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Stanford at Texas - Feb. 20, 2005

There was quite a bit of grumbling about the officiating throughout the Stanford series. I only managed to listen to Friday's game on the radio (I had to work) and missed the first half of Saturday's game (birthday party I didn't want to miss). But, folks in the stands uniformly reported that there'd been several "blown" calls in my absence. And, I had to say, that I felt I was witness to several more in the last half of yesterday's game and again in today's game. Texas managed to close out the top half of the 9th today with a 123 double play. With the bases loaded and one out, the batter (Domaracki) chopped a ball to J. Brent Cox on the mound. J. Brent threw to Taylor Teagarden covering the plate and he threw to Thomas Incaviglia at 1b. Both runners were called out. They both looked safe to me. And, to the Stanford coaches. Let me quickly point out that my seats are in the 22nd row on the 3rd base side. So, I'm not quite on top of the action for these sorts of things. By the way, I thought both throws were in time...I just thought neither fielder was on the bag/plate when he caught the ball. I managed to TiVo the Sports Section on KXAN at 10:30 this evening, though, and went over the play frame-by-frame. And, lo...both runners were out. Here's my screen capture:

Part 1 of the double 

Part 2 of the double 

Sorry for the poor quality but I didn't think to record at highest quality and I don't have digital cable so this is as good as I could get. As you can see, both throws beat the runners and both fielders had their feet on the plate/base at the time of the catch. Good calls. At full speed, the play didn't look close at all.

Will this make me stop grumbling about blown calls at games? Probably not. For one thing, I still think the home plate ump did a terrible job calling the balls and strikes today. It seemed very arbitrary. He was inconsistent to the point that both teams were showing frustration at and behind the plate. At least, he didn't seem to favor either team. His inconsistency seemed pretty equal-opportunity.

While I'm here, let me just commend the KXAN coverage of the series. For today's game coverage, they were the only station I saw that carried the double play. KVUE didn't even mention Drew's in-the-park homerun...much less show any interesting highlights. Their coverage left a lot to be desired compared to the rest of the local coverage. Today's poor coverage by KVUE echoes yesterday's poor coverage as well.

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