for a celebrity softball game. I imagine he's still here...or at least nearby. Quote:

"This award is something I'll remember for my whole life. It's a tremendous honor. [...] It made my mom cry this morning. It's always a pretty big deal if your mom cries about it."

Congrats, Huston!


PS: Thanks to Lucas for stopping by and telling me that the award had been announced. I was reading about it yesterday and knew it would be announced today. But, I got busy with that silly work thing and forgot to check on the announcement 'til just now.

UPDATE (Nov. 8). More links to news stories from Bay-area papers:

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